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Sejuani Build Guide by donhenri

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author donhenri

Brojuano A Class of its Own

donhenri Last updated on August 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Sejuani is a very underplayed champion, her skills and contributions to a team are grossly underestimated. Fun to play and hard to master, this champion is a blast!

It is possibleto play 'The Sej' in different lanes and filling different roles. This guide will take a look at the roles. Some are more viable than others.

Build #: Position - Description

1: Top Lane - Facing a more heavy ad team, or item spec-ing for a fed AD carry.
2: Top Lane - Facing an AP oriented enemy team/item spec-ing for a fed AP carry.
3: Jungle - Facing an AP oriented enemy.
4: Jungle - Facing a more heavy ad team.
5: Support - Generally not very useful, only in very specific composition situations.

I like to keep my builds simple so I am not going to do much explaining. This is one hell of a build, from one hell of a Sejuani player. This build allows for a good initiate (Shurelya's and ultimate) and tankyness (Randuins, Frozen, etc...) to put down crowd control in team fights.

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Pros / Cons


-Has a lot of CC and great slowing effects
-Good for chasing
-High mobility
-Works well with support style items in build
-Difficult to gank (without hard cc)
-Can turn a game around with a good ultimate.


-Countered hard by CC
-Squishy in the early game
-Transition to mid/late game can be hurt easily by a poor laning phase.
-Need to build tanky

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Top Lane Section


2xGreater Quintessence of Fortitude

The added health from these Quints is nice for early game. Sejuani doesn't need to rely on offensive stats as much as she is more of a team-fighter than a laner. The extra health provides a longer 'in lane' time.

1xGreater Quintessence of Swiftness

Personally I like to run a movespeed Quint because I find it allows you to catch up to people faster once they have been ulted or permafrosted.


9xGreater Glyph or Warding

Standard MR stuff. Right now MPEN is really big so this can be helpful in team fights.


9xGreater Seal of Resilience

Pretty standard item, allows for some physical damage resistance in team fights.


3xGreater Mark of Resilience

I take 3 of these when I know I'm going to be laning against a heavy AD top champion, can be replaces with warding marks.

6xGreater Mark of Insight

This adds a little 'umph' to your skills. Works nicely with your ultimate

Jungle Section


1xGreater Quintessence of Strength

The added attack damage paired with attack damage marks is nice in the jungle. It helps to clear a bit faster as you will require less auto-attacks.

2xGreater Quintessence of Swiftness

Running swiftness quints are amazing for 'The Sej' jungle mode. It allows you to get into lane much quicker and get from camp top camp quicker so you can clear your jungle faster. Replacing the Greater Quintessence of Strength with a Greater Quintessence of Swiftness is viable too.


3xGreater Mark of Resilience

Running a few Greater Mark's of Resilience allows you to stay in the jungle longer by giving you a little extra protection against the buffs.

6xGreater Mark of Strength

Run some Greater Mark's of Strength to be able to clear the jungle faster. These pair with the Greater Quintessences of Strength.


9xGreater Seal of Reliience

Standard armor seals.


9xGreater Glyph or Shielding

Scaling magic resist gyphs are nice as you will most likely not need flat magic resist in the jungle.

Support Section

To Be Continued...

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Top Lane Section

These builds run a 9/21/0 mastery page setup. Sejuani alone doesn't have as much kill potential in lane as many other top laners. Running a 21/9/0 combination doesn't really help much in this sense. The reason for not taking any points in utility is that with appropriate mana management you should be able to sustain yourself in lane long enough for you to return to the shop.

I find that taking 9 points in the utility tree is viable however my personal preference is a lot of defense with some offense. I find this actually provides more 'utility' in team fights as you will be able to use more abilities, doing more damage in a team fight scenario. This is because you will be able to stay alive longer.

Jungle Section

Running 14/16/0 is pretty uncommon on many champions. For 'The Sej' I think this works very nicely.

Picking up some AD mysteries give a nice edge in the jungle. Making sure to pick up 4 points in CDR and a buff for Ghost and Armor Pen allow for faster clearing and better use of summoner spells. Just 9 points in offense would not help the early game farming and the late game CDR requirements of 'The Sej'. Putting 14 points provides a more rounded and easier time in the jungle, while giving help to mid/late game Sejuani.

Taking 16 points in defense is basically putting the remainder of the points into defense. It is important to take defense on 'The Sej' noting that minion damage reduction points and CDR points are given. Also note that because of the move-speed quintessences there is no need to take the move speed masteries in the defense tree.

