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Blitzcrank Build Guide by BaraDude

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaraDude

Blitztank - CC Master; By Bara

BaraDude Last updated on December 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I have only been playing LoL for about 5 months now, but i have played Blitzcrank quit a lot and belive i can offer some insight into his play style.
In addition i would like to apologize for the lack of skill\item\spell pictures, havent learn't how to do that yet.

- Great CC, one of the best in the game.
- Great Mobility, also one of the best in the game.
- Great passive when built correctly.
- Decent damage output, though you should be warned, with bad carries blitz is worth near nothing.

- If you can't hit your 'Grab', you can't play Blitz; no way around it.
- A bit team dependent.
- Poor early game farming, making him difficult to use as a solo top.
- A bit unconventional, not really a solo top, nor is he really a support champ.

I usually play blitz as the support bottum champ + tank, wont always be welcomed by your teammates, but if played correctly you will feed your AD carry champ a lot of safe kills.
The second build is the support blitz build, played like any support, his advantages is that he moves very well around the map - making warding efficiant and quick.
Disadvantage is that he has no healing or shield spell, but makes up for it with a lot of CC.

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I use my rune build to compliment my playstyle.

Greater Mark of Desolation (+1.66 Armor Pen)
Not meny Marks that are great for blitz so this gives a little extra damage output.

Greater Seal of Clarity(+0.065 mana regen per level, 1.17 at level 18)
Gona be Spamming skills with Blitz, so you better have enough mana for them + still have mana for when your passive kicks in.

Greater Glyph of Celerity (+0.05 CDR per level, 0.9 at level 18)
Together with this builds Masterie Tree, and Frozen Heart you will have 40% CDR at lvl 18.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation (+3.33 Armor Penetration)
Currently the Quints that I use for some more damage, there are other liable Quints though.

Other Options:
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude (+26 HP)
Due to the weak early game nature of this build these will help you stay in lane longer and gain the exp you need for leveling up.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness (+1.5 Movment Speed)
To be honest i think this is an overkill, but if you want to ensure NO ONE EVER gets away from you and your team, this will secure your spot as fastest champ in the game.

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Skill Sequence + Usage

Start with taking a point in grab, always, no matter what you plan on playing (except jungle, which is not a viable option IMO).

So you take a point in Grab first (Q skill).
level 2 you are going to want a Power Fist (E skill), then at level 3 you should take Overdrive (W skill), and from here on out you are gona want to max power fist as soon as posibble with the usual intervals of levels 6,11, & 16 to up your ulti.

after maxing power fist, max overdrive, and last you will be maxing rocket grab.

Why take Overdrive over Rocket Grab?
Simple really, being the fastest champ on the field, or having your grabs CD reduced a bit (yes its a bit cuse it will still be 16 secs without any CDR).
by maxing your Overdrive you can keep it running all the time, with 40% CDR and overdrive level 5 you can activate it again aprrox 0.8 seconds after its finished. (WOW!).
This way no one gets away from you, and without serious CC no one catches you either.

How To Use Your Abilities

Well its really stright forward;

Passive: Mana Barrier:
This is the thing that makes blitz so good IMO, and also i think its one of the best Tanking passives in the game.
You gain 50% hitpoint barrier (shows up as grey swuares in your life bar), when you are put under 20% HP. and all this for a full 10 seconds, which is a very long time.
with this build you should hit 3000 mana pretty easy, 1500 Damage soaked up just by this, thats a lot!.
after the barrier expires and your on low HP is when your gona want to recall (just by the way).

Rocket Grab: Early game use this abilitie to either pull a champ into your turrent, help a fellow champ escape by pulling an enemy AWAY from their escape route, or keep enemys from running away.
Late game use this abilitie to intiate teamfights, do try not to grab their tank, and defenitly not amumu, youll be doing half his work for him.

Overdrive: Use when getting from place to place, chasing or running away from\to enemy champs, and use when taking down a turrent, seriously this ability adds quit a bit of attack speed.

Power Fist: You'r main source of CC, can be used every 2-3 secs plux minus with 40% CDR, distrups long charging abilities such as Fiddles Crow Storm, or distrups abilities like Katarina's Ulti.
In addition after you build Manamune it will pack quit a punch, literally.

Static Field: Not the most powerfull of Ultimates, but very low cooldown and with proper use can win teamfightes.
Although this skill does not do alot of damage, and even its silnce lasts only for 1 second, this abilitie can win you fights, how you ask?
simple- when used correctly you can silnce the whole enemy team, yes i just said the WHOLE ENEMY TEAM, after grabbing the enemy carrie/offtank their team will come in storming to try and save their dear friend from certin death, once they step into range pull the trigger on Static field, Disabeling all casters from being of any use for 1 sec, and probably enough time to kill at least 1 of their carries.
Can also be used to clear minion waves later in game + secure a kill if your grab is on CD and enemy is making a run for it.

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Since i play Blitz as a Tank/Kill Enabler his build is kinda flexible at the finish, but he does have a core that you should nearly never stray from.

Start off with a Sapphire Crystel and 2 HP pots.
This should keep you up and running without needing to recall.

Your first trip back should be either when you hit 600 gold, or if things are going well 950 gold.
your first buy is THE Tear of Goddes, and if you were able to do well in lane (get a kill or assist) then you can probably buy your boots as well.

On your second trip back your gona want to upgrade your boots to Murcury Treads, and start building Glacial Shroud.
Upgrading Tear of Goddes to Manamune right away is stright up stupid, you did not stack up enough mana by now to make it worth your while, and your role with blitz is first off to tank and initiate, the armor is good for that, dhu...

Third trip back you are gona build Bansheis Viel or upgrade Tear to Manamune, by now the casters are gona be quit powerfull, and really the extra mana and HP is always good; however if your team is doing really well and sometimes the enemy does get away then Manamune will give you the extra damage you WANT(its not a need).

On the fourth trip back you will be buying what is missing from your core build, Frozen Heart + Manamune\Banshies Viel, and from here on out your build is really game situational.

Options for the rest of your build
Since you are only missing 2 Items it shouldnt be that hard to chose.

Guardian Angel- is a good option, making sure that after you initiate and blow your Static field, and after your mana berrier dies down, even if you are focused after all of this, you will be back up to help secure the fight.

Trinity Fource- If you are doing AMAZINGLY well, or it just happenes that you have been getting the kills and your carrie has been messing up, build Trinity, starting from Sheen.
It will give you damage, movment speed, attack speed, blahblahblah... you know what trifource does.

Aegis of Legion- Gives a nice boost to you armor and MR + some hp, all around nice cheap item, oh and i almost forgot it does the same for your team in a certin radious.

Frozen Mallet- A cute little boost to your damage, a nice boost to your HP, and with the slow there is no way if hell heaven and earth that anyone gets away from you.
(I belive you guys are catching on to a theme by now).

Thornmail- Facing a heavy AD orrianted team this is always a good item to buy.

Warmog's Armour- By now you can easily clear minion waves with your abilities, extra HP, HP regen always good for a tank, only reason this isn't a core item is due to its cost + farming reliability + Blitzs dependence on Mana for survivability not HP.

Really anything goes

, providing you'r clever enough to know how to deal with different game situations.

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I'll be honest, with the new mastieries it was a bit of trouble finiding what suited this build.
Keeping in mind im getting 20% CDR from Frozen Heart + 8% CDR from Runes i was looking to get 12% from the masteries, and this is what i came up with.

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My first guid, hope it was of some help to you guys and gals.

Ideas/Tips/Suggestions are always welcomed, and anyone willing to teach me how to add the pictures will be considerd a saint.