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League of Legends Build Guide Author iStandAloney


iStandAloney Last updated on March 6, 2011
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Chapter 1

So well, i love brolaf or hmm olaf. I bought him long time ago but i couldnt get the right build, i tried several builds until i tried this one and i must say... It's pure RAPE. This build gives you a lot of damage and some health too, and you can definately ace whole teams with this guide.

Masteries: I usually go full offense because im always the carry in my team so lets say i need to do lots of damage, but sometimes you can go full defense if you feel like your team needs a tank.

Runes: Now talking about runes, you can go full armor pen marks but i do suggest getting at least 3 marks if you're not going full armor pen, cause believe me, armor pen with olaf is probably way better than other champs thanks to his ult passive. I would definately go with armor pen quints. And i also go for crit chance on the others, or you can also go with mana reg/5 sec per. lvl because it really helps when you win a fight but you're low health so you go to the jungle/for minions pop vicious strikes and u get really nice lifesteal to get all your health back. And so you can do that all you want with mana reg runes. And well only thing i would suggest for glyphs is cooldown reduction per lvl but this would only work if you get golem/wolves because 8% cooldown reduction isnt that good.

Summoner spells:
These are the summoner spells i find myself using more often.
Ghost: Incredible to chase or run from a gank/battle
Cleanse: With your ult you may be able to stop slows/stuns but exhaust's blind is too painful for you so thats why you get cleanse.
Exhaust: Sometimes it's good to blind them too. ;)
Flash: Good for ganking, escaping and you can even go through walls with it!

Ruby crystal- Really nice health and also it'll make sure you dont kill yourself with your reckless swing.
Long Sword- Oh well this gives you some extra strenght, makes your axe stronger and later on it'll become into a phage/frozen mallet.
Mercury's Treads- The magic resistance is nice and if you dont have your cleanse/ult up this can save you from stuns. slows etc.
Emblem of Valor- The lifesteal on it is nice and who wouldnt want some extra health regen? It also becomes a stark fervor later on.
Zeal- I never thought of this item until i found myself lacking attack speed and also people outrunning me, even with my axe. The crit chance on it also helps with your runes.
Frozen mallet- Incredibly good item for chasing and the health on it really helps also. I usually get giant's belt if i have enough money to do so but if you dont just get a phage and farm a little to buy the giant's belt.
Pickaxe- I normally went straight for starks fervor but i found myself lacking attack damage, so you should get this for the damage and later on it'll become into a Madred's Bloodrazor.
Stark's fervor- If you have enough money and you already bought your recurve bow then get starks fervor, if you have another dpsers in your team it really is useful in teamfights.
Madred's Bloodrazor- This item is pretty good against tanks, and the damage+attack speed is quite nice. You should have your pickaxe so all you need to buy is a recurve bow and madred's razors, then turn those into your Bloodrazor.
Phantom Dancer- You should have some kills by now so you turn your zeal into a phantom dancer. More movement speed, more crits and more attack speed, pretty much everything you need.
Infinity Edge- You should be fed by now so getting your infinity edge won't be a problem. The crit chance and It's passive is pretty good if you have all the items and runes in this guide.

Items you can get instead of infinity edge:
Sometimes i just feel like the damage im doing is enough and i wanna be more tanky because we're not winning teamfights/your team is getting ripped down too fast. So sometimes i get these items:
Atma's impaler- The armor on it is good against dpsers, it gives you more crit chance and damage also so this is a good item for more damage/against dpsers.
Force of Nature- I only get this when im facing some good/fed mages, it also makes you faster so you would get like 500 movement or something close to that ;). The health regen is amazing too since you also have Stark's Fervor.
Warmog's Armor- Well come on, this is Warmog's Armor, it gives you a ton of health but helps with your W skill too since it stacks with health, it's not that much damage but it still helps.

Basic Playing:
Your main combo will always be Axe, run to them and reckless them, pick your axe and repeat till they die/run away. With both of your skills at lvl 5 this does about 600 damage with a single axe+reckless swing, not counting their armor of course,(only axe is affected) you do it again since u can pick up your axe and throw it again and your reckless also has a really low cooldown you would do 1200 damage in about 4 seconds, and i must say it's pretty damn hard to run from that combo, if you hit him with all your axes it'll probably be impossible for them to run, but of course there are some special cases like shaco, twitch, evelynn, etc. Even if they stun you all you do is cleanse or if you have your ult up it wont matter at all.

Early Game- You start with a ruby crystal so you dont die from your reckless swings, i like doing solo lane, first lvl is hard you just need to turret hug and get to lvl 2. You solo because your axe and reckless wont work if you're fighting against 2 champions cause when you do your combo on a champion the other one will destroy you. When you get to lvl 2 you need to do your axe and reckless swing combo every time you can, if you get low dont risk it, go back and get some health probably some health potions if you think you're gonna need them. Don't be too agressive, let them push a little and then you do your axe and reckless combo because you always need to chase when you do that combo and if they're close to their turret you will get hit by it.

Mid game- You should try and gank a little bit but you can lane as long as you want. Try and get lizard and golem if you're running out of mana. You should focus on your frozen mallet if you already have your zeal and emblem of valor. If you're ganking dont be afraid of running in, if you think they may run away get your ult and ghost, throw an axe at them and you should have lizard buff, so it will be really hard for them to run.

Late game- You should have most of your items right now. If you need to start teamfights go ahead, but try and let the tank initiate, if you're going to initiate pop your ult, ghost and go in. Kill 1 or 2 and if you can, run. Don't be too aggressive, sometimes you can handle a 3v1, if you're doing good but if you're too aggressive you will only run into a fight you can't win.

T3h End!
Well i hope i helped the olafs out there, i made this build/guide because olaf is free so you guys can try this as soon as possible and also i felt like adding something to this website since i've gotten many builds from this site.
''I'M OP? YOUR MOM IS OP!'' -Brolaf

P.S. Sorry for bad grammar and spelling! ;D