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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Kaleb

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaleb

BlitzCranking the Jungle

Kaleb Last updated on April 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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BlitzCranking the Jungle

Don't underestimate the Blitzcrank when jungling, he's an exceptional ganker and can definitely hold his own. You're going to build him as an AP Carry which late game is just phenominal. Your ultimate will be dealing 1k damage to all nearby enemies and your grab alone will be worth 650 damage.

Level 1: Start out at blue, have somebody leash it and also attack it a few times as blue is extremely hard at this level.

Level 2: Upon completing blue rush straight to mid at level 2, mid will be forced to be over extensive as there's an even amount in the creep wave. Flash straight in and use your E throwing them into the air, hit once more and then use rocket grab as it's basically impossible to miss at this distance.

Pulling that combination off at level 2 should give you atleast 4 free hits, make sure you ping them aswell so you have mids full attention to get ready. 9/10 times you'll walk away with first blood or an assist.

Now return to the camp and take out the golems and then wraiths. Walk over to wolves and finish them too, now return to spawn and start to buy your build.

You're going to go straight to red, excellent a slowing and damage over time buff, once you've retrieved red you're going to go straight to mid again. Once again, flash in, E knocking them into the air and then when they begin to run rocket grab them, you'll also be able to get in another E since you have the speed advantage here.

From here go through their jungle, dependent on what jungler they have either blue or red will be up, walk into their jungle and rocket grab through the wall the boss leaving the minions behind. This not only ruins their jungle, money and experience but also gives you another buff, additional ganking attributes experience and gold.

Check out what's happening at the lanes, over extensive? Needs support? Go and help if required, also remember there usually won't be any wards up at this point, so go ahead and creep into a brush, dependent on where they are either rocket grab them into this brush, or rocket grab them into your turret.

I can't express this enough how great this combination is. W to run at them unexpectedly, flash in and instantly rocket grab them. Get in a ton of damage with your lanning friend and then E to throw them into the air. Now hit your rocket grab again and it's basically unbeatable.

At this point if you have your ult try and keep it until there's more than 1 person in the radius for your ultimate.

You should now be relatively feed for a blitzcrank and starting to build up that Ability Power for those epic rocket grabs and not to mention over powered ultimate. Continue doing your jungle route at this point, maintain your blue to spam those q's as you won't always hit them.

Basically blitzcrank early game jungling, yeah it's going to suck. But if you practice and hit those ganks successfully you're going to be one fed blitzcrank. I've never ganked so easily with his rocket grab, it can really secure the kill the majority of the time. With his E securing they can't get away, W to outrun or catch them, it also makes for an incredible get away device.

Remember to keep your ultimate until there's more than one as that is when it's most effective, don't forget to have fun with this guy as it's amazing how good he actually is.