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League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur

Bronze Scrub is Back! :D

EksSkellybur Last updated on August 25, 2016
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I'm Back from my League Studies. :3


Hey everyone! Skellybur is BACK baby. And you thought that I'd be dead for good. Neeeeeh! But where have I've been too for the pass month or So? Well... There had been a couple of Changes that I want to Adress after a 4-Week to 1 month Studies of Learning the Curve of EVERY single champion possible, to PBE Yorick at this point. It may be even 2 months, I've lost count. I'm Sorry that I didn't say anything from the Pass 1-2 Months, but I really wanted to learn the Curves, the Streagy and Idea of the champion That I want to main with, to even how they would function with thier builds and not just raw kit.

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My 20 Overall Mains: The Prevention of Patched Champions

During my month of League Studying, I've also learnt that in every Patch League has made, people contiue to switch and swap around depending on what Riot has broke the champion's legs to, or what new Adrenaline that gave to certain champions. I have Declined both of those Buffs and Nerfs entirely, and instead went for what each and every champion represents as their kit, and what they can do overall. I am now Unofficially a Fill Champion, but Officially a Support/Top Main. From all that I can dig up from the entire Champion list, I have stuck with 20 and only 20 Champions, that I've made as a confirmation. I even had to make sacrifices of champions that I want to love and enjoy, but we're sadly taken away with thier swagbag and thier stick to be replaced by another champions. (Farewell Wukong. I'll always love you.)

Here are my 20 Mains:

Jarvan IV




And Here are my Honorable Mention Champions that had made it, but had been Replaced by my final Verdict Mains: (WARNING TL;DR)

Cho'Gath - Has AoE CC and an Execute that gives you Extra Health, but Suffers from Mana (Replaced by Nautilus, Nautilus had then been Replaced by Riven)

Draven - Overall Powerful ADC, who has 2 free chances to take Dragon or Baron (Replaced by Jhin)

Ekko - Does whatever he wants (Replaced by Fiora)

Illaoi - Loves to teamfight, Can get Disgustingly Powerful in the right hands, Punishes 1v1 Senarios (Replaced by Fiora)

Karma - I heard some romours about Karma being Stupid as a Support (Replaced by Vel'Koz, Vel'Koz had been Replaced by Ahri)

Kennen - Can Get Slippery and Loves Zhnoya's (Replaced by Ekko, Ekko had then been Replaced by Fiora)

Kha'Zix - Can be Played Safely or Aggresivly, Counters Rengar and can Evolve Situationally at any will per Match (Replaced by Jarvan IV)

Lee Sin - High Learning Scale, and a High Rewarding Relieving Scale but Plays in a constant Ascending-Descending (Replaced by Rek'Sai, and Jarvan IV)

Lissandra - Powerful Aggresive Support, Loves Zhonya's, Can Build Into Frost Queen's Claim or Talisman of Acenson (Replaced by Bard and Nami)

Mordekaiser - Can get down right stupid when Ahead, Has a pet Dragon when last hit by you or allies, Has been my newest Signature Champion Mascot (Replaced by Gangplank)

Olaf - Can get Stupid, but Needs to Balance himself with HP and Attack Speed (Replaced by
Wukong, Wukong had then been Replaced by Darius

Orianna - A Perfect Training Coach, and one of the Most Powerful AP Champions in the Entire Game Kite Wise, Has one of the Best Utlimates in the entire game (Rplaced by Azir and Nami)

Renekton - Adores Aror Penetraion, Loves Early Game (Replaced by Fiora and Jarvan IV)

Rengar - Can be Played Safely or Agreesively, Counters Kha'Zix, and Can 4v5 in Teamfights by Ambushing a squishy (Replaced by Kha'Zix, Kha'Zix was then Replaced by Jarvan IV)

Sejuani - Powerful Brusier Jungler, Has one of the best Ultimates in the Game, Can Counter Jarvan (Replaced by Kindred and Jarvan IV)

Shen - Powerful Utility Top Laner, that can save Lives and Disengage all Poke Champions (Replaced by Tham Kench, Tham Kench had then been Replaced by Ryze)

Shyvana - Powerful Farmer, Can get Stupid (Replaced by Gangplank)

Sion - All-Round Powerful JUGGERNAUT (He's not a Tank, ffs), But has a Clunky Kit and has his own suffering treatment (Replaced by Tham Kench, then back to Sion and now Finally as Kled)

Sivir - Counters Ashe, since she dosen't need to build Crit, and Has an Enganging Utlimate (Replaced by Kled)

Tham Kench - Can be Flex Picked, Amazing Juggernaut, Taxi Tham Kench Intensifies (Replced by Kled and Ryze)

Taliyah - RNG Support version of Azir, Expect less Sand Soldiers and more Rocks (Replaced by Azir and Braum)

Taric - All-Round Powerful Brusier Tank, Adores Kalista, Kindred and other Brusiers or Tanks (Replaced by Nami, and Kindred)

Trundle - One of the Best Control Junglers in the Game (Replaced by Rek'Sai)

Twisted Fate - Works around his Cards, Can use Cull, Has one of the best Ultimates in the Game Utility-Wise (Replaced by Gangplank and Ahri)

Urgot - Has some of the most Stupidest yet Fun Kits in the Entire game when 40%-45% CDR, can Chunk down Champions Constantly one by one (Replaced by Jinx, and Ryze)

Vel'Koz - Powerful Overall Mage, Can Plex Pick Mid or Support, Does True Damage when resreached a Champion, can Melt all Tanks (Replaced by Ahri )

Vladimir - Loves Zhyna's, Can Secretly play Support just as well as Mid (Replaced by Bard)

Wukong - Plays some of the most interesting Aggresive Top Lane roles in the game. Has a Sthealth, Dash and Broken AD Scaling Ultimate to Manipulate and Annihilate his Enemies at least one by one (Replaced by Darius)

Zac - Powerful All-round Juggeranaut that can Flex Pick (Replaced by Jarvan IV and Rek'Sai )

Zilean - Powerful Overall Agreesive Support that adores Guardian Angel (Replaced by Kindred and Nami)

Zyra - Powerful Overall Agressive Support that adores Ryial's and Frost Queen's Claim (Replaced by Lissandra, Lissandra had then been Replaced by Bard and Nami)

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LET'S TALK META is getting a new cut!

Instead of Redoing the Series yet AGAIN back as Annie, I'm going to give you my LET'S TALK META starting off with one of my 20 Mains.

I will then either adding into a Random Number Generator and then talking about that champion based on it's 'Release Number' (Jayce's Release Number is 100 for Example.), or take the guide based out of your comments. This is So, My LET'S TALK META will not be as Dull and Boring anymore and we're I can actually has some new sparks and feel like i'm not forcing myself instead doing the 1-140ish Champion in an order.
Again,it's my own Sacrifice. I know. But I'm glad that I can be back with my Mojo again. <3

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My Promise: 2-3 Champions per Week. (At least, or at Average.)

Lastly, I want to work with at least 2-3 Champions per Week, so I can reduce myself from being a chouch potato, or get anywhere lazy with my vocationally job. I had already spoiled up my LET'S TALK META but stopping at Tryndamere. (If I'm not lost.) So I will TRY to promise that it will not happen again. The LCS Approval is Back, The OP Skins are Back, and my Crazy Builds are Also Back. Everything that you know and love about me is all back. <3

I Will Start off with at least one Champion for the Weekend, and then the Routine will Start

See you on the Rift, and I love you all! <3

-Bronze "EksSkellybur" Scrub


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