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Build Guide by Benzinbenny

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Benzinbenny

Bruiser wtf?! IM A CARRY!

Benzinbenny Last updated on February 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this is my first guide at all
hope for somebody its going to be helpfull.

In this guide I describe how i rule the hell out of people with Olaf on Unranked 5on5 Solo matches.
With this build you can dominate a whole team as "bruiser". I try several builds but this convinced me the most. It's a mix of tank/melee-carry. With this build its not a problem to gank early-game and mid/late aswell.

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Yeah... about the runes...
somebody of you would think "trololol? tank runes on olaf? are you crazy?!"
!NO! this seals and marks (armor and magic resistance) makes you a little bit tanky in early-game and keep this trough mid/early lategame. You dive more hits of enemy champs - What is profitable in ganks early.
Marks should be clear enough... but short describtion: Armorpen is the nicest stat who a melee-carry can get... and it stacks very hard with your ult-passive.
The Essences:
crit dmg maximize your lategame dmg!!!

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Masteries are a current specc 21/0/9
I choose exhaust and improved ghost for survivability and movement
the other talents should be clear

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So we came to the items - the most important

At the beginning of a 5on5 match a start with "DORANS'S SHIELD" cause its nice earlygame if you have a healthboost + mroe armor + health reggen!!! you dont need a potion in my oppinion if you have movement.

So lanening lanening lanening... so you have 920-1000g gold !RECALL!
Buying "BERSERKERS'S GREAVES" and back to the lane.

With 1110 gold you go to the shoppingmall and buy a "GIANT'S BELT".
Again with 1315 gold for "PHAGE". Or with 1940 gold to complete "FROZEN MALLET"!

Then keep farming for "ZEAL" and "SHADOWDANCER" (3200 gold).

If you have 2500 gold buy "ATMA'S IMPALER" - very nice item on Olaf!

For more damage through Atma's Impaler buy a "WARMOG'S ARMOR".

Sell Doran's Shield and buy a "BANSHEE'S VEIL" for more survivability and mana.

Total build costs:
Doran's Shield - 475g
Berserker's Greaves - 920g
Frozen Mallet - 3250g
Shadowdancer - 2895g
Atma's Impaler - 2405g
Warmog's Armor - 3000g
Sell Doram's Shield - -237g
Banshee's Veil - 2715g

Make a totally requirement of 15426g

if you have the items it gets nasty!

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Skill Sequence

This should be self explanatory.
start up with "E" for ganks early or fb on lanes. Stack this skill first.
then stack "W" for leeching life after or in teamganks
"Q" is the last ability i chosed to stack up cause the dmg isnt the nicest in ganks...
i use this skill just on lanes to lasthit minnions which are right behind the enemys or to begin a gank for the slow and if im on the enemy !time for exhaust!

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Summoner Spells

First Ghost
Second Exhaust

Ghost is very nice for mobility and or chasing enemys and or leave the combat

Exhaust cames into play if you are want to gank or want to escape from a rolling ramus e.g.

alternatives are flash for ghost OR exhaust but i prefer not to choose flash cause of the limited opportunities to use
with ghost you can quick change lanes and your almost everywhere you want
OK the one coolest thing is to hit through walls but i don't need that at all!

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Yeah earlygame - kind of boring
play on lane - try to get some kills
after your lane is donin your Mission is to gank other lanes but on your way to the bot/mid/top lane go jungling get red or blue for more damage... TROLOLOL blue for damge? stupid?... nope
if you have the bluebuff with cooldownreduction its very nice for your "E" skill
you can spam "E" so fast your enemy cant look at all. ...incoming flame at /all!

in mid game you have two opportunities
1. try to trap the enemys with your allies
2. keep jungling and gank sometimes

both have pros and cons

if you have five of six items of your build in late game you fist the **** out of your enemys heads.
you have around 4k hp 50% crit and nice lifeleech witch your "W" skill

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Team Work

In teamganks i almost choose the part of the oppener chaser or "trapguy" - trapguy means that you creep on somelange and let the enemy team chasing you through your allys.

If you going to open a gank use your Ultimate BEFORE you start fighting cause most of players cc at the beginning of a clash and with your ult you break through this cc.(cc means crowd control)

If you going to chase the enemys after a gank use ghost and your "Q" / Exhaust that you can hit them and your allys can catch up with you.

If you want to be chases (trapguy) go on visible range of your enemys and contaminate this area with wards, then you know when they come, so the hunt begin. If someone came dangerously near use your ultimate so you cant be slowed stun fear or something else. Run straight to your allys and gank them then.

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Pros / Cons

+ Mobility - with Shadowdancer and Ghost
+ Survivability - with 4k hp and banshees veil
+ much damage - through atmas impaler and criticals
+ can gank 2on1 and sometimes 3on1 - if the enemies haven't any skill

- If you cant get kills early you have problems to get back into play
- much experience and self-***esment needed
- weak on lanening against two ranged dd's

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I hope you enjoy this guide how i do.
If you find spelling mistakes - finders keepers.
I appreciate feedback and reviews.
and pls no flame about bad english.

greetings/mit freundlichen grüßen