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General Guide by Zer0Gz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zer0Gz

Blitzkrieg - New player positioning and Game-play

Zer0Gz Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my guide which introduces a brand new exciting and aggressive game-play for summoners rift! Are you tired of the old laning and jungling combos that exist in the current game? Well look no further, as Blitzkrieg promotes serious teamwork and critical thinking.

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Team Layout

For Blitzkrieg your team layout will consist of:
2 Laners - Who rarely leave the lane
2 Junglers - Who utilise both jungles effectively and assist the controller
1 Controller - The decision maker of the team

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The Controller

The controller is the main player of the team as he will decide how and when the team will attack, he will move the most in the team and assist in turret take-downs.

The controller must have:

    High movability or global skill
    Map awareness
    buyer of oracle

The controller will occupy the mid lane, farming minions like usual but has an eye each lane constantly. To be most effective he should be the only one to ping within the so others players can understand the decisions he is about to make.

An Example of this:
Pinging the top turret.
The controller is making it clear that he is going to assist in an turret take down. The jungler in that half will position himself with the controller and laner to achieve this goal, the remanding jungler will proceed to to mid lane to cover and prevent a push.

Pinging to back away from a turret.
This decision is where the controller wants the laner to remove himself from the turret and let his opponent push so they may set up an opportunity for a gank. The laner must be in the gank for it to be successful.

Recommended champions include:
Twisted fate, Corki, Karthus, Blitzcrank, Morgana, Zilean, Teemo

Recommended spells:
Ghost, Clairovoyance

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The junglers play the role of assisting the controllers decisions. The junglers locate themselves in either the top half or the bottom half of the map. They must be capable and may assist the other jungler when entering the enemies jungle.

Junglers should have some cc for ganks to be successful, such as warwick's ult.

It is the junglers job to cover for the laner when he needs to recall, preventing pushes and gettings some extra minion kills

Recommended Junglers:
Fiddlesticks, Udyr , Warwick, Rammus Amumu, Olaf, Taric(see build)

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It's the laners job to stay in his lane, until he has taken down the first two turrets in his lane.
To do this, the controller will decide the right time to take down the turret, with the assistant with the local jungler, the controller, jungler and lane can take down the turret.

The laner and jungler not assisting the take down, the laner will remand in his lane and the jungle will occupy the mid lane.

When the laners are well enough they may be able to switch roles with their jungler to keep the enemies guessing or provide the jungler with some exp or minions if he is lacking.

The bottom half lane will mostly have 2 opponents and will need help regularly, champions such as Nasus with the ability to zone best fit this position, but his q might fall heavily.
Regular switchs may provide some ease.

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Ward placement/vision

The green colours are the first stage of wards. These wards remand there until the first row of turrets are taken down. Once this has been done the Second lot of wards coloured red must be placed.

The role of these wards is to locate when an enemy enters the field of sight. Once they have been located the controller may make the decision of killing that opponent. When the decision is made the jungler and laner within that half of the map may intervene with the controller to kill the opponent. The remanding jungler will occupy the mid lane to halt a push.

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To end with

Thanks for reading. Comments are welcomed as this is an ingoing guide. Feedback is also welcomed as the like hood of success can be shown as achievable.


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