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Tristana Build Guide by Bmmagical

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bmmagical

Blowing Away the Competition- A Tristana Guide

Bmmagical Last updated on July 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my first guide on Mobafire!

I really enjoy tristana as an Ad carry bot with just about any support with my build. Before anyone looks away from my guide i would like to point out that the item build is varied from game to game, so check the item build page before you flip to the next guide.

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Before you waste your time reading tons of detail you dont give a rip about, since there are 100+ other champs to play, tristana is an ad carry so the positives and negatives are the same as about all other AD carrys.


-Heavy Damage Mid-Late game
-Great escapes (especially in teamfights)
-Hard to shut down once fed (minion and/or champion)

Nasty Cons

->>seriously dependent on last hitting <<
-squishy early game
-Difficult to last hit with
-$$Gold/item dependent

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My choices on runes are basically personal preference, since i enjoy a more tanky experience with my carries. A dead carry is a useless one, pretty damn straightforward.

I choose Armor Pen marks for decent dmg to win/hold off enemys in lane. Especially with champions who have massive innate armor such as graves and soraka.

I pick up HP/lvl seals for a tankier mid/late game since i seriously enjoy items with armor/mgic resist over health.... So the extra health really complements the defenses.

For glyphs i pick up MR/lvl again for more tankiness later game, when ap carrys start doing incredible damage.

And for Quints i pick up armor, for easier exchanges with junglers and the other AD carry. The armor runes, honestly are the best damn runes you can get, im serious. If you are new, dont get dmg, rush the armor runes because they have the most profound effect on the play of just about any champion.

Another thing i would like to cover that honestly not a lot of guides go into detail about, is that AD carries rely on staying in a fight, and auto attacking to deal dmg. This is the reason i invest so much into defenses, because There is lots of CC that is unnavoidable in team fights/exchanges that the AD must take to stay in the fight (Malzahar ult/Naut ult and many more). This is the exact reason why AP carries do not have to invest so much into defenses, APs deal their dmg and leave, then they can come back and deal dmg and leave yet again. To exploit the potential of any AD carry, defenses have to be had to help against the enemy team's dmg source.

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Ahhh masteries, the things i can say about this... not much. Riot sucks at making mastery's variable, so pretty much the best odds of you winning as an AD carry are with these masteries also found on 18230582309485230 other Mobafire guides! If there is a single point to switch around, it will have to be The first point of the Attack Tree, witch is either improved ignite/Surge/Exhaust or 2 extra attack damage to minions, used exclusively for an easier time last hitting. So feel free trying out AD reds, and you can then put points into summoner's wrath. Tristana, and ALL other champions rely on last hitting of minions, so in almost every single build i use, i have at least 1 point in the butcher skill (2 if i am an AP carry).

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So if you came to this section looking at the recommended build at the top thinking "WTF is this reject thinking!" Then you have come to the right place. Or if not, and you are actually browsing the most straight forward no BS guide of Mobafire here you go!


If the enemy team consists of a large portion of AD champions, as in 3 or 4(or if you notice a particular AD becoming fed) wriggles is the GO-TO item. It provides ******ed good stats for the price, and excellent sustain. >>If you choose to purchase wriggles, then DO NOT throw away precious gold of any kind on Doran's Blades whatsoever!<<

Doran's Blade

Okay, so if the enemy team consists of 3 or more AP's (AP top, AP mid, and AP jungle) do not buy wriggles lantern. Just don't do it. It is essential that you purchase 2 or 3 Doran's blades before you begin building your infinity edge.

--Before i get to the section of optional late game items, i would also like to note something else about purchases before rushing your big sword of beef, the infinity edge... If the enemy is balanced (has an equally balanced ap and ad team, or both of the carrys are fed >.< which everyone reading this guide needs to be prepared for) just rush your infinity edge ASAP.

>>As for all of the other Dmg items in this game for AD carrys such as the Popular "trinity Force, and Bloodthirster" wombo combo, they suck. And here is my reasoning behind this, because i probably am coming off as single minded douche... so here goes.

When you purchase Trinity Force, i like to think of it as an exceptional item for -Bruisers and -Tanks. That is all, and the only people who should ever ever ever have a Tforce on your team ever. Trinity force provides low dmg for an incredible HIGH price of >>4k<< Gold (which is more than IE), and for the stats it does give, they are miniscule and provide little in each category. Trinity is good for a tank, because it covers a little of what the tank needs for utility in team fight (burst dmg, mobility, and some health/mana), however for an AD carry who needs to stay in a fight and seriously dedicate to a team fight to destroy people, Tforce with a measly 30 AD and next to none crit chance and attack speed is useless for dmg purposes.

Moving on.... Bloodthirster.... oh good ol' BT. Okay, this item is not so bad, 3k gold, provides the highest AD in the game, recent nerfs to lifesteal allow this item to really shine for the price. So this item is hardly good for an AD carry, and here is why... when you are a bruiser, who has heavy AD ratios on skills (such as Rene/Riven or a few others) this item is heavily sought after because of the massive 100 AD boost which is available for only 3k Gold!!! WOW!! Here is the problem ladies and gents. AD carries benefit from sustain, but not as much from flat AD.

