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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drakiel

Blitzcrank the Boxing Team Player

Drakiel Last updated on September 25, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Version 0.3 - 9/25/10

Blitzcrank can be built semi-tank, but I find that he is often focused, and even with Warmogs, FoNature, Randuins Omen, and Frozen Mallet, he still drops fairly quickly and isn't to be considered a true tank. That being said, this is a team-play Blitzcrank build revolved around getting assists, not kills, and making one-sided battles in your favor.

It might seem very unorthodox at first, but try it before you vote it down.

Note: Once again, this build is NOT for dmg-dealing, lone-ranger, rack-up kills, smash-your-face in super hero. It's for getting your team kills, collecting assists, and keeping your team alive, or gank-happy. Blitz 1v1 is nearly worthless, he should always be with an ally, or with the whole group. Stop reading now, if you don't want to build Blitz as a true team player.

Your basic kill/death ratio should be something like this: 1/2/10. It looks bad, but you're not here to look good, you're here to get your team kills.

How to Play Team Blitzcrank:

Early Game:
Start the game off with Mana Manipulater if you're with a caster, Rejevunation Bead + Healing Pot x2 if you're with a physical champion (Beads + 2Pots with AD Champ is most perferred).

As Blitz, if you run up to minions to engage, you'll be picked-off slowly and take unnecessary dmg. Blitz doesn't get gold! Late game you'll get maybe 40-50minion kills. Stay back, you'll feel useless but that's okay, you're getting exp. Last it if you can, but your partner will benefit more from gold/items. Let them push to your tower, and if they're dumb enough, pull-and-stun! Your tower should get 2+ hits off, then chase them down for first blood. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Soon you can afford an Emblem of Valor - get that over boots, because you SHOULD be way behind the minon battle anyway, and you won't have far to run.

If you're playing against two ranged dpsers like pirate/pirate or double-stun/heal like scion/taric, hang-up hitting minions and try to hold them off at the tower as long as possible as you level.

Mid Game
Once you've taken down their first tower it's ALL FUN NOW. Laning is annoying because there's so many minions in the way. Now that you're cross-laning you can pull through terrain, pull mid-battle, gank their red buff, pull dragon away from them, whatever!

Mid game hurts Blitz, but helps the team. Bouncing from lane-to-lane pulling for ganks really puts a damper on your EXP from minion kills. You will be level 10 while your team is level 13, find a balance between your gank attempts and minion kills. Mid/late game takes true team cooperation. If you tell everyone you're going to pull an opponent from their tower, through a wall, and noone goes to help you, you won't be able to 1v1 them before they get away.

Blue buff is very VERY nice for Blitzcrank, since he's mana-heavy early and mid game. Most likely though, you'll want to give it to a caster and just play more conservatively with your Rocket Grab.

With Clairvoyance you can easily steal dragon, red buff, blue buff, or even last-hit Baron (with perfect timing). This takes practice though.

Late Game
Very similar to mid game, only by now they'll catch on to your little tricks and start trying to focus you. Run away, stay in the back, and run up and pull at just the right moment to make a 5v1 easy kill.

You won't have a lot of items compared to your opponents or allies, but that's okay, play defensively and just help turn the tides of battle in your team's favor.


As support Blitz, it's a must. Your team never wants to sacrifice their ignite or teleport for vision. It's a selfless ability that will save your team from dozens of deaths. And you will receive no appreciation for it either. Clairvoyance takes practice, it's best used when:
-Initial game, see opponents in the grass, then GANK them.
-Diving into the jungle, to "clear" the jungle before you walk in.
-Assist your jungler champions with vision to prevent ganks
-Use on the sides when pushing towers. (When you're pushing towers, enemies always come from the sides, rarely from in front - and if they do, you can see them in time to back off anyway) You can bang away all day at that tower without fear of approach.
-Also, don't be selfish! Use it on the sides when your allies are pushing their towers too. Use it to help mid when someone called MIA. Again, you won't be thanked, but it'll save lives.

I perfer ghost over flash or teleport. Ghost + Boots + Overdrive = Catch anything (even ghosted champions running), or escape anything. At nearly 600run speed for 8 seconds, you are the speed demon. At a tower? Clairvoyance the sides, and hang-out until the last second they arrive, then ghost/overdrive out.

