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Vladimir Build Guide by chokicar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chokicar

Bloodimir by Chokinator

chokicar Last updated on July 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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In my experience Ive found that Vlad is best suited for mid , as he has the most spell vamp advantage in the game. As you may know or not know Vlad is a tank/carry/mage mainly cuz of his massive HP he can be pretty tough to handle , he attacks with his spells constantly giving the opposite team a hard time laning aswell as fighting versus your team and ofcourse because of his spamming with spells he is a pretty nice carry for any team fight.
My next chapter will explain the runes with which i mostly own opponents.

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Rune build

Ok so here we are , the rune build , its a pretty simple passive improval in the early game , giving the most advantages for first blood aswell as a nice farm. I mainly select Flat HP glyphs and seals cuz of his passive which gives him bonus ability power for any bonus health and bonus health for any bonus ability power (doesn't work on the gained bonus cuz it would just go to infinity) , next ive set up marks of spell pen aswell the quintessences for flat spell pen mainly to improve the spell pen from the masteries which ill explain in the next chapter.

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Ok so the 3rd chapter will be about masteries as it says on the title , ive chosen 9/0/21 masteries since he needs all the CD reduct possible and the spell pen from offense side.Ive put up some ability power per level aswell and for the utility ive improved his ghost spell since it will give you the biggest advantage in the game while combined with the boots of mobility which makes you the perfect ganker. Ive put in some points in exp gain since its a good thing to lvl up fast on mid , the sooner you level up , the sooner you gank. The extra cash from greed is a good bonus if you have TF with you aswell since it gives you more money so you can stack up on items quicker , Ive taken the buff duration bonuses since the blue buff is the best thing to have as mid game Vlad sine you will probably spam Transfusion most and that will be you main source of damage. We have quickness to support our ganks , chases , aswell as fleeing for the enemy champions. Well the last two are CD reducers which help your spell spamming.In the next chapter i will explain items.

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Well this is how I start the game, first id buy an Amplifying Tome to start off the game a healing pot aswell for survival , after some time my next 2 items would be another amp tome and boots of speed next is a hextech revolver and a haunting guise for the early game bonus spell vamp and some hp (ap) and spell pen id take boots of mobility next seeing it gives me a upper hand on ganks and finish the revolver with a will of acients to max the spell vamp later on id take a rylai's scepter for slow and hp and ap (boosted by passive ofc) and a warmog armor for hp regen and bonus hp (ap from passive yet again) and ofc rabadons deathcap for massive ap boosts and with my passive i get a huge amount of hp aswell and then id sell my haunting guise and take a void staff ofcourse if you have a problem with enemy champions doing too much magic damage id suggest sacrificing the will of ancients for a abysall scepter or if its a problem with AD take zhonyas hourglass instead of the will and you should pull the whole team to victory , well thats about it with the items.Next chapter explains the laning and fighting with vlad.

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Laning/Fighting or mainly playing Vlad

Ok so last chapter here guys i know i was a bit boring with all those explanations xD oh well bout laning with him i think he is a gear laner and a good grinder but id say he is one of the best mid champions out there in the League since all of his advantages on a 1v1 battle (in most cases a mid lane would have 1 champion on it or recently ive seen 3 people going mid with 2 solo lanes on bot and top , ill check bout how that works later today). Now i think my summoner spells are well suited for chasing running etc and ofc takedowns since vlad cant reduce the healing of is opponent i find ignite to be very very useful and if anything it should give some bonus damage with your spell spamming and all. Transfusion is your main damage spell at the same time it heals you for a fair amount of health and since it has a small cooldown on level 5 of the said ability it will end up being used as a regular attack xD Sanguine pool is by far one of the best abilites in this game - it gives you the advantage to tower dive,run away,chase, or simply heal up and grind creeps you can avoid skillshots with it and lots more , people some times call it "Red Carpet" , xD yeah it sounds ******ed and well the spell itself is pretty useful , but there is just 2 things that make this spell balanced...those would be the cooldown on it , now dont get me wrong it aint that big of a cooldown but in a teamfight it is pretty long , and the other one is the health cost of it , it sucks out round 20% of current hp and wont fill your hp for the loss so id suggest using it on 50% hp or below since it will just work against you if you have too much hp at the given moment. We have our 3rd spell which is called "Tides of Blood" a spell with which you can easly grind creeps do some damage to nearby opponents and give yourself bonus spell vamp and the opponent receves more damage when hit with any of your spells but it costs more and more hp with the increased time of casting so use it wiesly. And we finally go to the ultimate spell which Vladimir barely mastered "Hemoplague" its in a short term a last hitting spell and a massive damage dealer , people oftenly call it "Steal spell" this spell is cast on a field indicated with your cursor and what it does is it deals a small amount of magic damage to the opponents caught in it and gives you icreased damage dealing to the opponents caught in it (the damage deal increase is from all sides not only spells its basicly ad , ap , true damage - every single damage source) and at the end of the debuff duration in hits the ones caught with a fair amount of damage (in most cases last hitting the escaped champions - which is why it gaint the fan-name ) it costs percentage of hp aswell as the pool so use it on the beggining of the team fight which will give your teammates a lot of advantage cuz of the damage increase , thats bout it , oh and one last thing concerning transfusion , you should use it as a hit and run spell - basicly cast and move a few steps back then again cast and just go in and out of battle with the said trick it will give you the upper hand on laning aswell as fighting with a champion or in some cases in team fights aswell. I hope this guide helped all of you new players of one of my fav Champions - Vladimir .

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Builds Author

This build's author is Chokinator EU server if you have any further questions ask me in the commnets or simply ask me in the chat in-game. cheers ^_^ hope this helps