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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spss

Burp. I think a voidling came out

Spss Last updated on December 21, 2010
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Owning team malz


If you get focused

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Build 1 Strategy/Item Sequence

Early game

Begin your game with a Doran's ring and a health pot.At first dont try to harass your opponent a lot cause you cant. just find the best way to pass malefic visions from one creep to another. I usually wait for the creeps' health to be a bit low and i start farming.If your opponent tries to spam you with his skills whenever he comes in front try to stop him with your call of the void and as long as he is silenced cast a malefic vision on him to show him who's the boss in the lane.When you reach level 5 take your Null Zone Spell but dont use it till you reach level 6 in a 1v1 fight it wont do much if you havent got your ulti ready.At level 6 pick Nether Grasp.When the enemy makes the mistake of coming in your range and you got sufficient mana make him suffer : first cast a right targeted call of the void so he cant interrupt your combo then apply null zone just in the spot he is going to run and quickly cast malefic visions and nether grasp on him and ignite only if its required
The first time you return to base buy your Boots of speed and an Amplifying tome.Return to the lane strategy on your combo and avoiding being caught by crowd control skills in all the fights. As long as you got 1550 gold return to base to complete Mejais soulstealer and Sorcerer's boots.If you got enought try to build Tear
Of the Goddess as well.

Mid game : As long as you ve got control on your lane start ganging the enemys with the same combo.At first dont get in fights when your ulti is not ready. Later if everythings gone well you ll scare the enemy team as hell. In mid game finish of your archangels staff and start immediately building Rylais Crystal Scepter. Start with Giant's belt for a nice health boost to help you maintain your stacks on mejais. You should have about 7-8 about this time.Rylais will help you and the team by slowing the targeted enemy and mass slow the enemy team with null zone,plus it makes you more resilient in the upcoming team fights giving Malz a nice amount of health.Lich bane is coming next and fits perfectly on Malzahar providing him with Mana,Ability Power,Magic Resistance and Movement Speed.Maximazing your archangel's staff passive effect as it increases your mana capacity and makes you more durable and agile in team fights. In team fights start of with casting your null zone in a way that its difficult for the enemies to avoid it and make your combo on the enemy champ that is the most dangerous for your team and you can harm them by interrupting their ulti or not letting them participate in the fight at all by stunning them with nether Grasp. for example : Xin zhao,Katarina seem like ideal targets.

Late game: At the late game aim for Zhonyas ring to finish the game off by maximazing your spell damage output and gaining the invunerability effect. Continue by following the same strategy in team fights and as long as you are carefull so your opponents can't focus you, winning in team fight is almost guaranteed.

Notes: in Build 2 the strategy you must follow in team fight is the exactly the same so i wont explain it again the only difference is that your damage on the enemy team will propably be lower than Build 1,But if you are focused even if you got the highest ap in game its useless if you cant survive throughout a team fight.That's the reason Build 2 exists

Build 2
Begin with a Dorans ring and a health pot.Go for the catalyst as soon as possible because it can help you a lot survive in mid lane if your opponent is pushing the lane permanently and your only option is to withstand it.After building catalyst buy your Sorcerer's boots or Mercury treads( this depends on the enemy team disablers) and when the time comes finish off Rod of Ages to start stacking health mana and Ap as soon as possible. After that build Rylais Crystal Scepter for the slow effect and the health bonus. Now try to focus on building your Banshee's veil . This item will make you almost invurable to stuns and slows assuming that you are carefull in a team fight and it will maximize the time you can stay alive in a team fight providing malz with extra health and magic resist .Finish your Build with Lich Bane for more speed and magic resist coming along with high ap and zhonyas ring for the invunerability effect and high ap gain . If this build goes well it will be very difficult for yout opponents to kill you and your damage output will be big enought to make them worry. with a good team as an ally you wont fail .

Summoner spells you can choose Flash,Ghost Walk,Ignite

I suggest ghost walk and ignite. Ghost walk is a great spell that makes your escapes easy in a lost teamfight . However you can swap to flash if you want. I prefer ghost walk because it lasts longer and its not a instant spell .Also its cooldown is quite low in comparison with flash .

Ignite is a great spell that can give you a nice advantage at the early game by finishing a 1v1 fight in mid while your spells are on Cd.If you decide you dont need it you can swap with flash for easier escapes.

Dont pick summoner spells like clarity heal revive or cleanse exhaust.

ps. it was my first build descreption so i would like to ask you to be patient.Thanks.
ps2 . Forgot to write about the use of the voidling. i ll edit as soon as possible