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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author metaversa

Blitzcrank, the Ubercrank build

metaversa Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this guide is for those of you that wants to play offtank blitz to support, tank, and kill for your team. I prefer to build my blitz AD for sustained burst damage. There are viable ap builds out there, but honestly only Q and R depend on your AP, once you blow your R in battle, you're practically useless.

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There's a few different mastery setting, depending on which roll your team needs more.
9-9-12 All rounder
Take the magic pen, and if you notice, there are lots of regeneration masteries that makes blitz crazy in lane. Strength of spirite gives you 1% of your max mana and turn that into health regen per 5. At late game when blitz has 3000 mp, that's +30 health regen per 5 and along with Preservence and Expanded mind, you'll be regening like mad.

9-21-0 Tank
This is a tank mastery, taking magic pen from offense and damage reduction in the defense tree.

0-15-15 Support
This is a support mastery where you take 3/4 on the hp improvement and 3 on movement speed from the utility tree.

21-0-9 Please never take this mastery
Blitz is melee, if you take this mastery you will melt in lane and melt in combat before you do any damage.

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There are few viable options for quints, I mostly go with health for improve survivability. You can also take speed quints since it will stack very nicely with W. Armorpen quints is also an option if you really want that additional punch on the E.

Armorpen marks straight up, nothing else. I feel that the other viable option is hp per level, but seriously? 30 minute into the game, you're not going to need that additional 80 hp.

I use mana regen and it works well for me as it keeps me in lane and keeps my mana barrier recharged. Other options include dodge seals, hp regen per 5 per level.

I use magic resist per level because magic resist is hard to acquire with the 6 item slots that you have. Other options include cdr per 5 per level, cdr flat or mana regen per 5 per level if you long more faster mana regen.

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Core items

This item synergizes so well with blitzcrank. First is the mana regen that it gives to keep you in lane. Then it's the damage that it gives you based on your large mana pool, many of blitz items increase mana. Third is the Huge mana pool that it gives you for your mana shield.

Trinity force was made for Blitzcrank. More movement speed to stack with your already op W, more mana for your mana shield, double damage that procs with your E to make it ~triple damage, AND best of all, a slow... how op is that on blitz?

Stay in lane item

This baby will keep you in lane FOREVER. The 22.5 health regen alone with your base, you can stay in lane forever. The 10 mana regen per 5 will let you spam your E all day and use Q without having to deal with your mana problems. Best part, it gives you 5 gold per 10 seconds.

Since the doran item patch, you can no longer start with a potion but if you start with regrowth pendant you can also buy a potion. Most of the time, I choose not to buy the potion because with 15 health regen per 5, you won't be needing the potion. I return to base as soon as I have 365 gold to pick up the philosopher stone.


Shoes are situational, but I only switch between 2 boots, boot of swiftness or Mercury Tread.
Boot of Swiftness - the speed stacks nicely with W.
Mercury Tread - CC reduction and MR simple as that.
Berserker's greave - Why? you get attack speed from your W.
Magic pen shoes - no point, you're ad.
CDR boots - Maybe, but I don't constantly stay in battle, I go in do my 1-2-3 combo and run.
Boot of Mobility - you have W which will cancel out the passive, no point.

Tanky Items

Another item that Blitz can abuse, Hp for survival, Mp for mana shield for more survival, MR to make you tanky. Above all else, a free shield that blocks 1 spell for you.

Good item for tanks in general, Armor against dps, passive to slow whoever that's attacking you, EVEN MORE HP, some CDR and a great active. Since you're already up in their face fisting them with your E might as well slow thier attack speed and movement speed.

Last slot items

This is a great late game item for Blitzcrank when the other team has too much ad damage. More armor to cope with the ad, crit chance for your attacks and a super awesome passive that boost base attack damage to stack with your E and trinity force. 2% of 3k hp is 60 base damage, bf sword cost 1850 to add 50 damage, cloak of agility adds 18% crit costs 880. Atma's Impalar costs 2450 and gives you more than those 2 items combined for much lower cost.

If you need more damage, go for this, simple as that.

Too many caster on the other team? This would be your last item, it keeps you going and going with the passive regen, along with your masteries and other regens, this can go up to 150 regen per 5.

Never to get items

Guardian angel - Blitz replies on his mana shield to live. If you still die with that mana shield on... another 700 health after you come back isn't going to keep you alive.

Frozen mallet - you run way faster than them, plus you already have a slow.

CDR items - If you want CDR blitz, you're at the wrong guide, I feel like getting a blue buff is enough for the CDR, and additonal cdr items just crowds out your 6th slot.

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Skill Sequence

Q>W>E and R whenever possible.

Q does quite a bit of damage, I personally feel that if you don't land your Q on them, your chance of killing them is much lower.

W increases your speed, it is your free ghost and it increases attack speed.

E is blitz most awesome skill, but upgrading that only lowers the cooldown.

R is op, uber damage early game and an uber passive that does even more damage. Here's the most op part, it has a less than 30 second cooldown depending on your CDR...

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Summoner Spells

There isn't a must for the 2 summoner spells it's just a preference of playing style.

For me...

