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Nautilus Build Guide by SPAZwazza

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SPAZwazza

Canned Whoopass Nautilus

SPAZwazza Last updated on March 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first attempt at anything like this and I don't really know anything about code, so it's probably gonna look pretty sloppy, but the build is solid. I didn't come up with it, someone on the LoL forums posted it in a thread I tried to dig up again but can't. So...I'd like to give credit where credit is due, but can't just now.

This is sort of a hybrid Tank/AP build, focusing on having lots of HP, decent resistances, but still being able to dish out too much damage to be ignored and on top of all that, negating mana problems. Can't ask for much more than that, right?

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Why play Nautilus? Well, aside from being huge and menacing, being the largest thing in the game after 6 stack Cho'gath...

Tanky as balls
4 forms of CC
Can do decent damage
Slow movement speed
Slow attack speed

On top of being pretty tanky to begin with, his shield is bananas and can give you a nice little buffer of almost 700 HP if the game goes long enough to complete the build.

And yes, 4 forms of CC. His passive is an immobilize, albeit a rather short one. His Q is a drag, his E is a slow, and his ult is a knockup. So even if you went with a FULL tank build and these abilities weren't doing a whole hell of a lot of damage, your potential for disruption is enormous.

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Summoner Spells

Personally, I like Heal and Teleport. The combination of a clutch-heal and popping his shield can turn the tide of close duels in your favor, and Teleport is always good for saving a turret or getting your *** to an impromptu teamfight. Dredge Line is a somewhat reliable escape/chase tool, so you don't suffer overmuch from not having Ghost or Flash.

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The goal of these runes is to highlight his strengths and cover up his weaknesses. The movespeed quints help immensely.

The CDR glyphs, in combination with his Masteries and Frozen Heart, put him right at the 40% cap. Even without them you sit at 32%, which isn't too shabby, so feel free to substitute them for AP or Magic Res. per level glyphs instead.

The mana regen seals, in combination with an early Glacial Shroud, just about solve your mana problems.

The magic pen. marks, plus Sorceror's Shoes and Haunting Guise, give you 48 magic pen. pretty early on, generally before anyone's had a chance to stack much magic res.

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Not much to say here. 9/21/0 gives you a nice blend of magic pen., CDR, health...everything a growing boy needs.

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Now we come to the heart of the matter. Glacial Shroud gives you some much-needed mana, armor, CDR...all in all, a pretty good early game item. From here, proceed to Sorceror's Boots for mobility and a little extra oomph on your abilities.

Haunting Guise is an item I never paid much attention to. But I've gotta say I dig it as an early game item for Naut. Up to now we haven't purchased any extra health, of which this gives a little, along with a combination of AP and magic pen. that nicely pads your damage. A bargain for the price, and can always be sold off later for something a little more substantial.

So now we've got a little armor and health, but no magic res. Abyssal Scepter fits in nicely to kick off your midgame, prioritizing the Negatron Cloak first over the Blasting Wand. When complete, it's the second-best item in the game while also, guess what, buffing your damage! Sensing a pattern here? If you have an AP carry, they'll also thank you.

At this point, stop and look at their team comp. If they have a lot of AD, particularly autoattackers like Tryndamere, Master Yi, Vayne, etc, go ahead and finish out your Frozen Heart. Otherwise, give your health pool a boost and go for a Sunfire Cape first and then finish it out.

Round it out with a good ol' Warmog's for another thousand health or so. At this point the game should be pretty much over, or nearly so. But if there's more to do, now would be the time to sell that Haunting Guise. In favor of what, you ask?

Personally, I like Rylai's. It will put you over the 4K health mark with some more AP, which never hurts. Use your best judgement, though. If they've realized what kind of threat you are and started focusing you, a Guardian Angel never hurts. Or a Thornmail, Randuin's Omen, Zhonya's Hourglass, whatever fits the bill for taking a dump in the enemy team's mashed potatoes, as it were. Might even consider a second Warmog's.

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Skill Sequence

Take Dredge Line at level one and leave it there. Its main use is as a utility. Focus on maxing Riptide first and Titan's Wrath second, while of course taking your ult whenever possible.

Try to save Dredge Line for when you're chasing, rather than initiating with it. Or keep it handy as an escape mechanism. And, of course, pulling overeager opponents into turret range.

Riptide makes you a farming machine. Earlier on, you can hit minions with one autoattack each and then finish them off all at once by popping it, and later once it's maxed out and you've got some AP, that won't even be necessary. The slow also scales with its level, so you'll be slowing people for 50% instead of 30%. During laning, you can Dredge Line someone, stun them, Riptide them to damage and slow, walk away.

Titan's wrath can either be used to open up with, lay on some extra damage, or saved for if you need to make an escape. If you get ganked early in laning, popping your shield while running can let you get those few extra steps far enough to Dredge Line back to your turret.

Depth Charge, being your only ranged ability besides Dredge Line(which is a skillshot and can be creep-blocked), can be used to finish people off as they're running in the laning phase. In teamfights, try to always hit someone in the back so it can damage and knock other people up while travelling. Being able to knock up 3-4 people is huge.

Don't forget that while your passive has a 12 second cooldown on any one target, you can change targets to give everyone a little bit of it.

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That's Nautilus in a nutshell. Tank, offtank, jungler...a pretty fun, versatile champ. I personally stink at jungling, it frustrates and bores me, so I'm not gonna pretend to know what I'm talking about there and post a jungle build. By all accounts he's a pretty good jungler, but I'll leave the explanation of that to those who are better qualified.

Give the build a try, let me know what you think...this is kind of a work in progress. Unless I don't figure out how to clean it up later, in which case...this is pretty much it. Happy hunting.