A great spell for blitz, since pull-stun-ult-exaust combo works amazingly, however, I opt for Clairvoyance to help the team. Someone else ALWAYS has exaust and you shouldn't be running around solo as Blitz anyway.

Again, not a normal build, this rune build will give Blitz an overall usefullness mainly for pulls. I usually opt for Greater Seal of Replenishment - 0.41mp per 5 (x9 = 3.69mp5) because early game, Blitzcrank is incredibly mana-heavy. Late game, all of his skills cost the EXACT same mana, so you don't have to worry about it as much. However, late game, Greater Seal of Clarity (16.2mp5 at 18) would be much more beneficial. Use your own discretion.
Note: The more mana regen and cooldown you have, the more room for error you have with pulls. Once again, you should be VERY conservative with your Rocket Grab since it's very mana-costly.
Greater Mark of Alacrity x9 - 15.3% attack speed at level 1 is amazing for early engagements.
Greater Seal of Clarity x9 - 16.2mp per 5 at 18
Greater Glyph of Celerity x9 - 8.1% cooldown at 18
Greater Quintessence of Celerity x9 - 7.02

Quintessence preference is focused towards cooldowns or mp regen. I personally like cooldowns because faster PowerFist or RocketGrab = better for the team. I completely skip armor, hp, and magic resistance runes because Blitz will either be focused, or ignored. If played smart, he's in the back, pulling opponents to the group, he's usually out of reach anyway.

Abilities and Ability Order:

I wont' go too deep into descriptions, just a basic use for the ability.
Rocket Grab - Your primary ability as Blitzcrank. Used to pull opponents towards your DPSers, escapees, out of their invisibility, interrupt ultimates, seperate squishies from a 5v5 battle, etc. Note: Blitzcrank pulls begin from his right hand, which is a really wierd position to pull from, since it's not a straight-skill-shot like Ezreal's abilities. This takes a lot of practice to get a grip on.

Overdrive - Ultra speed for 8 seconds. 32% attack speed, 62% run speed. Don't be afraid to use it to engage, run, during fights, or when farming! After 8 seconds you run slower. Who cares? 8 seconds to engage or get-away is MORE than enough time with the speed you'll be going.

Power Fist - Short stun/interrupt + double dmg. Every 5 seconds (3 sec with max cooldown), great for chasing, high/squishy dpsers, or generally fast escape artists. 1v1s late game, you will be out-dpsed. With a partner, Powerfist will completely disable a single opponent.

Static Field - Your "ultimate". It's a 40second cooldown, less with cooldown reduction, so blast away! Most used for last-hitting runners, or early group fights to get that little area dmg that might just be the ticket to victory. Smash a pile of minions, why not? Your ult will be right back up anyway. - Passive hits a random nearby opponent. It's disabled while on cooldown, passive deals dmg to a random target in the area. It's nice for extra dmg, but WATCH yourself when running through jungles, you'll grab every neutral creep you can think of! Trying to flee a fight through the jungle? Stupid neutrals will chase you down because of this passive.

Mana Barrier - Innate: Cuts your mana in half, creates a shield that uses Mana as Hitpoints, then later restores the unused mana. The more mana you have, the more HP you will have, in essence. Archangels/Rod of Ages is GREAT in this case, but again, not going for a durability build, this is for a support build. Mana Shield is usually used when you're escaping anyway and gives you that extra "HP" boost you'll need to escape by the skin of your teeth.

Start with Rocket Grab, then Power Fist - The Pull+Stun is a MUST for early ganks, and to get your laning ally that extra dmg.

After that, focus supremely on Overdrive. When I was first learning Blitz I focused on rocket grab and fist, afraid to use Overdrive because of the run speed penalty. Well 8 seconds is a long time, and you can get away or engage in that time. 32% Run Speed and 62% Attack Speed? Might aswell be an ultimate! And it has a very short cooldown.

Static Field - Nice to have an extra lightning bolt to help get those last-hits. But the real reason for Static Field is to last-hit a running opponent. The range is pretty decent, so if you ghost/overdrive chase, use Static Field mid-run and you should get the kill. And of course, all-out 4v4 or 5v5 engagements, use Static Field early.

See Skill Sequence for level-specific ability builds.

You want to rush Starks Fervor w/ AD champ or Mana Manipulator/Ageis of Legion with AP champ. Starting items depends on who you're laning with. If you're laning with a caster, get Mana Manipulator. If you're laning with any sort of physical character, start with Rejuvination Bead + Potion x2. You will have 155gold left over, this is good because it will get you an early Emblem of Valor.
Item builds change depending on who you're teaming with (not who you're fighting). Generally I try to stick with a physical dpser, but casters works fine too.

