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Blitzcrank Build Guide by USAPoint323

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author USAPoint323

BlitzTank - The Frozen Tanky

USAPoint323 Last updated on September 11, 2011
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Hi my in game name is USAPoint323, and i made this guide because Blitzcrank is my main champion, the one that I play better and the the one that i select whit any team composition.

I LOVE BLITZ!!!!! This is my statement, this champion is so much fun to play, you have 5 skills that every champion wanted for them. You can pull an enemy to you, you have the power fist to make them pop in the air and deals double the attack damage, you can run faster than anyone and increase your attack speed also(with frozen heart and Nashor Tooth can be allways on), and you have a low cost, silencing and low cooldown ultimate. And the last but not the least Mana are a dps/caster that receives a shield wen he is low on health GOOD

I understand the point of view of other AP Blitzcrank players...but i relay don't like to play Blitzckrank as a combo player, because i don't like giving the game to chance...I relay like to be a threat to my enemies and once you grab them they have no escape (remeber Blitzckrank always need help to kill an enemy, can be a turret or or an ally but if you combo to early they flee from you and you Rocket Grab is a high cooldow ability).

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Getting Started

Has a Blitzcrank you have a mindset, and that mindset is that you are a tireless machine.
Blitz is a great team champion so you depend on your team for success. You need to talk a lot and decide with your partners whom you should attack first, rocket grab or not...

This build is my own build and i started by playing as AP Blitzcrank and I felt that something was missing. So I started playing this way.

Blitzcrank is a hybrid champion that needs the team and needs items to each different situaition. Once you are doing well the game can't go wrong...and you always ask a friend to help you assisting in getting blue and red buff wen possible.

Always try to early gank people on mid or blue buff as soon as possible, and always call your team to stand in the bushes near a level one sure kill.

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Some major changes in Buils, or game style

Changes made in this build:

08-09-2011: some changes on my favourite items, some times and depens on enemy team composition you may want to convert your Tear of the Godess in a Archangel Staff, or sell it and buy an Hextex Gunblade. But Manamune is also cheaper and improve your dps damage.

I also added a second build that i used when I played Bltz with T Force, but i prefer the Frozen Malet because you can easialy chase a enemy but like an off-tank you need some friendly team champions around to help you killing him. (If there is no tank you are the tank...but has an off-tank you want to be the second guy focused, after the team's tank)

I added some builds, and the last one is Phreack champion spootlight Blitz build.

And answered some questions!!!! Feel free to post your testimonial, and remember don't make -1 if you didn't tried it. Try the builds and post whatever you are thinking...good or bad.
For my play style i prefer the first build and as a gossip you know that i never played Phreack item or rune build,I know that he is a lot more experienced than me so i will give a try!!

09-09-2011: so I wasn't happy about all my builds and stuff I did yesterday..I have no major changes so here I will focus the most important touchpoints.

After studying a bit my own build I just founded that a bigger benefit than buying a Manamune, and when you have money you sell it (or your tear) to buy a full Hextech Gunblade, and that benefit can be achived by turning your tear in a Archangel Staff now you get a bigger combo damage output, and you get more mana than the other way.

Introduced a new chapter called My Builds, so this is where i can explain a little bit each of my own builds and the choices, and fell free to ask anything in comments, but go there and see why I take that mastery tree or items, the most important touchpoints will be focused.

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My Builds

Build number 1
My first choice build for beeing an off-tank in game, different from beeing a tank.

Build number 2
My item choice when i builded T Force instead of Frozen Malet

Build number 3
My third build is a dps cary build for Blitzcrank so you are not a tank an thats because I improve the utility tree and maybe the offensive this is a bit kamikaze, you are not a tank at all but you can and you will be a big pain in the *** with a ****ing shield that don't let you only try this build if you are expirienced with Blitzcrank.
And has you can see you used all T Force items and didn't build a T Force and I can have a lot better overall stats with this build, I just feel that you mana pool is low but you can and you will dish lots of damage when you are on cooldowns. No T Force an better overall, you can see by your own eyes, more ad and ap, more hp, more and better passsive fom items, insane speed and thats awsome for a cary that can pull someone...unfortunately there is a but, YOU WILL NEED FROZEN MALET to be safe...because you have no armor or magic resist so if you are focused you are dead like all carries. I recomend flash with this build and play mana saving.