Support Section

To Be Continued...

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Top Lane Section

+ 3x
Boots are good against snares and skill shot stuns. (eg, swain snare). They reduce the reliability of skill shots by allowing you to use move-speed to dodge them easier.

+ 5x
This is nice if you are up against a heavy scaling AD champion or you just like to be able to trade health with an AD champion early.

+ 1x
This is generally not recommended as it is more for a passive play-style, i.e. chill back and wait for hp to regenerate when you have gotten harassed.

Once your starting item has been selected, the following core items should be built.

Core Items:

-HoG is pretty standard to buy as we will be purchasing later on.

-Philosophers Stone will be built into later on.

These items are good to get early on as they will accumulate more gold for you in the late game. Sometimes its beneficial to try and keep your GP5 items longer than usual if you find you aren't getting much CS and your not doing well in the team fight scenario. Unfortunately these items do not offer much in terms of defensive/offensive states so if you feel like you really need to forgo buying these GP5 items early on and pick it up later, by all means do so.

- Finish off your core build with a nice pair of Mercury Treads so you can get some tenacity in team fights. These are basically the only viable choice of boots on 'the sej' with the exception of running when basically the enemy AP is useless and they have heavy ad, or you're getting **** on top lane by an AD bruiser.

After your core build you can start hitting up some serious items.

Full Items:

-This is the real deal on 'The Sej' her bread and butter so to speak. This is a good start to tank up and get some additional CDR with some Armor.

-I love this little piece of an item. 200 HP with a 10% CDR, whats not to love. That's why I don't mind making a special trip back to the fountain for this item.

-This item it too good on tanky bruisers. A bunch or armor (+99 Armor) 20% CDR with a 20% Reduction in enemy attack speed. NICE.

-You really need this item on 'The Sej' it allows you to gap close when you need to apply your frosting effects in a chasing situation, as well as get into range to pop your ultimate. If used properly it can provide a good team engage, but you need to make sure your team is ready for you to pop its active.

At this point in time is when the build starts to vary. Basically what you want to do here is either prioritize Magic Resist items or Armor items. You need to be looking out for which enemy champions are fed and are more dangerous to you in the team fight.

Build Option 1 - If the enemy team AP is stronger: >>>>

-Negatron Cloak will give you some nice MR early on.

-Warden's Mail gives you some nice armor stats while working towards your Randuins.

-Banshees Veil: Finish off your Negatron Cloak into this tanky MR item.

-Randiuns Omen, grab this full item to help out your team in team fights.

-FoN finish off your build with some heavy MR and some nice Hp5.

Build Option 2 - If the enemy team AD is stronger: >>>>

-Warden's Mail gives you some nice armor stats while working towards your Randuins.

-Negatron Cloak will give you some nice MR early on.

-Randiuns Omen, grab this full item to help out your team in team fights.

-Sunfire Cape, this item is great for tankyness, some AoE DMG but most of all for farming this **** out of everyhing.

-Banshees Veil: Finish off your Negatron Cloak into this tanky MR item.

Feel free to re-arrange the purchase order of the items these are just a general guide, if you feel like one item would be more beneficial in your situation than what is shown in the order. Get that item first.

Jungle Section

+ 5x
This is pretty much the best opening for 'The Sej' going into the jungle. The armor allows her to stay in the jungle for longer. Going + 3xon 'The Sej' isn't recommended as you will not be able to keep your health high enough to make a gank. Going the route has movement speed compensated by the Quintessences.

Core Items:

- Movement Speed Boots: You need these to gank effectively. If your lanes are doing well and you really don't feel ganking is beneficial to the team or too risky, you can buy these later on. If you are going to counter jungle, make sure you have movement speed boots which are equivalent to the enemy jungler's movement speed boots.

-HoG is pretty standard to buy as we will be purchasing later on.

At this point you may want to consider however I don't believe this to be necessary as you should be farming well and getting some assists from ganks. Only buy this if you find yourself camping the lanes and not farming well because your teammates need help.

-This item is 'The Sej' bread and butter.

-End your core build with a nice pair of Mercury Treads for some additional movement speed and some tenacity in team fights.

Finish off your build with some mid to late game items.

Finished Build:

Here you have a a few options as reflected by the builds. If you find you are facing heavy magic damage, or you need to gank mage champion lanes you will want to get some extra MR with low cost:

Build Option 1 - If the enemy is heavier on AP:>>>>>>

-Spirit Visage: I love this item its got some great MR and Health for its cost, but is only useful in the early to mid game as it doesn't provide heavy stats. Forgo this item if you are far behind and the game is in too late of a stage to purchase it.