>>Golden Rule #1-AD carries rely on critical strike chance, armor reduction, and attack speed. Also known as Damage Modifiers.<<

If you pick up a good ol' juicy bloodthirster as your first item, you are going to have a hell of a time trying to carry. Oh, and uhm good luck keeping those stacks up on that beast of an item. Lol.

So please, just do not rush either of these items... for the love of all that is holy, do not do it. I do not care if you are Ezreal, i do not even get trinity on him, it is just bad.

And as for other AD items such as the popular Madred's Bloodrazor, and the rest of the lot, here is the straight forward answer as to why they do not work. They provide very little in Damage modifiers, or if they do they provide very little of any thing else. Case and point, of why i use the infamous Berserker greaves, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, and Last Whisper. 80% attack speed, and 55% crit, 40% armor reduction. All of these are dmg modifiers. Bam! That simple, the more items you get out of these 4, they exponentially increase each other's dmg. Nuff said.

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Skill Sequence

If you have played a champion more than 5 times or so, you realize what the best skills are to get first. I have played Tristana well over 50 games. And for that matter, well over 300 games as the AD carry. Tristana, which this guide is intended for, is bad early game in comparison to other champion's early games. She will lose lane more often times than not, and will lose trades early game, more often time than not. So to counter losing lane, i level her E skill. This skill allows for massive Area of Effect(AoE) damage to minions when she can last hit. This drastically makes it more difficult to lose lane, and eventually impossible.

Now, if you have the enemy bot lane- Zoned from farming, and/or pushed to the tower immediately stop leveling the E skill and level the Q skill to avoid shoving the lane.

There are many many guides that cover this, so i will briefly skim the topic, when you push a lane it-

1.)allows for easier jungle ganks against you

2.)forces the enemy to get help from mid and/or jungle (which is bad)

3.)forces them to play smart. More elaboration on this, you want them to play stupid in lane and believe they have a chance at winning. When a player is forced into the mindset i have to play good or i lose, they will play better more times than not. Allow them to strut around wasting Cooldowns and attempt to harass you, leave them be. This game is 99% team fight.

4.)When the lane is pushed, i tend to(I'm not sure about other players) get more "cocky" and will attempt more silly plays that often feed the enemy team, such as trying to fight a 2v3 with their Jungler present.

Just don't push the lane until you have a clear advantage over them, or they have dead teammates.
Tristana's Q is very useful in short exchanges, however i find the E skill more useful for super lane control instead of early game advantage.

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Summoner's Spells

All personal preference here
, but I find Surge/Flash, Exhaust/Flash work incredibly well with tristana, and many other AD carrys for that matter.

Other plausible Summoner spells can be Ignite for the offensive spell, and Sprint for the mobility spell. I however do not recommend sprint or ignite at all. The lane phase is where ignite's strength is, and tristana's forte is not at all early game.

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Champion Summary

If you read this far, Grats and i would like to point out some things.

Arguably i think Tristana scales the best into late game. If anyone would like to argue this, i have some things to say.
1.) If anyone dies on the enemy team, and you participated in the kill, you get a free rocket jump instantly!

2.) If you build tristana correctly, and use her skills properly, No melee champion will give you any trouble Ever.!

3.) Tristana's attack range increases as she levels, to become a tiny bit longer range than a turret. In team fights the single most important thing ever ever ever is positioning. Bad positioning, bad fight. With 700 range, Tristana can position herself over walls, behind all of your team, even shoot baron outside of the baron pit for super positioning! Tristana is the master of positioning, and with exhaust, it can become overwhelming for the enemy team.

4.)Yi probably does scale better dmg wise into late game, however ANY melee champion will be shot down in a matter of seconds in a critical team fight. As a melee champion, you have to build defenses, and as Yi its critical to focus only on dmg items. Tristana can shoot from afar with similar damage capabilities, and hence removes the need for AS much defenses as a melee champion.

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Some neat tricks can be performed with Tristana's ultimate and her rocket jump.

If you are pursued by a champion you can shoot them through walls with your ultimate, and drop a ward on the other side with your wriggles. As they run back around to attack you, Tristana can shoot them from over the wall, or just run away.

Rocket Jump works to jump over walls, and can allow you to save your flash, or allow for a double escape for bad team fights or just to keep away from pesky melee champions. Poppy's charge and several other spells can be avoided by a quick reflex rocket jump completely avoiding the dmg and allowing for more long range destruction.

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Out of all the AD carries i have enjoyed playing, Tristana has to be my favorite by a massive margin. Follow my guide not by every minute detail, but as a guide. Seriously, its not made as a manual, its to open other summoners to another perspective on things that may seem weird or silly to get or focus on. I see too many people copying builds, and focusing on getting items in the same sequence every time. Try different ****, and figure out what works for you. With my experience with LoL, i have found that these specs work the best for me.

I wish you the best, and just have fun with it.