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Brolane United! A guide how to Brolane

AD Offtank Brolane United! A guide how to Brolane

AD Offtank Brolane United! A guide how to Brolane

Updated on October 30, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flowstylex Build Guide By Flowstylex 2,735 Views 0 Comments
2,735 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Flowstylex Build Guide By Flowstylex Updated on October 30, 2014
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  • LoL Champion: Olaf
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Welcome to all my bros and they who want to be one! Before we get started we have to cover 2 main questions, why? and how?.

1. Why would you want to be brolaning?

Okay, let's count up the facts. You are playing League of Legends, where you jump into a game and play against strangers to determine who is the best. SO you call the other laner an "enemy", altough you don't even know him! He could be a really nice person.

There is so much war in the world, we have to make a change! Share the peace and love with your brolane-friend and enjoy the game! Maybe he will do the same after the game. Together we can be a big community full of trolli... I mean people who have a lot of fun.

2. How are you successfully brolaning?

The almighty Siv HD started it, and so it began. He put the true bro spirit in our heart, knowing that we would spread it all over the world. here are the Golden brolane rules:
  • 0 Once you asked your bro for brolaning, wait until you arrived in lane and start dancing. If he also dances then you are bros. If not, kill him and show him the true power of the BRO's


  • 1 Now start brolaning. Spam emotes by using Ctrl + 1/2/3/4 or use fake attacks on him by constantly pressing right mouse click + "s". You are allowed to waste your Summoners!


  • 2 Now position yourself behind your bro and in front of the enemy creeps, start farming! You can also use everything from Rule 1 here. And if you want, you can also have a little small talk! :)


  • 3 You are not allowed to kill/highly damage your Bro, never! Ever! But some AA's are always fine

  • 4 Always keep your jungler or other mates away from ganking if he wants to go for a kill, but if he wants to join the brolane, more bros = more fun!


After you found some brofriends, you can play together with them to make a duo-brolane. (Probably botlane, so you are 2v2). Now the amount of bro's and fun is doubled!!

Recommended Double-Brolanes:

True bros, they really are. At lvl 6 you can turn big and act like total bosses and impress everyone. The ultimate bro-maker! (get it? "Ultimate")

Same as above ^

More coming soon!

I hope you liked the "guide", maybe a few of you want to share a bit of the bro-love. This guide is not meant to be serious, I just want to have more fun and flexibility in League of Legends, and also I want to share it with other people. Try something new, maybe you like it! :)

Well, good luck on the Field of Bros!

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