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Warwick Build Guide by bummbumm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bummbumm


bummbumm Last updated on October 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Cannonball - Introduction

let them run, you run faster!

first of all, i have [actually] 1300+ wins @ summoner's rift. i have a very tiny *****, so i have to say this. i dont like to read much when im searching for informations, so ill shorten this build to the limit. that means i wont explain the principles of playin ww, this guide is for experienced players anyway. you need some experience to know when u can use this build to run from your red buff into inhibitor turrets, while the whole enemy team is alive, only 2 towers down, hunt down a low enemy and escape safely.

fast, faster, warwick. with this build, you are able to hunt down ANY champ.
+3 boots + ghost? yeah, run baby, run. i am "forrest hunt", i come closer.

with your E skill activated, you should max out @ 641 movement speed, without any accelerations from your team [kayle, zilean, janna passive, whatever] or the 10% dodge movement increase through your masteries. without ghost.

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Items - Buy these, nothing else.

mobility boots, trin force, phantom and force of nature -> core items.

infinity and atmas = complete the crit build, add damage, give armor = makes build perfect.

[sell the starting armor for jungle when you have finished boots, trinity, phantom and infinity. no. sorry, sell it exactly!! @ 20m 02s playtime.
i dont give a ****. but keep it a while.]

[unnecessary comment:]
you COULD switch the infinity and atmas for different items, more defensive items, if they fit in your playstile.... but hell yeah, this is MY build, MY playstile and i wont suggest you any other items, thats YOUR problem, not mine. for **** sake. i know from experience: this one works for me perfectly.

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Runes - Do i have to explain???

armor pen marks -> good
dodge seals -> very nice
mana glyphs -> gettin better and better
movement quintessences -> ******

2 make it short: i have all(!!) existing "usefull" runes. take these. i tested all obvious picks on this build.

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Masteries - No i dont have to explain!!!

assassin -> damage -> 21/9 omg omg omg

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1-2-3-4-2-1-5 >>> after that, no routine, take what you get.

always look for possible gank options, even if you are lvl 1

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some tipps how to hunt

- watch your team fighting, while jungling. dont watch your ww
- minimap = your best friend
- run through enemy jungle to come from behind tower and smite low enemy champions with q+ignite
- DEACTIVATE (E) always, activate only if you are close enough to kill -> stealth mode

mid game/late game:
- switch lanes as often as possible
- never stop jungling
- try to get red / blue @ enemy jungle
- push towers/lanes solo as often as possible
- lvl 13 -> ACTIVATE E always, range @ lvl 5 big enough. they dont know where you are
- run through the jungle when your team pushes, to come from the side
- run through the jungle to chase enemies
- get some wards

you are fast, really fast, thats why you should run, run, run. from a to b, b to a, back to c. if you run much, you'll get much options to gank.

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first of all: never* use your ulti while you are in teamfight. you can take damage with this build, but while ulti, you cant escape. you are an assassin. no tank.

2nd: play poke game, hit, run, hit, q, run, hit, etc. you need experience with this build, to know when you can engage and go infight, and when not. depends on enemy team, depends on your team, depends on who is feeded. i will not list all possibilities.

IF the teamfight goes to the END [some are dead, some are low, some run] -> you can use ulti now

IF you won the teamfight -> they run away, hunt starts -> ulti.

IF you lost the teamfight and you are still alive -> RUN, FORREST, RUN.

*= except: you have to rescue team members and you are sure(!!) you will survive.

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Pros / Cons


    - best ww build ever

    - you will get called a noob every time, cuz you jungle without smite
    - if you fail* with this build, your team will blame you, if they fail [no smite? noob jungler, gg, **** ww]

*= your team pushes the lanes >> you cant gank. they overfeed enemies >> you cant/fail gank. no ss calls >> they counterjungle.

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the build ends here, dont read this.

is bummbumm your summoner nick?
no its not.

why no smite?
you smite minions, i smite enemies with ignite. noob i hate you.

isnt a tanky ww better?
ww=assassin. read another guide, dont use this one. noob i hate you.

not tanky? am i useless in teamfights with this build?
no you are not. take some damage, make some damage. run away if necessary, heal with Q, strike down whats "left"

how do you score with this build? what are your stats?
they are very good. every game. but thats cuz i have skill, not cuz of the build. i can play at least 3 other builds with ww and still pwn every game. this one is my favored.

you have screenshots that prove it works for you?
no. could make some, could fake some. idiot.

you say you have 1300+ normal wins, how many games have you lost?
you really had this noobquestion in your mind? random play always leads to ~ 55/45 for good players, slightly better than 50/50. sometimes i lose with this build and a 15/4/10 score. stupid idiot, score means nothing. i dont give a damn about scores and stats. the point why i mentioned it, to let people know who made the build. im no unexperienced noob with 250/250 wins/losses who thinks he understands the game. make 2500 games, then we talk.

more f.a.q. will be added from the comments

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this build will be updated, when i find the time and the mood to do that or when i notice i forgot something. maybe its incomplete here and there. maybe not. maybe ill add some details later. maybe not. btw i dont give a **** if you like it.