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Tryndamere Build Guide by VayneOne

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VayneOne

Blood Tryn-ity

VayneOne Last updated on March 8, 2012
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First build I've made myself. Basically, I looked around and found some other builds I liked for Tryn, however although they worked very well I decided instead to switch a couple things around. As far as the runes, yeah I don't have those. Just thought they looked good! Use whatever you want or feel fits the build basically.

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Skill Sequence

As stated in the introduction, this build is based off of another that I found and liked. I only slightly altered the other to make this build which I found better suited for myself. The way I use the skills works with this build so I left it the same as another build I enjoyed. I only use Q when I need an emergency heal. W is obviously used when chasing down other Champions. E I use in the beginning to mainly build my Fury and do some quick damage, later around mid-game and on I use it to chase fleeing Champions if I don't have flash available or if it's only short range. R...well...I find I rarely have to use R. Of course, best time to use it IMO is when you decide to get greedy and tower dive and don't wanna die yourself, or when your getting ganked and you either want to run and survive or attempt that double+ kill.

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As I stated above, I do not personally have all these runes, or any for that matter. I'm still a bit of a new player so I'm not quite there yet. I thought the runes I selected, (yes, multiples) seemed like a good idea to stack for a more positive benefit. Have any better ideas? Please, comment. I appreciate any feedback be it positive or....positive. I don't like negative feedback, haha! Though, if you do have negative feedback include it anyways as I can always improve.

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In the runes section I mentioned that I did not have those runes, or any at all. As far as masteries go I obviously don't have all of those filled out either. Again, as per the runes this is just something I thought myself would compliment the build well.

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If you take a look at a lot of other Tryn builds you'll see a lot of bloodthirsters and phantom dancers. With the life steal/critical add from two of each of those items Tryn does a TON of damage, all the while soaking up the HP. When I played Tryn the first time I thought he was going to be a lot of fun dealing high damage. I was right, but what I hadn't thought about was the life stealing with the bloodthirsters keeping me alive for a looooong time. Whenever I would start taking some serious damage I would find myself maneuvering in one way or another to escape and smash on some minions. With the 50% life steal that I had and the non-stop crits of 1k+ on minions I was never out of health. Add in the benefit of one or more infinity edge, (I don't know if they stack), and you do increased critical damage. How can you argue with that? And finally we come to the Trinity. The star of my build!...and also the inspiration, (amongst other things),for the title. I enjoy the Trinity, although it is quite expensive because it benefits the build in multiple ways. AD, AS, crit chance, movement speed multiplier and a chance to slow enemies. Love it.