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Veigar Build Guide by Anderman123

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anderman123

Can you say AP? (Post Shadow Isles Update).

Anderman123 Last updated on October 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi! My name is Ander and my favorite champion is Veigar. Veigar is one of the most powerful bursting champions in League of Legends, and I hope my guide captures Veigar's damage to the tee. With the new update, Shadow Isles, the once viable Deathfire grasp no longer provides cooldowns to ability power champions. Due to this new update, I've found the Morello's Evil Tomb to be extremely viable. It provides Veigar with decent ability power and gives him the cooldowns he needs to farm his "Q". With more "Q" farms, Veigar is THAT much more powerful.

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Early Game

When I play Veigar, I prefer to play EXTREMELY defensive early game. I focus primarily on farming my "Q", and if I do so appropriately I'm able to full burst some champions by level six! By purchasing the meki pendant, I'm able to stay in lane for as long as possible gaining ability power with every "Q" farm. I find that I'm not always successful with my sustain early game, due to different champions' harrass mechanisms, so, going back and picking up boots and health pots can help you in early lane. One thing I became more and more familiar with as I progressed with Veigar was the enemy mid's tendency to farm block me. As I approached a minions, champions such as Ryze would meet me half way and hit me with spells to harrass. Rather than trying to "sneak" over to minion to farm, allow the enemy to push and farm under the tower. Always call your mias early, and if you miss your gate, back off immediately. Skilled players will recognize that your spell "Event Horizon" is your only defense mechanism.

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Mid Game

This is the stage of the game where Veigar begins to shine. His ability to full burst ad carries by level 11 or 12 is ridiculous. Try and stay involved in team fights, but DO NOT forget to farm! The key to playing a great Veigar is effectively farming that "Q"! Your gate proves to be a a great initiator, especially on ad carries that make the mistake of walking too close. Wraiths are Veigar's best friend, they serve as minions to "Q" farm when the minions are pushed, take advantage of this!

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Late Game

By level 16 and on in the game you should have at least 100 "Q" farm. Remember to engage team fights with your gate if no one else has any engaging moves. Avoid being in the mix of things, try to stay away from the heart of the fight, and only enter the fight when you have a burst to use. You serve no purpose if you just walk in there and die. DUH! And again, constantly be farming that "Q". With your ridiculous amount of ability power you're able to focus almost anyone on their team and kill them. Try and focus the enemy's ap mid/ad carry.

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Your gate only stuns when you catch them on the outside ring, try and aim your gate rather than just throwing it down.

Use your gate to help you, along with your teammates, escape threats from the enemy.

Flashing and using your gate can set up a burst the enemy may not be prepared for, this may take some practice.

Your full burst can be your gate, bomb, "Q", ult, OR your gate, bomb, ult, "Q". Killing an enemy with any source of damage will result in an addition of 5 ability power.

Blue buff is AMAZING with Veigar, his cooldowns are extremely low. Blue buff, along with the Morello's, allows Veigar to "Q" farm extremely fast. More cooldowns = more damage.

A technique that is rather hard to master is catching enemies on the inside ring of your gate. It will take some practice, but being able to do this allows you stun enemies that are in your face.

Don't be so consumed with the idea of farming that you fail to follow your laning enemy.

Make sure you watch how much magic resist the enemy is building, you don't want to try and full burst them only to be frustrated that they live with half hp.

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Ignite and Flash are my spells of choice for Veigar. I've seen a lot of Veigar take clarity, yet Veigar's passive helps him regen his mana fast and with the addition of a starting meki pendant, clarity isn't needed. Ignite provides that finishing touch on your full burst that will assure you a kill.

Flash is essential for escaping a variety of confrontations with enemies in your jungle, mid lane, and enemy ganks. Not only can you escape these threats, you can flash towards your enemy and set up an unexpected burst. This will piss your enemy off, really, really hard. It's fun.

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I use magic penetration quints on Veigar due to the passive of his "Q". Why use flat ap quints when you choose how much ability power you want to have based on your farm? Veigar scales as the game goes on which explains my usage of ability power/level glyphs and seals. Magic pentration marks are essential to breaking through the barriers enemies create by stacking magic resist.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Veigar can kill virtually any champion in the game with good "Q" farm.
He can help his allies escape harm, along with setting up kills.
He provides an excellent initation with his gate.

Cons: EXTREMELY squishy
Focused in nearly EVERY team fight.
Held back by ability cooldowns.
Tends to pick up kills he doesn't necessarily earn.

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Thanks for taking the time to examine my guide. I understand and realize there are a lot of different preferences when building this champion, but this one just works for me. Veigar is a fun, funny champion that provides an excellent amount of damage to any team composition. I hope you enjoyed my guide.