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Lee Sin Build Guide by dowsha12

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dowsha12

Bot Lane Bruiser Lee Sin

dowsha12 Last updated on April 9, 2012
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So if you've played Lee Sin before, you've probably figured out a few things about him.
1. He's not the easiest champion to master, but not quite the hardest either. He's awkward.
2. His abilities and item use are extremely important.
3. He's amazing at pushing, initiating, and team support.

Oh, and a little fun fact for you, Lee Sin is a champion that can easily solo Baron late game. (If only you could use that roundhouse kick of yours on old Nashor..)

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What am I supposed to be doing?

Good question!

Lee Sin is a very versatile character, and as a bruiser, you will start out as a support character. Your main focus is using your orb-shield combo to dash in and dash out to harass enemies while protecting your lane mate from damage.

Now as the game goes on and the team fights start to happen (which is ideally after you finish your Warmog's) you are doing almost the same thing. At this point you should have at least started Frozen Mallet and you should be able to deal decent damage. Don't forget that your priority is to tank the team fight though. Your abilities and items make you an amazing initiator/tanker. Don't get me wrong, you can dish out damage pretty easily, but never leave your squishies behind to deal with the enemies carry on their own.

If and when you get to late game, you will have most of your build and you will be a complete bruiser. At this point, if necessary, I would suggest randomly wiping the jungle for the extra gold. If your team doesn't absolutely need you in a fight, take advantage of the situation and go solo the Baron. Soloing Baron obviously takes a bit more time than team fighting it, but it is not difficult and you won't take much damage.

When you're not being a total BAMF in the jungle, you should be scaring the enemy champions in every team fight. Your dash combo allows you to initiate a team fight and shield one of your squishies without being touched by the enemy team. Take advantage of this, ALWAYS. Another thing you need to look at is your AD carry. If you have a sword swinger like Master Yi or Tryndamere on your team, you have a best friend. Soak damage for them and shield them while dishing out damage of your own, and you'll be almost unstoppable.

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1. Ninja Tabi: These boots are amazing on Lee Sin when playing him as a tanky bruiser. 10% reduced damage, 'nuff said.

2. Warmog's.: Warmog's gives you over 1000 health when it's fully fed, in addition to some pretty good health regen. Warmog's will allow you to stay in team fights longer, solo Baron, and anything else that requires health obviously.

3. Frozen Mallet: Now I told you that you should be harassing and tanking in fights, and Frozen Mallet is important to you in these situations. You can dash to your opponents when they try to run away, but your teammates might not be able to. So if you can start beating on the enemy champ with Fro Mallet, you give your teammates a chance to catch up and make the fight much shorter.

4. Bloodthirster: 100 AD, 20% life steal. Why would you not want this item as a bruiser? It's absolutely amazing, and is also one of your core items for doing silly things like the solo Baron. When you finish Bloodthirster, you start dealing much more damage in team fights and stop tanking as much.

5. Phantom Dancer: Let's face it, your attack speed and movement speed aren't exactly amazing at this point. It's not bad at all, just not great either. Lee Sin is a bit of a slow champ and could use some help with speed. The crit chance helps you dish out much more damage in team fights as well.

6. Infinity Edge: IF is an amazing item. It's bonuses and unique passive just make Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer work much better. If you want to hit like a truck while having the health of one, IF is almost essential.

I personally believe that this build will keep you alive and swinging, but if the situation absolutely calls for it (Teemo with 2.5 AS and Bloodrazors for example) it's not a bad idea to build Force of Nature or Thornmail to give you some more resilience. Other than that, just feel free to experiment with your build if you think you can make something else work better.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: You have a dash already, but flash is always a good summoner spell to have in case of ganks, or if you need a little boost to turret dive or last hit an enemy thats running away.

Ignite: Ignite can do a number of things. You can hinder Dr. Mundo's ultimate, making him heal much less than he would otherwise. You can Ignite Tryndamere after endless rage goes off to make sure he dies. Lastly, you can use ignite to last hit an enemy who is running away so you can get back into the fight elsewhere rather than chasing them down.

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Simply put, you don't have many weaknesses. Your W will shield you from a pretty decent amount of damage, and you can get over 4000 health with my item build. So you aren't easily killed, even in unfavorable odds, but your worst enemy is an AS character with Bloodrazors. Other than Teemo or Twitch popping out of nowhere to blast away 4% of your life 5 times a second, you don't have too much to worry about. Don't overestimate yourself though, ganks and being focused in team fights will hurt a lot if you aren't careful.

Watch out for Bloodrazors and be careful of ranged carries in general. If you can dash to your enemy champion for a 1v1 fight, you will probably be fine, but if you are being beaten on from a distance just walk away from the fight. It's not worth the potential of getting ganked or killed to try and chase down a ranged carry with slows or stuns.