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Build Guide by Mikey Blaze

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mikey Blaze

Blitzcrank, the Great Support Golem

Mikey Blaze Last updated on June 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I played a lot of champions before I found "my champion," and none have shined more than the Great Steam Golem, Blitzcrank. What I love about this champion is that he can adjust to any enemy team and can help carry your team to victory.

In this build I'll show you how to build your Blitzcrank for different situations, but I suggest that you have some amount of experience playing as Crank. Good aim and confusing your opponent(s) with different angles and hiding spots is your key to success.

Summoner Skills:
·Flash: Although its distance was heavily nerfed, it's still a great skill to escape a dangerous situation, get a last hit on an enemy, or it can be utilized for a flash grab
·Ignite: Another way to make sure you get that last hit in, mainly used early game
·Exhaust: Favored by many as you can use it to slow and chase down weakened enemies or to escape
·Teleport: A great way to make sure you don't miss out on too much exp while visiting the shop and it can also be used to defend towers or set up ganks

Skill Build:
·If you're dealing with two ranged champions, be sure to put points into Rocket Grab early
·If you're against two melee champions, put most of your points into Power Fist
·If you're against one of each, I suggest following the order I posted
·Set your skills to how you use them, Rocket Grab and Power Fist will reduce cooldowns and Overdrive will increase your attack speed and movement speed

Pre-Game Tips:
·You're mainly a support champion, don't be too aggressive
·Learn to use all surrounding bushes to confuse your opponents with your grabs
·Set down wards to see incoming ganks and hiding champions
·Use a champion with skill shots before using Blitzcrank to practice aim
·Be wary of minions infront of enemy champions, don't waste your mana on unsure grabs
·Always use Power Fist after a grab to stun, save Static Field and Overthrust unless you need them
·Static Field's passive is useful on its own
·Get the Lizard and Golem enchantments whenever you can!

Early Game:
Buy a Sapphire Crystal and 2x Health Potions. Rocket Grab in the bushes a few seconds after minions spawn, it's a great way to scare off your opponents or even get an early kill. Always stay within your turret's range unless you're last-hitting minions, turret grabs will get you early kills and/or assists. Whatever you do, don't harass the enemy champions, you don't have the mana capacity for that. You wanna conserve your mana until you think/know you can take out an opponent with the help of your turret or lane partner. As soon as you have the money, buy your Sheen and maybe even Mercury Treads.

·Your core should be,,if you have the money

·Don't buy Long Sword if you see you're not racking up the kills and assists

Mid Game:
By now you should have a few kills/assists and start pushing town your lane's Outer Turret. Blitzcrank's actually a decent pusher despite his slow attack speed, whenever you kill one or both enemies Power Fist and Overdrive to deal some damage to their turret. If you see yourself getting kills/assists and not dying, buy yourself a nice Sword of the Occult, I swear by this item since I get a lot of kills and assists from good grabs. You may notice lanes starting to fall apart, now you should be helping defend your turrets and pulling one enemy at a time for you and your team to jump on.

·Your core should be,,,if you have the money.

·Don't buy Sword of the Occult if you see you're not racking up the kills and assists

Late Game:
By now everyone has ditched their lanes and people are ganging on each other and pushing like mad. Still stick with your team and pull your opponents one by one and help push once 2-3 are dead. You should be finishing up your Banshee's Veil and starting on your Infinity Edge if you're lucky. If you managed to stay alive and get some kills and assists in, your Sword of the Occult should be making you something to be feared on its own.

·Your core should be,,,,
·You can swap out the Infinity Edge for the Black Cleaver if you need more armor penetration

·I very rarely finish my item build, but it adds great survivability and damage output in long games

If you don't agree with an item I listed, buy something else that suits your play style better, and the same thing goes for runes and masteries. I'm a very non-aggressive player, and this build suits me perfectly, it has a high damage output as well as great survivability and escape acts. In my opinion, Support Blitz beats AP Blitz every time.

With this build and the mindset of not being too aggressive, your Blitzcrank will be ready for anything. I usually finish games with at very least a 5:1 ratio, I'm currently at 929-182-738 (kills-deaths-assists).

This is the first build I've ever posted so please critique me and actually leave comments, I promise I'll respond :3
~Mikey Blaze