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Ziggs Build Guide by champion haseo

BOOM Hexshot

BOOM Hexshot

Updated on February 17, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author champion haseo Build Guide By champion haseo 4,574 Views 2 Comments
4,574 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author champion haseo Ziggs Build Guide By champion haseo Updated on February 17, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Ziggs
  • LoL Champion: Ziggs


Hey guys this is my 3rd build and this is also gonna be my 1st. why? you ask well cuz my other builds were garbage now its gonna change. alright so 1 i dont care about my spelling mistakes at 1 point ill probably fix them but for now i wont.

Also the 1st build is for when your fed and the 2nd build is great when youre fed or when youre not fed
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i picked these runes why? cuz there boss and great for bursting i also use these runes for my akali
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1st ill explain my offence tree i picked all AP cuz this guys is a AP champion so i went all AP.
2nd i picked these Defence masteries cuz itll help him a lot early game and you never know maybe those 2 masteries could save your life
3rd i picked that Utility masterie cuz of my flash and it will make the cooldown by 15 less
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Build 1

Early Game

i picked these items cuz at start ziggs is very mana heavy and hes a AP champ so 1st i take 1 dorans ring then boots then 1 more dorans ring after i got these 3 items i get a sorcerers boots
Mid Game

Also if youre losing lane a bit and dont got a good kill and deaths get a kage's lucky pick early on for some GP5 but if youre winning lane great kill death then do my normal build

Ok these are the items i picked Mid game as soon as i get my sorcerers boots then i get morrelo's then i take a Rabadon's DeathCap for even more AP ill then get a void staff when i get all theses items i will get very bursty ill have some speed and some cooldown reduction

End Game

now these are my end game items i get a death fire for 30% cooldown reduction so easy QEQE ill then finish with a lich bane wich will get me mana AP magic resist and some speed after this its GG

Build 2

Early game

Early game i take 1 doran's then boots hextech then 1 more doran's so i have a lot of mana early game and i have some ap and spell vamp early game

Mid Game

Mid game i take my will of ancients then my boots then my rabadons for some massive AP CDR and spell vamp

End Game

End game i take a Morrelo's Rylais and a deathfire so i have CDR MORE AP and some HP
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Summoner Spells

my summoner spells are flash and exhaust why cuz flash will get you out of tough situations REALLY fast plus your W instant escape now for exhaust i take exhaust so that its easier to land your basic attacks and to catch up to run away and easy ulti kill
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well i hope you like my build plese test it out before voting if you think somethings should be changed or added tell me ill try it out and i might switch it to what you reccomend anyways i would like to give a shoutout to coltmontana for helping me with this build check him out on league of legends also my name in league of legends is champion haseo if you want to play a couple games with me i would be happy too :D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author champion haseo
champion haseo Ziggs Guide
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