Build number 4
This build is insane! This is another ad ap dps caster, so if you like T Force and you like to play more agressively than just babysitting in a lane, here you have a T Force carry that have insane stats, ok you have no armor or magic resist but you will have a lot more ad than any other of my own builds a lot more ap, good attack and movement speed, a little bit more tanky than build number 3 due to rod of if you want to be a cary you must give a try to this build, consider changing the masteries to have also defensive masteries instead of offensive.

Build number 5
Again the last but not the least, here you have the build, masteries and rune set up that Phreak uses in the lastest Blitzcrank champion spootlight, so if you want to see it live just use this hiperlink

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My runes set up is different from other guides i have seen.

I go with attack speed quints and marks, health per level seals, and ap per level glyphs.

The attack speed increase you reach with this runes are 25%, plus the attack speed boots you reach 50% and nashor tooth you can reach 100% boost on you attack speed. And even faster with your second skill.

Because this build creates an Off-tank Blitzcrank I like to get health per level runes getting more hp on my Blitz.

The ap glyphs are a must have for Blitzcrank,you need some to hurt people with your speels also.

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I chose tanky masteries, and don't use flash, i relay like to use flash in game but this is one of the fastest champs in the game and ghost is an overall better choice.

I used the utility tree but i found that using that you get an overall better early game but Blitzcrank is mana starved, and your main harassing ability cost a lot of mana early game.

This masteries fulfill what Blitz needs most.

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This item build depends on how good you and your team is going if you are having problems you need to choose carefully your next item and if you are doing well also because you need to see what you need more, and how it will help you getting more and better items.

For items i always start with mana crystal and two health pots, don't even think in other combination, because you need the mana boost to cast your abilities, that are not cheap, and you need the boost for your shield, that can save you early game (or late game).

My next item is 99% of the time the tear of the goddess, if i have problems in my lane and im forced to retreat i buy boots, a ward and many health potions..

If I'm doing well the first time I recall to base I buy tear, boots, and mana regen part of the philosopher's stone.

My next priority is the philosopher's stone, and then we start to complicate.

Now you need to choose what you need most:
1. HP
2. Armor
3. Magic Resist

1. HP, is needed wen you are doing good and have no problems in your lane, being a bigger problem and harder to kill, if your opponents are feeded you can't go this way, you need armor

2. Armor, is needed when you and you team mate receive more damage from melee champions, and that damage is higher thant the damage that you both deal, always get chain vest first and then go to glacial shroud, that also helps with mana barrier, and cooldowns.

3. Magic Resist, is needed when the biggest damage dealer in your lane is a magic caster like Annie or Malzahar.

So if you are doing well you should have buyed giant belt first, if you continue to do well your next item is glacial shroud, and you should at least have money to buy also a healt crystal, that is what you need to finish your phage and then frozen malet.

Sometimes I'm having troubles in team fights and I buy first chain vest and second item is negatron cloak, once you have glacial shroud and giant belt you should go for the banshee's veil asap.

Only when i have completed my core items (cold heart, banshee's veil and frozen malet) I start other items, I sell the philosopher stone and then buy stinger, then you need to decide what you need most:
1. Attack Speed
2. Attack Damage

Now in the game you are a giant Robot with lots of hp and mp, that has a frozen aura, lowering enemy players attack speed and movement speed when they are attacked leaving no escape to your opponents.