Flash is a MUST, your gtfo skill along with your free W ghost, guarantee to get out.

I like to take teleport for my second skill, because it lets you go to other lanes when your teammates are getting tower dived. Also, initially when you get that 365 gold to go back to get philosopher stone, you can tp back instantly.

Other viable summoners:
Ghost, more speed on speed is fun, but it's a waste of a summoners.

Ignite - this is great for healing champs like mundo and it's additional killing power if you need it.

Exhaust for those tryndemeres that go after you.

Clease - stacked with your W = guarantee gtfo skill.

Fortify - This is quite deadly because if you drag someone with your Q into the tower range and knock them up with fortify on, it's a guarantee kill. Though, landing the Q to drag them into your turret will most likely kill them already. With your E, they will take 2 tower shots. 400 damage early game is loads of damage.

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How to play Blitz

Blitzcrank Rule #1 - if you spawn purple team, you go to top lane, if you spawn blue team, you go bot lane. This is a bit hard to explain, but because blitzcrank is right hand grab on his Q, everything becomes easier if you go to the right lane. If you spawn blue the creeps travel in a concavity and you can abuse that concavity to make it easier for you to grab. There are actually other reasons, but that's for you to find out. Trust me, try it out, go to the right lane in one game and then wrong lane in another game. You might feel the difference.

Blitzcrank 1-2-3 combo
Grab, knock up and ulti. simple as that. There are also other combos as well. You can save your grab for when they run away. Charge in with W, knock them up and keep hitting them. Common mistake people will make is that they will zigzag while you charge towards them to attempt to avoid your grab. Just run all the way up to them with your W and knock them up and when they are trying to run away, you grab them back.

The Grab (Q)
This is Blitzcrank's bread and butter, the begining of the 1-2-3 combo, the support part of blitz, and the thing that kills people. The range of the grab is actually further than the circle or the missile like that it displays, so take advantage of that. Getting good at blitz requires you to be good at grabbing, you have to be able to grab people to kill them. Please do not grab directly at them, grab where they will be running to.

There are few easy ways for guarantee grabs. First is from the dark, if you hide in the bushes and grab from there. There's almost no way for them to dodge it on purpose. You can also do this through a wall. They can't dodge what they can't see. Another way for easy grab is when they are chasing you. When they chase you, you can easily just turn around and grab them in a straight line. When they're chasing you and you run to a turret, turn around for a direct grab into the towers and knock up for the kill. Also in late game team fights when you guys run as a team, you can turn around and grab if they are low enough to kill.

Landing the grab is essential for the 1-2-3 combo, because if there's no 1 there won't be a 2 or 3.

The free ghost (W)
W is your free ghost, you run so fast with it and what's best is that at the end when you stack it with trinity and force of nature, you practically out run anyone even if they have ghost on.

It also adds attack speed which is essential for killing power. Those small pecks hurt.

The Knock up (E)
Killing power + CC = ownage

How to abuse ulti (R)
The passive is great when you chase after someone, because just by being there you're doing damage. It's a free sunfire. Do not use the passive unless it's a killing blow because by using it, you won't have the free sunfire anymore.

Abusing the mana barrier (Passive)
This is the second most op passive in the game, right behind Anivia's. Do not run away from fights until the shield procs. The shield is a warning to watch your health. With the item build in this guide, you will have about 1.5k health more when it procs, that's 1.5k worth of tank health... you can 1v1 practically anyone.

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Ranked Play

This section dedicated to Ryzek125

Try not to push as the enemy team will have a jungler to gank with. Also because you can abuse the tower easily for the kills. If you grab someone into the tower, that's a waste of their flash or first blood for you.

Here's a few more tips for grabbing people:

    -People are GREEDY, they will run up to take last hits, abuse this habit, watch your own creep health, if you see a low health minion, use it to bait them. They will take it.

    -People are goofy! They will always think that as long as they are behind minions they are safe, that's not always the case; watch their minion health, if they stand behind a minion that's about to die, grab towards that directions right behind the minion dies, it will get them.

    -People are mean, they will try to harass you, to do so they will walk towards you, GRAB THEM.

Counter picking
Blitz is a great counter pick to channeling champions, katarina, nunu, yi, janna, galio and fiddle. He has 3 disrupters, if you grab them you will cancel their channeling, if you knock them up, it will cancel them. If you ult you will stop them because the ulti silences them for .5 seconds, enough to disrupt channeling.

Mid game
After you have finished your manamune and sheen, you can basically charge in with W hit them with E and keep wacking them and before they make it to tower range, grab them with Q and ult to finish them off. Get fed, get tanky, and pick off squishies first.

Always grab when they can't see you, it makes your success rate that much higher.

Ganking mid lane
Ganking mid lane is easy, just go in with W chase them for the E knock up and when they try to get away with flash, grab them back and ult for the finishing blow, it'll keep their solo under lvled and your solo fed.

Farm, blitz needs about 80 cs without kills before he dominates early game. If you get fed good, if not then you'll have to farm. FARM HARD, if you want to improve, just get every last hit.

Initiating the fight
When you start fights, try to initiate it on their carry. It's usually gg if you grab them into your team. Slow grab them one by one and slowly

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