Mana Manipulator - great if laning with a caster, will allow your mana regen to keep pulls going. But you're left without HP regen or Potions to keep you in the fight, you WILL need to return to heal sooner than normal. Skip this item if your ally champion has Clarity or doesn't need the mana regen.

Rejuvination Bead
Healing Potion x2 (155gold left over)
Emblem of Valor
Boots of Speed (+1)
Recurve Bow - OR -Berserkers Greaves, depending on the flow of battle, need for movement against ranged opponents, and your gold-intake. (I usually recuve before Berserkers, movement isn't as important if you're playing defensive, plus you have Overdrive if needed).

At this point you should have Starks Fervor and Berserker's Greaves.

Start working item-per-item towards Ageis of Legion.
Ageis of Legion
Phange --> Frozen Mallet
Randuins Omen / Force of Nature (depending on opponents - usually Randuins is best)
Archangel's Staff /Soul Shroud- 1000mana is like an extra 500hp with Mana Shield. Opt for Archangel's Staff unless opponents are ignoring you.

Alternatives - Zeal->Phantom Dancer/SoulShroud are also great items, and are situational, check the flow of the battle to determain whether to opt for these items late game.

Ending HP should be around 4k at full items, and this is WITHOUT a tank build.

Teamplay Notes:
-Pay attention! Rocket Grab pulls can kill your whole team. Never pull a tank unless he'll go down fast. Never pull someone with Guardian Angel.
-Don't pull to an ally who is almsot dead, you just gave your enemy a free kill.
-Don't pull while your Warwick or Malzahar, or anyone with channeled abilities - is engaging, you'll have negated their ultimate. Bad Blitz!
-If you can take the hits and your ally is running, pull their pursuer to get them off and save your friend.
-Never-ending-stun late game, it will pretty much keep your target disabled for 0.5sec of 3.5seconds.
-Don't be afraid to use Overdrive, it will double your attack speed and keep the punches flying.

Synergy Champions:
Anivia - W/ Mana Manip, Wall. Blitz pull, 1 opponent down.
Tryndamere - Pull, stun - Tryn slows and chases.
Morgana - Stun/Pull = owned
Ryze - Stun/Pull = owned
Akali - She's devistating when she gets to her opponent, bring them to her. Don't let it back-fire, when she's near-death. She IS squishy.
Jax/Pantheon - Double stun is so nice early game to prevent escape.

Cake-to-Kill Champions:
Squishies are Squishies, pull 'em and they're dead, but these are exceptionally weak against Blitz:

Akali - Yes, you can pull her from her twilight shroud. Her dash won't get her away from pulls across terrain.
Miss Fortune - Ghost + Overdrive + Boots = Missfortune can't compare. Not to mention, pulling her while her Ulti is going stops it.
Keenen - He's a fast fart, but grab him during his Elecrtical Surge and he won't expect it. (They always think they're invincible)
Kog'Maw - Always in the back with artillery, come around the side and pull him through terrain, as long as you have an ally with you, he's toast.
Malzahar - Interrupt his ultimate when used on your ally.
Teemo - Happen to catch him dissapear? If you know where he dissapeared, you can snatch him while he's invisible
Twitch - Don't pull twitch when you're solo, he will own your face off. But you can grab him while invisible too, but his movement is much harder to guess.
Warwick - Like Malzahar, you can stop Warwick's Ult with a simple pull.

Tough Champions:
Morgana - The bane of Blitzcrank, if they're good, they know when to use Black Shield and prevent being pulled.
Sivir - Like Morgana, if she's good she knows when to use her shield to prevent being pulled.
Ezreal - Any champ that can Flash away is usually pointles to pull unless their flash is on cooldown.
Kassadin - He'll silence you all over the place, flash in, and flash out. Only pull him when your team is ready to stun him.

Item Bane:
Banshee Veil - Pulls is what makes Blitzcrank a huge team champion, if the opponent starts getting Banshee Veils, it's over for Blitz as an initiator, and now only useful for end-battle when opponents are half dead.
Wit's End - Noone ever gets this item, but if they do, and focus you, Blitzcrank is useless without mana. No pulls, no get-away-Overdrives, no Ultimate.