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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Define Statutory


Define Statutory Last updated on November 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've been playing Blitz since the day I downloaded LoL. I've tried many builds, and the best way to win games is to play him like the DPS tank he is. I've seen many people attempt to play him as a support tank, which he is decent at, but his true potential lies in his attack speed and disable. Overdrive is easily his best spell. Early game it helps you escape and gank, and during late game provides you massive attack and movement speed to prevent enemies from getting away. I play with critical chance runes because you want to be able to get crits on your power fist early and often without having to rely on items before you finish trinity. Some will argue armor penetration runes, but when you start criting 800+ power fist shots every 3 seconds, try to argue that -20 armor does more, it doesnt.

Early Game.

As you can see I take exhaust and ghost, though I have substituted ghost with fortify, it is up to your play style. I prefer ghost because fortify has such a long CD it doesn't seem worth it other than one early game kill and some late tower support. If you do not like to defend, you should not play blitz, because his bread and butter is based on early game kills near the tower, simple as that. Ghost is an awesome spell for blitz because when chasing an enemy at any point in the game you can use overdrive+ghost and know they will not escape. On to game plan...

Early on you want to lane with an ally, preferably a stunner. Avoid auto-attacking, this is a MUST. Blitz has a very fast attack animation so last hitting should come fairly easy. Good players don't auto-attack as it is, but make sure you tell your teammate not to, it could stop your effectiveness quickly if you push the enemy to their tower constantly. You want to make sure you farm a lot, because a good blitz needs gold, lots of it. Try to bait the enemy into pushing you back to your tower, where you should always be looking to Rocket Grab. Resist from this temptation til lvl 3, though lvl 2 is fine if you are facing weak casters or dps. ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE ENEMIES SPELLS. I cannot emphasis this point enough. There is nothing worse than grabbing someone to tower to see them flash away. Your basic combo is grab, power fist, exhaust. Easy Kill, repeat. You may think enemies won't fall for this twice, but they will, and three times, and many more. By lvl 6 you should have an enemy in your lane dead, and the other hiding at tower. At this point gank mid. With your ultimate, any hero who takes solo lane will fall to rocket grab, fist, ultimate, exhaust if necessary. Overdrive is a great spell to use as an initiate, because likely the solo hero has not left lane to buy boots and wont be able to run away from rocket grab fast enough.

After you have gank'd mid, finish philosophers stone and buy boots of swiftness. I generally have extra gold to pick up some potions and a ward. The ward is a smart buy because it prevents retaliation ganks til about lvl 9-10 depending on how well you are doing. I'm a huge fan of philosophers stone. The extra gold, health and mana regen allow you to stay on the battelfield for as long as possible, giving you as many chances as you want to help teammates get kills or pick off junglers on your own.

Mid to Late Game

You should start working on your Trinity now. This item is great because of the extra damage after casting a spell. Buy Sheen first because blitz is a mana *****, and also because the extra attack power after cast becomes immediately available to you. You should be focused more on ganking lanes and pushing towers than killing minions. When you are not encountering heroes, spam static field on creeps for easy gold. After you finish trinity, buy a giants belt. Blitz has lower health than most tanks, and rocket grabbing heroes makes you a prime target for attacks. You need to be able to live through these encounters, so I choose health over armor and MR. This is because of the item you will buy after belt which is Atma's Impaler. This item is perfect for blitz because it gives you armor, crit chance, and deals 2% of your health as extra damage. Once Atma's is done finish your belt into a Warmogs. Warmogs is a great item because your ults passive will increase the max health benefit from this item fast, and add the extra health to your bonus damage from atma's. Blitz is now officially a killing machine, literally :)

Try to not initiate fights. When your team fights, you should be taking out the weaker dps and caster heroes first. I tend to sneak around big fights and solo out these champs by rocket grabbing them away from the bigger battle. They are super easy to kill and allow your teammates to do work, while taking no damage from the enemies main killing source. This strategy always works because you avoid absorbing enemy tank damage, and with your ult's silence the enemy rarely has a chance to counter your rocket grab combo with a disabling spell.

When you do push towers use overdrive and power fist. Power fist does massive damage to towers and they will crumble quickly to your damage and AS.

The game generally ends before I finish Infinity. DO NOT buy it before atma's and warmogs. The combo of atma's and warmogs gives you health, lots of damage, and crit. This is one of the reasons I use crit chance runes, because Infinity is very expensive and does not yield the same quality of benefits to your hero as atma's+ warmogs. If your game is running super late feel free to purchase any item you believe will help most. Bloodthirster is a great choice for me because I feel like the extra damage and lifesteal added to our health regen makes you nearly invincible, though I have gotten a frozen mallet or phantom, it really is dependent on the team you are facing.

I welcome any/all feedback, remember this is my build, yours may be different, I have just found this works out well for me.