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Blitzcrank Build Guide by poinears

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author poinears

Call me Crazy

poinears Last updated on May 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is not a guide to tell you how to play Blitzcrank. I am assuming you already know how to play him and you are just looking for a guide for builds. That is all this is; if you want to learn how to play Blitzcrank, I hate to dissappoint, but this is not the place to be looking.

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I'm Crazy and I Know it

At least I admit the fact. This Blitzcrank build is absolutely crazy, but somehow it works. Granted, all I have is attack speed runes right now, so I'm not sure about the runes, but the rest of it works quite well as a hybrid ability power and attack damage build. As for the two builds, the only difference is the summoner spells. The first is designed for a solo lane and the second for a lane with a support or tank partner. I also have another build out for a tank Blitzcrank, and I may choose to include that here at a later time.

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How it Happened

I was playing one day and I got in a game where I had chosen to tank Blitzcrank, when, lo and behold, someone else on my team chose a tank after I had already locked in. Such began my AP/AD days. Since I went from nothing, I did fairly well that game, but my build could have used some serious help back then. As such, it has been changed to the point where it works quite nicely.

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About Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is a very unique and versatile character with several different options to build. You can choose any of the following options to build:
  • Tank
  • Ability Power
  • Attack Damage
  • AP/AD Hybrid
  • Offtank AP
  • Offtank AD
  • Offtank AP/AD (although this one might be tricky to build)
His health, damage, and ability power gains make it possible to build him several ways, particularly with his spells relying mostly on the user's choice of build style. His 4 spells and passive are:
  • Blitzcrank's passive is his Mana Barrier, where the amount of mana you have at the time becomes a shield for physical damage for half of the amount of mana you have. This only happens when Blitzcrank is at one fifth of his remaining health.
  • The Rocket Grab is a useful initiation and early kill tool. Blitzcrank shoots out his arm in a skill shot, grabbing the first thing in its path and range, and pulling it back to him. With a large amount of AP and Magic Penetration, this can hurt. A lot.
  • Blitzcrank's Overdrive boosts both his movement and attack speed for a short period of time. It is pretty much a glorified Ghost. This helps in running away, dealing large amounts of damage, or catching an enemy.
  • The Power Fist is a useful tool in several instances. It can:
  • Keep someone from attacking an ally
  • Deal a large amount of damage and provide a target for your allies
  • Keep an enemy in turret range
  • Keep an enemy from running away quickly enough to escape
  • All but completely nullify the surprise part of a gank

    Its versatility is key, particularly in the early game when the turret does massive amounts of damage and you can kill someone just by keeping them in turret range.
  • ULTIMATE: Blitzcrank's ult is more about the passive than the active early game because it helps with minion farm. Its cooldown is incredibly short, particularly with a Nashor's Tooth (I love the cooldown reduction on it, particularly with Blitzcrank) and it provides great crowd control, silencing all enemies within its radius for a half second. It also does deal damage, but not much until you buy ability power and magic penetration items.

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Playing Blitzcrank

There isn't much to this section becase I'm assuming you know how to play League of Legends fairly well and you know how to play a fighter. You are a friggin tank. From level 5 onwards, you should be the second in and the second to last out, assuming your tank survives. You should initiate with your Rocket Grab or save it until they are running, depending on the scenario, and do everything you can to get the kill. Usually it doesn't happen, but there's no fighting that. Before level 5, be conservative and turret hug. People won't think much about it untl it's too late, and by then they are dead and you are fed. Best early game combo is:
Only do this if you can get them within turret range (easy kill). The last Power Fist is only if they are still in turret range. If you do not have your ult at the time (also a great combo to try for first blood, guaranteed with a lane partner that has a stun or immobilize), the combo is simply:
Again, only use that last Power Fist if they are within turret range and/or almost dead.

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always Always ALWAYS lead with a Rocket Grab unless someone else initiates or you are coming up from in front of them. Also, spam your Power Fist as much as possible. I know it seems a little odd, but if nothing else, it keeps them from running for a while.

With Ult :>

  • Q-E-R-W-E
  • Q-R-E-W-E
  • Q-W-E-R-E
  • Q-W-R-E

Someone Else Initiated :)
  • E-W-R-E-Q-E
  • R-W-E-Q-E
  • W-E-R-E-Q-E
  • E-R-W-E-Q-E

No Ult :O
  • Q-E-W-E
  • Q-W-E

Someone Else Initiated :)
  • W-E-Q-E
  • E-W-E-Q-E

All of these combos are viable options, but it is all situational and requires a practiced eye to know what to use when.

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Early Game Matchups - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I guess an explanation is nice for this. The good is the matchups you will want, the bad is matchups you can deal with, but aren't necessarily in your favor. The ugly is what you want to avoid at just about any cost.

The Good

  • ANY tank - they are too slow to avoid your grab at level 2
  • Squishy melees i.e. Xin Zhao, Master Yi, etc. - just make sure to sit turret

The Bad
  • Ranged carries such as Caitlyn
  • Anyone with good early-game harass
  • Certain mages
  • Slows, stuns, immobilizes, etc.
  • High-mobility champions

The Ugly
  • Mages
  • High early-game burst damage champions
  • Stealthed units - the lane is sure to push at some point