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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BruiseLeet

BruiseLeet Urgot

BruiseLeet Last updated on April 9, 2011
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 7

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 2

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Update 4/9/2011 - Recreated this guide with more depth on featured under the guides section
Update 3/24/2011 - BruiseLeet is back for more with new updates on how to be godlike with new section "Discoveries".
Update 2/18/2011 - This is the final update stating that there will be no more updates, as I am quitting LoL.
Update 2/13/2011 - Added new section Team Comp
Update 2/10/2011 - Adding some stuff to items, how to land E, and skill sequence.
Update 2/8/2011 - Added link to my becoming a better player guide
Update 2/6/2011 - Added rune section update for v1.0.0.100
Update 2/2/2011 - added a 3rd Mastery Build
Update 1/30/2011 - added a match-up section

This build is based around 5v5. Urgot works in 3v3 but he is not as effective if you don't have people protecting him.

The first thing to know about Urgot is that he is not a carry hero. He isn't going to decimate teams by himself. As with any hero, you will need to cooperate with your team. Urgot plays like a carry hero but doesn't dish out the damage that one does. So, you still should be behind tanks in team fights but your priority is picking off their carries and support heroes.

The main difference between Urgot and a regular ranged DPS hero is that his auto attack is not that good so you usually shouldn't be auto-attacking. His attack speed is very slow so in team fight situations where you miss your noxian grenade(E) and are forced to auto-attack, you need to be spamming his Q in between every auto attack to make up for his slow attack speed. If you land his noxian grenade(E) then you should just be locking that squishy hero down with Q, keeping in mind not to get out of position and put yourself in front of the battle.

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Pros / Cons


    Good in solo and side lane
    Slightly more durable than other ranged DPS
    Has some decent CC
    Strong mid game
    Good at sniping squishies

    Very hard to land his Noxian Grenade(E)
    Kind of useless if you don't land Noxian Grenade(E)
    Very slow base attack speed and slow movement speed
    Does not do consistent damage in team fights
    Can't fight any equally farmed heroes 1v1
    Weak late game

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Skill Sequence

The priority for maxing out your abilities should be Q, E, W. And get R whenever it's available. The reasoning behind this is Q and E do the most damage. W is just used for slow. When you lock on a target with E, then you want to usually use W and then spam Q. As I said in the introductory, if you don't land his E in team fights, you should carefully auto-attack and spam Q in between to make up for his lack of attack speed.

Alternatively, you can level W as 2nd priority or alternate W and E to better suit different situations.

Level 1 Fights: Starting with W or E is better than Q if you are going to fight level 1. Q does very little damage at level 1 and is almost useless. The only thing Q is good for at level 1 is to spam into bushes so you don't face check.

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Urgot's core items are manamune, brutalizer, and banshee's veil. Everything else is optional/situational. Build according to how the game is going, according to your team, and the enemy team. Don't build the same items every time because of some cookie cutter build.

You need to rush teardrop, as soon as you get 950 gold to finish teardrop and get boots, go back and get it. With my mastery build, teardrop will help your health regeneration through strength of spirit.

Counter Items

If they are heavy on AP dmg: banshee's veil, merc treads, hex drinker.
If they have massive high amounts of HP: Madred's bloodrazor
If they have armor over 100 or if more than just the tank are stacking armor: Last Whisper, ghostblade.
If they don't get any armor items: Ghostblade, brutalizer, B.F. Sword (stacking these will give you 66 armor pen and kill people in a couple seconds usually.
If you have another carry hero that will be targeted as a priority over you: Go pure damage, get the cooldown reduction boots also.
If you are the priority kill of the enemy team: Merc Treads, Hex Drinker, Thornmail, Frozen Armor, Banshee's Veil.

A lot of people asked me if I tried Trinity Force. I have and it is good on Urgot but it costs a lot. It's not cost efficient but if you have the gold to spare then I would get it since it gives him everything he needs.

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The first build is 21/7/2, 2nd one is 0/7/23. Mobafire won't save the first build for some reason.

Crucial masteries are Strength of spirit in the defense tree so you can maintain yourself in the laning phase.

Do not get Magic Penetration for Urgot since none of his moves do magic damage any more.

