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League of Legends Build Guide Author ufftauffta

Blitzing hard

ufftauffta Last updated on May 24, 2011
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Hello boys and girls
im playing Blitzcrank for a while now, after reading plenty of builds and suggestions how to play him i decided to write my own build.
Allowing him to do damage, withstand a decent amount of damage and carry his team with his flying arm.

Basically he is neither a real tank - eventhough he might look like that, nor a ownage mage, nor hes a massive damagedealer...

to sum it up: he is in between all of it. Considering and accepting this point will allow you to see how great he is as a mix of all of it. Still you have to keep this in mind when you play him.

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Mana Barrier:
- after your health drops below 20%, it will activate a shield with the size of 50% from your current mana (not maximun mana!)
- it stays for 10 secs
- 60 seconds cooldown

- Expensive, especially in early game - 140 mana, costs stay the same
- grabs 1st enemy unit it hits (includes minions, neutral monsters, new planted mushrooms from Teemo !!!)
- LONG cooldown
- decent range
=> grab through (base-)walls and forests
- grab stealthing/stealthed enemys
- grab ALWAYS with the RIGHT hand!
- dealt damage 60/120/180/240/300 + 80% ap

- increases movementspeed by 16/20/24/28/32% and attackspeed by 30/38/46/54/62% for 8 sec duration
- static 75 mana costs
- usefull for infights -> (+) attack speed
- usefull for chasing enemy, retreating from fights, moving over map -> (+) movement speed

Iron Fist:
- static 25 mana costs
- deals 2x damage of your normal damage
- kinda stun, lifting enemy up
- quite short cooldown
- only ability in the game which can directly damage buildings!

Static Field:
- static 150 mana costs,
- passive: one lightning each few seconds, dealing 100/200/300 +25% ap magic damage
- active: -> area damage 250/375/500
-> silence enemy champions fpr 0.5 seconds
- after used active the passive is disabled until cooldown is gone

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I go for a 0/21/9 build.

Lets start with the utility skills.
Incrased life- and manaregenations by 4% in addition with 5% more mana + ghost mastery is enough from this tree for blitz. Imo if u have CD runes + CD item (=26%), there is no more need to waste 21 points on the utility treeto get another (total) 21% CD reduction- since its capped at 40% anyway.

Spending the majority of the masteries for defence has the benefit of giving u a bit mor armor and magic resitence, dodge, life reg - based on ur max mana, additional life (+48 - which gives you combined with ur 3 quintessences 126 more life at level 1), some attack speed and a reduction of all received damage by 4%.

In my opinion the offensive masteries cant outrange the positive effects of the defensive skills. If you dont agree with me, feel free to set the masteries as u want to.

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Well runes, actually everybody is free to decide with which runes he likes to play... I just share the runes i have chosen, and with which i feel best.
critical strike chance +0.93% ( in total = 8.37%)
Cooldown reduction +0.65% (= 5.85%)
dodge +0.75% (= 6.75%)
+26 life (= 78)

I wont really comment it, since this is a personal choice, like i said above already.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer the combination of:

This is of course everyones individual decision, thatswhy im not going to explain why i have chosen these two. Since it its kind of obvious what benefits they have. I just want to say that Ignite could be replaced with

Ghost is mandatory for him in my opinion.

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Meki-Pendant should be your first item. I tried shoes also, but felt more comfortable with meki pendant. Simply because Rocketgrab costs 140 mana each time you use it - with a basic mana of ~ 300 ur manapool will be empty very fast. For some health regen 2 health pots.

2nd item should then be normal Shoes, followed by Tear of the Goddess. After this finishing shoes to Ninja Tabi.

Depending on how to the game is developing either finish Manamune, or go for Chain Vest - if you play against mages on lane go for Negatron Cloak. Anyway the next item you should be focused on is Glacial Shroud for CDR and extra mana for abilities and the passive.

Now focus on finishing the magic-/armor items Frozen Heart and Force of Nature.
(Im not going for banshees, simply because i feel more comfortable with higher magic resistence and life regen, then denying one spell per 30 secs)

After you have got all your defensive items its now time to get offensive ones.
First of all getting Sheen is now a musthave, followed by Hextech Revolver.

At last your aim is to finish those two items to there final ones: Hextech Gunblade and Trinity Force.

You will nearly never reach the full build, since you need ******* much money to finish both and most of the times the game will be over before, if you did a decent job.

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General information

- Never spam Rocketgrab! use it wisely or your manapool will doom you (so will your passive!)
- BC should be really annoying to play against! => keep them away from minions after they experienced dying a few times
- Most people still underestimate the range of Rocketgrab
-> followed by the combo of Iron Fist and later Static Field
- Use Overheat for infights after grab and for general fights. Use it also for chasing an enemy, or escaping.
- Dont use Static Field early in fights! You have a passive lightning each few seconds dealing plenty of damage - perfect for chasing. Its your finishing move!
- Iron Fist increases also damage on towers and inhibits
- keep an eye on your manapool

In game

In early game you rather play defensive, you might have more life than most champions due masteries and runes, nonetheless you are squishy, since you have LONG cooldowns, really low attack rate and just 300 movement speed.
Still, playing defensive grants you the opportunity to establish your gamestyle: Let the enemy come closer to your tower, wait for the right moment and grab. As soon as you reach level 2 this grants you a 95% kill chance, if enemey is not flashing.