-Frozen Heart: This item it too good on tanky bruisers. A bunch or armor (+99 Armor) 20% CDR with a 20% Reduction in enemy attack speed. NICE.

-Gaints Belt: This items is basically bought as a step towards getting it provides some tankyness early on

-Wardens Mail: Purchase this as a step towards it syngergizes well with your for the time being.

-Sunfire Cape: Finish off this item next as it will allow for much easier farming, some AOE damage and nice tankyness.

-Randuins Omen: Finish off this item next, giving you a nice active and a lot of armor to pair with your health.

-Force of Nature: Lastly you'll want to sell your and purchase FoN item to get better magic resist. The health lost from selling spirit visage is compensated by and so is the CDR somewhat.

Build Option 2 - If the enemy is heavier on AD or you need some extra armor on your team:

-Aegis of The Legion: This item is great to have early game. It provides tankyness with HP, MR and Armor.

-Frozen Heart: As stated before this item is "the ****" on 'The Sej'

-Sunfire Cape: This item is great, and without having to buy you can get this earlier, allowing you to farm easier.

-Negatron Cloak: Usually at this point you should have farmed enough and gotten some asists afforind the previous items. Now you'll want to look into buying some magic resist for team situations.

-Randuins Omen: As stated before this item is a solid choice on 'The Sej'

-Force of Nature: Finish off your build with this nice item.

Support Section

Here either a typical support build works well:
+ 4x+ 1x+ 1x
This can only be achieved using extra starting gold utility masteries (To Be Added Soon...)

+ 1x
This isn't bad either, although can put you at higher risk of getting caught off guard by ganks.

Other Items to Consider

Guide Top

Skill Sequence

Top Lane Section

Taking 1 Point in Q at Level 1 allows for some added mobility in lane. This is a good pick because it can help you avoid a level 2 gank from the enemy jungle, and can help your jungler with a level 2 gank. This also allows for some harassment.

After level 1, maxing aoe damage output 'w' comes next. This is good during the laning phase, as it allows you to farm better and output a little more damage for harassment.

Post level 6, alternating between your 'w' and 'e' to max your damage and slowing ability since usually around this time, the laning phase is starting to end and team fights will become more frequent.

We leave leveling 'q' for last, as it really doesn't bring too much to the team. Its level 1 cool-down is often enough, as the items that will be purchased help add mobility too.

Jungle Section

Support Section

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

The following spells are viable. We will not go into detail about the un-viable ones as there are some pretty obvious drawbacks.

Top Lane Section

- Teleport: This spell is great on 'The Sej' but for it to be great, it must be used properly. This spell is designed for you to either pick up assists or get kills in other lanes as well as control Baron and Dragon. I see too many noobs use this spell to return to their lane after a shopping spree. This should never be done unless you are 100% certain that your other lanes are doing well, the dragon has been cleared and you are waiting for it to respawn AND the cooldown timer will not interfere with the dragon respawn time. If you lose your turret top lane, this is not the end of the world, and can actually be beneficial to you. Freeze the top lane and farm using auto-attacks only. If the enemy continues to push, get your jungler to gank, and of course remember to ward. Use this spell to help your team mates in their lanes, especially bottom.

--If your jungler is counter-jungling and has a ward; gets caught, use this spell to TP to ward and help him if you cannnot walk to him in time.

--If your bot lane needs a little extra help, use TP to land your ult and secure a kill for your team. Don't be afraid to tank a couple turret hits if needed.

--If there is a fight going down at dragon, TP down from top to a ward so you can initiate a 4 vs 5 situation.

*Note: When you decide to TP, make sure you are either hidden in a bush from the enemy top lane, or you are outside their vision range. This makes your TP more effective as the enemy will not be able to warn their teammates.*

The reason that this spell is so damn good on 'The Sej' is because of her ability to provide immense CC once landed in the area. This increases the kill potential of other lanes and situations, by a ****load.

- Ghost: This is the only legit escape spell on 'The Sej' taking flash is just full ******. Ghost allows you to use this spell offensively and defensively. Use it offensively when you are 110% sure you can secure a kill AND your Shurelya's is down.

- Exhaust: Run this for some extra slow in the lane and some reduction in enemy dmg.

- Ignite: Run this if you are facing a champion with high spell vamp, life steal or health regeneration (e.g. Swain, Mundo)

Jungle Section

Support Section