Crit and Crit damage are very low priorities for Urgot since he does not regularly auto-attack.

The offensive tree works well with Urgot but he cannot utilize all of the talents in that tree. Thus, the alternative build is going down utility in which all of the talents in that tree can be useful.

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Summoner Spells

Any summoner spells work on Urgot really. But If I solo then I prefer teleport/flash. Get summoner spells according to your play style and to counter the enemy team. Flash needs no explanation. Teleport, I prefer this to help teams in top/bottom lane in dire situations. I will teleport to help them kill especially when the enemy team over extends. Teleport is easily one of the best summoner spells in the game and has an infinite number of uses. You really want to save Teleport for critical situations though and don't use it so you can have it up when you need it.

If I side lane as Urgot I go Clairvoyance/ghost. Clairvoyance map hack is easy win. Always know where your enemies are and help you land Noxian Grenade(E) and spam Q's with the vision from Clairvoyance. Some tricks I like to use are clairvoyance swap and I swap unsuspecting enemies over ledges into my team.

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The early part of the game, you need to be farming CS like mad. This should precede over everything. Do not ever over extend for a kill, it's not worth it. Unlike some heroes, a 1:1 kill/death is not worth it for Urgot. The reasoning for this is because Urgot does not scale as well as real carries. Forcing the enemies back to heal is good enough. ONLY LAST HIT unless you cannot handle the person you are laning against. If this is the case then just try to kill all the creeps as fast as possible and back off.

You can start harassing at level 3 but don't get arrogant and don't be predictable. If they know you're going to move forward, they will gank you.

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Tips on how to land Noxian Grenade(E)

Unfortunately, Noxian Grenade(E) sucks in terms of range and animation speed. In many cases, it is very hard to land his E on skill alone because of how slow it is. Enemies that run around unpredictably are impossible to hit while they're moving.

How to hit E

    Wait until the enemies attack or stop moving.
    Wait for enemies to try to get a creep kill.
    Wait for enemies to use their escape abilities.
    Lure enemies into narrow areas.
    Use shield(W) and hit them with auto-attack to slow them.

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Harassment is a term coined from Warcraft 3. When you use heroes to go to the enemy base and hit-and-run type to pick off units. In LoL, it is the same concept except you are picking off life until you can execute a gank or finish them yourself.

You should start harassing at level 3 but don't force it if you are taking more damage than they are. Harass only by spamming Q after you landed his E. If you are winning the harass then keep constantly harassing and zoning them out from getting exp and CS.

When fighting 1v1, NEVER go head on with someone unless you know you are more powerful than them. Urgot's fighting style is hit without being hit much like Dhalsim from street fighter. You have to kite and snipe.

At 0% Cooldown Reduction(CDR), if you land his E, you will be able to spam around 2 Q's at max that will be locked on. At around, 33%+ CDR, you will be able to spam 4 Q's max while locked on.

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Secret Gosu Tips

Building up damage

Once you get Teardrop/Manamune, always spam Q randomly when you are full on mana or in base healing to build up your mana pool.

Reverser Ult

Never use his ult to initiate. Only use it to secure kills or to get the bonus armor/MR if someone is killing you and you can't escape. Keep in mind positioning of everyone on the field when you are getting ganked and have no escape method. You can swap the furthest enemy to get yourself closer to safety. Flash ult is also a good way to catch people off guard for a gank.

Extra CS

Since Urgot's attack speed is so slow, it may be hard to get CS sometimes. You should time your hits and use Q on low life creeps in sequence when two creeps are about to die but you can only hit one with your auto-attack, Q the other low creep.

Don't go in bush

Never facecheck bushes. Spam Q in bush before you go in. You will hear a metal slash sound if it hits.

Buy Wards

The problem with Urgot is once he gets caught he can't get away. You need wards especially if you solo top lane so you can avoid getting ganked.

Have Map Awareness

Always look at the mini-map. You should never go 5 seconds without looking at the mini map. When there are no enemies on the mini-map, do not push and play it safe but be aware of the enemy team possibly doing dragon or baron.

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Team Fights

This is where Urgot usually has a hard time, in big groups. Your role in team fights is to snipe out the enemy squishies (carry/support heroes). Do not go ahead of the tank. Stand behind the tank and try to land E then spam Q.

