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Not Updated For Current Season

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Vladimir Build Guide by Elvelution

Bruiser/AP/General butt-rustling Vladmir (TOP OR MID)

Bruiser/AP/General butt-rustling Vladmir (TOP OR MID)

Updated on September 8, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elvelution Build Guide By Elvelution 2,355 Views 1 Comments
2,355 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Elvelution Vladimir Build Guide By Elvelution Updated on September 8, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Introduction to the cone

This build is basically going to be how I play Vladimir, as basically as possible (Text only for now) Vlad is a 6300 IP champion, so it's good to research his builds, mechanics etc before you buy. If possible, play him on the next f2p week, before biting the bullet and purchasing him. This guide will cover him as a top champion, where I play, but will be equally as viable in mid lane.
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Pros/Cons of being a cone headed closet-homosexual

Extremely good sustainability.
Excellent poke vs melee tops.
12% damage buff in team fighrs for whole team.
They think they're away when BOOM. Hemoplague tick.

Tends to get tunneled in team fights.
Your head resembles a cone.
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I take Spell vamp quints (costly) MPEN Bronzes, MR/L Yellows and flat armor Silvers. This makes vlad alot more tankier early game versus champions that could potentially cause you trouble such as Darius or Rengar.
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Standard 9/0/21 masteries are extremely useful as Vladimir (DON'T TAKE THE MANA RELATED UTILITY POINTS YOU FOOL) I take these certain masteries as the CDR + MPEN is extremely useful.
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Skill sequence for optimizing your cone farm

Your Q is extremely useful as an alternate to autoattack for lasthitting. It provides a decent flat amount of health which triples with the use of a hextech revolver early game.
Your W is an awesome escape mechanic, especially versus skillshotters such as morgana or ahri, or junglers such as Lee Sin, who's skillshot goes right over you, allowing you to get away.
Your E is invaluable. Although it's very easy to get carried away with it, it's a great wave clearing ability, as well as the increase to your regeneration and it's own damage. If possible, get 4 stacks before a team fight.
Your R is amazing. It's what vlad makes the bees knees. The 12% damage buff on enemies is what turns the tides of team fights, and this is why Vlad is seen as such a high priority ban/pick in high ELO/Circuit games.
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Blue buff and you

Blue buff does not go amiss on vlad once Q is level 5. The increased CDR from it means that without any other CDR (Apart from Masteries) Your Q is available every 2.25 seconds. This makes you put out ALOT more damage in team fights.

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