Basically this is the way how you will play the whole game. Tho surely the amount of grabs into towerrange will decrease, you will than have your teammates around you. Most of the times you will be the one initiating a teamfight with a grab, followed by Iron Fist, do NOT waste Static Field there.

Few things to care about for initiating teamfights with grabs.

- NEVER grab the tank if they arent low health!
-> even if they're low, think twice before grabbing champions like Alistar, Malphite, Mundo, Ramnus and Singed, same counts for Vladimir
-> still NEVER grab Amumu
-> Rather try focus enemy carries or supporters. Grabbing i.e. Katarina followed by Powerfist and 4 teammates attacking, she will be dead in like less then 1 second.
- With fully leveled Overheat you can chase retreating enemys (~470 movement speed), but never loose contact to your teammates!

Comming back to the normal playing part, you will notice that it offers you the possibility of backdooring. With the use of Overheat, you are able to run over the map pretty fast. A combined using of Overheat and Iron Fist will make you an efficient tower- and inhibit killer.

If u have the chance to play him with this full build, you dont have to be afraid of fighting any champion in a 1on1. That doesnt mean you can act like rambo and dont care about who you are playing against. As i said above, never forget you are neither a real tank, nor a dps hero, nor a ap carry!

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Blitzcranks Rocketgrab is a real unique ability. It gives you the chance to pick one enemy champion and drag him to yourself and your teammates. You don't have to get in the fights to slow or stun, you can choose who you want.

It may sounds easy 'to grab an enemy champion', but actually its not that easy. Normally your enemies are moving, or hiding behind mionions to avoid you.
Patience is what you need! Your chance will come, sooner or later. Always keep in mind: most of the times you will grab someone, it will result in a kill!

Do not waste your grab on the first best looking situation, just because an enemy isnt moving for like two seconds. It surely is a troll that costs you loads of mana and > 20 secs cooldown in the beginning.

It is really hard to master this ability, i also didnt yet and probably never will. But after some practice (= dozens and dozens of games) you will be able to predict enemys movement. You will be able to grab into the dark of the map, through for example forests, if you saw an enemy moving there, calculating where he will be in like two seconds, pre-aiming with Rocketgrab, activate and catch. And than say 'Hello my friend, why you wanted to leve the party so early?. Most people will go mad and start some little flame about the luck you own. :)

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Your passive

It actually is a bit strange to offer a characters passive an own Chapter. But i think its worth it, since i think its one of the best passives in the whole game.

As stated above, you will automatically activate the barrier if your health drops below 20% of your maximun life, in the size of 50% from your current mana.

Most players will go more aggressive if you are below half of ur life, if they have rather full life themselves. Believing they can push for an easy kill. Or thinking you will play more defensive from that point on.

In both situations you have the chance to make the best out of the situation - by killing the enemy! Simply by using your manabarrier as additional life, which just pops up after you got low health.
For this reason your 1st major item is the Manamune, granting you a total of 1350 additional mana and increased damage.

Just imagine a lategame situation: you got a total manapool of 3000, if you followed this build. You will rarely fall under 2.000 mana, which means, that you will always have a additional life of >1.000!
This allows you to stay longer in fights than your opponent thought you will be able to. Which often leads to the point that he stayed to long in the fight and die in the end.

A skilled player will always keep your barrier in mind if he fights Blitzcrank. But most people dont, they will be simply focusing on your life bar and this is your chance to get easy kills on self overestimating enemys. :)

Of course this wont work everytime, esecially on lower levels when you dont have such a large manapool. Still, controlling your manapool is mandatory - even on lower levels it can save your life, if you havent wasted your mana with fail Rocketgrabs.

In the end this is just a psychological advantage you have against health bar focused people. And a player who will remember the barrier, will be much more careful in rushing you.

At last: for constantly full manapool, you should go for blue manabuff as often as possible if possible. Not that it keeps your pool always up, it reduces also the cooldown of Iron Fist down to really stunning 3 seconds!

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Blitzcrank is one of the champs you really can have loads of fun with. After getting over becoming mad or desperate, if you once again grabbed some random minion who should not be there, it becomes really funny. Tho grabbing Teemos 'fresh' planted mushrooms into ur team is like "klödkvsnvsvnsdvösm", it still is somehow entertaining.

Nonetheless you (can be) ARE a matchdeciding champion!

To sum it up:

- Heavily item dependent
- squishy in early game
- no great farmer

learning Rocketgrab takes some time

+ fun, not getting boring
+ really important team role
+ Hybrid character

greets and cu