1. Attack Speed, you need attack speed when you are doing good and you have no problems killing any squishy target, that opposes you or you go and chase to kill him just for fun. Blitz is a good chaser and you will have a lot o fun grabbing people in the chase and even sometimes you push them trough the wall. The item you need is stinger, you have more cooldown reduction and relay boosts your attack speed

2. Attack Damage, you need this when you are not dealing a lot of damage or your opponents have tons of armor.

My last item that I only do when the game goes relay long, and i have lots of money is the hextech gunblade. Is relay rare buying this item but it can be possible some games. So when that happens i just sell manamune...but if you prefer you can build your tear in a archangel staff

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Situational Items

Never forget that the items depends on the opponent team composition, some times I get warmog's armor if they have no caster, or no sorce of croud control, because with Blitzcrank is easy getting in and out of a battle.

The other item is hextech gunblade, has I mentioned earlyer.

And for a high caster opponent team you have force of nature

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Skill Sequence

If you read the explanations of the skills it will be easy to you to understand them, one thing you need to remember......

ROCKET GRAB CAN PULL PEOPLE TROUGH THE WALLS, and remember that the effect is slower from abilities like nidalee javelin toss...

I always try to counter jungle, by going in the bushes near the mid turret and the river and pull the blue buff from enemies to steal and let my partners have our blue buff. When I start jungling any buff i go into the bushes and pull the buff there.

I have to say sorry because I don't know if the skill sequence is correct, but every game is different for me, because i see what i need most and get a balanced Blitzcrank.

SO I start with the rocket grab, and then the power fist, my 3rd skill is overdrive, and i pick my ultimate every time i can do so. There is no secret about leveling up with Blitzcrank, you just need to determine what you need most:
1. Land more Damage with your combo
2. Movement Speed/Atack Speed
3. Faster Cooldown on power fist

So if you need the:
1, you choose the rocket grab, this is the one you choose if you are doing well or if your enemies are going away with low health

2, you choose the overdrive, is a great tool to run away or chase an opponent, you want this to be faster then your enemies in the game, sometimes this is the last one you max depending ton the enemy team speed...this is also a tool that you use to improve your dps because it boostes the dps for a big amount with a low cooldown and with this build your Overdrive can be allways on!!

3, you choose the power fist, you need this when you face an enemy with good escaping mechanisms and you dont want them to escape so often, and also to increase your damage, very low cooldown and maxed first by a player named Phreak, in the new Blitz champion spootlight, so as I say this is good because you are allways popping a enemy in the air, this skill can also be used as a defensive one, saving a oponent or escaping because you can pop them in the air and then overdrive out of there

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i consider 4 possible choices:
1. Ghost
2. Flash
3. Cleanse
4. Clarity

1. Ghost, you must have this one since you can be double speed boosted with ghost and overdrive

2. Flash, the best in game utility enough said! but you can't flash and land a successful rocket grab so it's "useless", I prefer having cleanse and ghost

3. Cleanse, second favorite summoner spell, i choose this over flash because it can change team fights, and let you make some mistakes

4. Clarity, only if you are inexperienced player with Blitzcrank because makes you more sustainable in the lane

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Final Statements

I relay like Blitzcranck and think he is a great champion that needs to be mastered to have fun, you can miss a lot of rocket grabs and that makes you unhappy but once you learned it you will be laughing and almost every time you can predict what to do to land your hand on their poor bodies.

So I would like you give a try to this build and then rate it, you need to practice it because has i said earlier this build success depends on your team, and how well YOU are doing in the game.


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Pictures from my buils

This one is for a my friend Amboquash that introduced me to this fantastic game

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Why Frozzen Malet and not Trinity Force

I made this section becaus people allways ask for T Force in Blitz...but for me the most usefull stuff in Blitz, is that, he is a champ that can close gaps betwen your team and the enemy team, you want to pull someone with your rocket grab and that guys die, no matter what your team needs to kill him is just easyer with some slow and Blitz has "no CC" so I PREFER a passive efect that realy afects. I have used T Force in Blitz...and health and passive benefits are just getting better if you choose for Frozen Malet.

But with this choice you will lose "lots of damage"...because your ad and ap just get better if you choose T Force, like i said is a question of tastes.

I also have a dps build that I don't realy use it, but it shows wich are better items for upgrading T Force items...and that way you will be like a dps cary, and will not have the off-tank role. But tha way you will be a Giant Robot and tireless killing machine