Against heroes like Pantheon, Kassadin, Vladimir, it is very easy to land E because of how predictable their moves are. Against Pantheon just wait until he jumps in then hit him with E, same thing with Kassadin teleport and Vlad Pool.

Situationally, if you land E and spam Q and your moves are still on cooldown but they have someone like Sivir who is tearing up your team and you need to stop him from auto attacking, then use your ult and switch him to CC him for a bit.

Do not be afraid of weak sauce tanks chasing you out of team fights, Urgot plays a critical role and if he is zoned out your team will fall. If you build according to my item suggestions you won't die that easily.

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Urgot's weakness is people with high HP and/or fast move speed.

Champs to avoid laning against:
Anivia- Anivia is the best laner in my opinion. No one can compete with a good Anivia especially when she gets to level 6. The best thing you can do here is just to farm and not try to kill her unless you use ganks. Do not try to harass a good Anivia when she gets level 6. If you move up to try to land E, you will either get stunned into combo or get walled into a combo.

Teemo - Teemo moves too fast to land E's on and the E animation speed is way too slow to hit him consistently. One trick is to hit him and take off Teemo's speed boost and then try to land E's but you will definitely have to trade some HP to do this.

Sivir - Sivir is hard but not impossible. Her shield(E) makes it hard to lane against her. The trick to beating sivir is using feints to make her proc her E and then start dishing out some damage.

Kassadin - You won't shutdown kassadin since anytime you move into land your E. He can silence you and you won't be able to shoot Q's.

Champs to sidelane with:
Any champs that slow/stun, preferably a support hero so that you can CS and farm up.

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As of patch v1.0.0.100, mana regen runes got a huge nerf.

I usually run:
Red - Armor Pen
Quint - Armor Pen
Yellow - Mana Regen
Blue - Mana Regen

Now, it seems that you don't need both yellow and blue full set of mana regen runes. There are many good alternatives. I still like having 1 set as mana regen but having both blue and yellows as MP5 seem unnecessary now.

Some suggestions are: Flat and Per LvL work fine
Yellow - Armor, Attack Damage
Blue - Magic Resist, Cooldown, Mana

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Team Comp

Essentially, Urgot is just an AD caster. That's why he starts sucking late game. To build around him, you need a certain team composition.

Tank - get hit for him so he can dish out dps without worrying about getting focused
Late Game Carry - You HAVE to have someone to carry late game such as Anivia or Sivir. In the event that the game draws out pass 25 minutes, it's all just downhill for Urgot from there on out.
Jungler - You need a good jungler for map control so you can zone and dominate your lane. Without a good jungler, you won't win.

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Skill Build - When deciding whether or not to max out W or E after Q, look at your enemies armor and take that into consideration when choosing to level W or E. If the enemy laner is heavy on the harass and ganks then max W after Q with 1 in E.

Masteries - You actually need several rune builds and pages for every champion. For Urgot, you should at least have 3-4 rune pages set up for him and choose depending on who you will lane against. For example, if you are laning against Ashe then you would want Armor Pen reds and quints, flat armor yellow, and mana regen per lvl blues. Also, pick up cleanse. If you are laning against an AP hero then get MR blues and mana per level yellow runes. Of course, this only works in Ranked when you know what heroes your enemies are picking.

Item Priority - When deciding what items to purchase next. Consider what you really need at that moment. It's not always necessary to complete an item before buying another item. Sometimes I will pick up a negaton cape without finishing banshee's veil right away. If you are not getting hurt or targeted then there is no need to buy defensive items. Boots of swiftness are good boots on Urgot in certain situations. Infinity Edge also works well on Urgot despite him not being an auto attacker.

Support - You need support from roamers/jungler in order to succeed. Without a good team, you will fall. Urgot isn't any more scary when he's farmed compared to when he's not farmed. He's only scary when in a group where he can attack without being touched. If the enemy team has tower diving heroes or tunnel vision heroes, pick up improved exhaust.

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I would not recommend Urgot because of his weird play style and lack of exceptionally fulfilling any 1 role. He cannot out DPS a carry, he cannot out tank a tough hero. The only reason I like him is because his play style suits mine and no one uses him.

I will update more stuff later when they come to mind.