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League of Legends Build Guide Author sonnyy

Bronze, it's ****ty right? (GUIDE TO GET OUT)

sonnyy Last updated on June 16, 2013
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Hey fellow summoners, and probably if you read this, fellow bronzers.

You probably all know this feeling... You play some good games, and then suddenly, you have like 3 games in a row with a lot of trollage, so you lose all your LP and you're demoted to Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III, and before you know it you're in Bronze V...

I've been there, more than once. But now, the last weeks, my games have been rocking. And 2 weeks ago, I was bronze V, now I'm Bronze II and keep going up and up. So I decided to try and share my ideas and ways to get out of it... Don't go trolling me if you don't agree, I'm not a pro. Ofc I'm not, I'm in bronze II...

I've been playing this game since march of 2009. And the game has changed a lot. During those times, I've stopped a lot and started to play again after a while and then stopped again... But now, I've been playing for 4 months again, and I want to get higher. I feel like I do have the skills to get in a higher league. I see myself as "gold-worthy" now.

If you don't think of yourself as that, that you're not worthy of being in gold or at least silver. Just go play more normals and don't even go on reading now. Also don't continue reading if you know that you're the cause of your losses and you're way too aggressive and can't handle the game. Just go play normals or find a psychologist, you most certainly will have problems in real life too.

Most of the advises that I'm gonna give will be familiar. But as I have had troubles finding a guide that clearly gives a summary of what things might help you to get higher, I'm making this.


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In my opinion, if you want to play on a competitive level, you have to know all the champions there are in LoL. You don't have to have played all of them (although that would be the best), but at least seen all the champion selects or have read a guide to get a general idea about the champion.

If you don't know what a champion can do to you, you will most likely die. Every champion is kind of overpowered in it's own way, and when the one countering you knows what he's doing and you've got no idea of his power, you're screwed.

So a basic knowledge of all champions is very important.

If you don't feel sure, like you don't know for sure what the enemy champion does. Don't feel afraid to ask your team, there will always be that guy that's gonna be like "OMG YOU DONT KNOW? YOU NOOB!", just ignore him and don't feel ashamed for asking.

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What's even more important, know your own champions, the ones you want to play.


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