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Blitzcrank Build Guide by EroticJellyfish

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EroticJellyfish

Blitzcrank, The OMG factor, a very flexible build.

EroticJellyfish Last updated on July 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction- Blitzcrank, the oddly weird carry.

This build I have been using for quite a while, and while it definetly needs some improvement, It is pretty good for team fights.

You initiate do a boat load of damage, and retreat for a few seconds, and then swing back in to finish everyone off.

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Ok. Blitzcrank is all about the skills. I don't know if you realize it, but yes, his shield is awesome, but he is a terrible tank. The amount of coin you would have to spend is too much to make it worth it. Just go with a real tank character.

So.. stacked all CDR runes. it gives you just about 15% with masteries. You will understand the strategy in a minute.. keep reading.

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Masteries. Here's the funny thing.
You can build it many ways.. I wanted the masteries for a all in ganker type Blitz. You may wish to drop exhaust, ignite buff for something else.

Or simply go full utility. Again, It doesn't really matter. Full offence, or Full utility. Both works well. I just prefer Offence..
You know what they say, A good defence is a great offence

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Ok.. as for the items. Its all very flexible. The 3 items that you really need. Manamune, Sheen, Nash's Tooth.

Lets explain.
Manamune- +1000 mana that builds, Add attack damage. You will end up with 250+ AD
Sheen- kinda self explanatory. After each spell, increase base damage by 2.
Nash's Tooth. Gives attack speed, and 25% CDR.

What does this all really mean?
Stacked with the runes, you have maxed CDR. your Ult, Overload is up every 18 seconds. Your Powerfist is up every 3 seconds, and your Rocket fist, just about every 10 seconds. Oh, and overdrive is a 9 second cooldown.

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Skill Sequence

This is also very flexible.
first spell, obviously rocket fist, Then power fist.

why? Pull into turret. Punch.. dead.
Only a few character can manage to survive. If they have flash, they're down to 2 bars.
If you don't pull em into a turret. They are down to about 1/2 health. Most people freak out and try to run.
Note.. this above sequence only occurs between lvl 1-5.

After 6, the combo's rocket fist, power fist,, overload.

Ok.. after you have lvl 2 rocket fist, and a lv 1 power fist, I prefer to level overdrive to about 3, putting 2ndary priority into Rocket fist. and obviously maxing out overload as soon as possible.

This allows you to chase. while still getting your pull damage higher.
If you haven't realized it, increasing powerfist only decreases the cooldown, Damage ratio remains the same.

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Summoner Spells

So.. onto summoner's spells.
Several combinations.

Exhaust Ignite, which is what i use.

Exhaust Flash, which is what i also use.

Exhaust Fortify, Which i also use,

Flash Fortify, Which is hardly use.

I believe it mostly self explanatory.
But... Exhaust ignite is a great combo for killing a running away person.

Exhaust flash.. same deal, except you can flash away.

Exhaust fortify, for the ultimate turret combo.

I don't feel that you need claity if you can get Tear of the goddess as soon as possible to increase your mana pool.

I mostly trade escapability for the extra umph.
Also. blitz's shield means you can survive most attacks.
Downside. you go back to heal

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Pros / Cons

Ok.. Lets look at the pros.
You do massive damage,
You do massive damage at the beginning
You do massive damage at the end.

The pro/con together.
You are the target of the gank. If you get stunned more than twice, odds are your dead already. hence banshee's veil.
The plus side, you are the target of the gank, and if you have your 2k shield, they're pretty much screwed. and you can escape. IF you don't have the shield. poo.

There is a very fine balance between having enough health to survive and not have your shield pop up. and using up your shield and forcing yourself to head back to spawn to heal.

The cons.

You are a little squishy. And i only say a little.
If you notice the mana shield that pop's up, it will end up being 2k.
What does this really mean? You will be escaping alot of the time with 100-200 health, with a about 500 or so shield left.
The down and dirty part? its hard for you to continue with low health, and your shield being on a 60 sec cooldown (not affected by CDR) If you do lose your shield.. you will need to had back to heal, or dilly around forever.

People may blame you for KS'ing with your overload. But considering you did most of the damage, they are just jealous.

Ok. the real downside.
At the beginning, you may be mana hungry. By level 3 or 4, if you haven't managed to get the kill and tear of the goddess, You may choose to pick mana regen instead of the mana crystal. Downside, you lose 100 in your shield, but if you play conservatively, it may not even matter.

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Ok, As to the summary and how one will generally go about attacking.
Lets see.. Solo again all casters,
Rocket fist, Power fist, Overload, Overdrive.
This will kill nearly all caster. Excluding the tanky morgana. And yes.. keyboard roll. Its that fast.

Solo against melee.
Power fist, Overdrive, Rocket fist, Powerfist, Overload.
At this point, they are either at half health, or worse.
Rinse and repeat your overdrive and powerfist.
Please note. at max cooldown and max overdrive. there is only a second where you are not in overdrive mode. 9ish second cooldown, 8 seconds effect. If you don't think that's overpowered, I don't know what it. Stack it with your manamune, + Sheen, you can pretty much chase anyone down.

For team fights.

Same thing.. - heh pretty complicated isn't it..
Just spam your overload at the beginning. powerfist the dps, rocket fist anyone running awway. And obviously.. in overdrive the entire time.
By the end of the fight, your overload is already back up.. Smack it again.
Please note.. overload will get you quadra kills, expecially if you have trinity force already.

well, to sum up. VERY VERY flexible.

pretty much anything after nasher's tooth and trinity force goes nicely.
You can build health, or more AD, or even more mana.

This playstyle, everything is over in a blast.
Survivability is mildly low, but you are ensuring your team gets a great team fight.
When I end up playing. Most of the time is either a utter rampage with blitz, or a complete fail when your team is not there.
Most of the time I end up with 3+ to 1 kills /death and about 20 assists.

Odd note.. for 5v5's Ashe Blitz combo is really nice.
For 3v3, Blitz Alistair poppy is also a great combo.

I hope you enjoyed this.