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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Acranist1

Can't I delete this build already?

Acranist1 Last updated on October 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi and welcome to my second Evelynn guide and build. This build stands out as a better build from all of the other builds I have posted on this website and I didn't want to keep adding on to my other guide so I have posted a new build. There is no last item so I would chose either a Sunfire Cape, Banshee's Veil or a Zhonya's ring depending on the situation.

I will start with giving reasons for masteries, skill sequence, runes and then items. This guide is only about play style and statistics of mine. If you want to know how to play Evelynn, look at this guide by me.

The reason why 9 21 0 is the best way to go how I play Evelynn is because:

    If I go higher in offence, it will give me critical strike damage and attack damage. It is not worth the wasted masteries to get 5% more damage

    In defence, all of the masteries are useful except for the easily replacable Defensive Mastery which blocks 1 minion damage. I go for more HP regen per mana instead of dodge chance because it is very useful early game. Also, Veteran's Scars which gives you more health helps you a lot before you get your first health item which is far in to the game. Evelynn deals enough damage so defence is a good way to go.

    Getting 9 in Utility is not worth sacrificing getting 9 in Offence because it only helps you significantly early game where 15% magic penetration goes a long way. The only main good think about utility is the movement speed but you can't get 21 in defence if you get that. Evelynn is a burst damage champion and cooldowns won't do much. You already have enough cooldowns from Offence masteries, runes and Deathfire Grasp. Cooldown reduction only helps you get invisible faster and you shouldn't need to ravage more than once in a fight.

Skill Sequence
These are the priorities the first being the one you should level first:
    Malice and Spite (R, Ultimate)
    Ravage (E, Nuke)
    Hate Spike (Q, Spammable)
    Shadow Walk (W, Invisibility)

Your ultimate gives you movement speed and attack speed. Evelynn can always do with more movement speed so get this first.

Ravage lowers armor and magic resistance if you use it from behind a target and your fights won't last long so it damages more than Hate Spike.

You only need one level in Hate spike to proc Sheen/Lich Bane and help last hit minions. Get this first so you can kill minions easier (Evelynn is a bad first blood character and if you do get it, the fight will last long enough for you to have damaged more with Hate Spike more than you would have with a Ravage.

Shaddow Walk only lets you stay invisible for longer and has a slightly longer stun when leveled so you don't need more than one level in this until late game. Even if you complain about the 20 seconds you can be invisible, learn to play with only 20 seconds because a level in Ravage goes so much further than a level in Shaddow Walk.

Magic penetration is the best for Marks because you will have so much ability power that you will deal a lot more damage than if you had something like more ability power with runes.

Mana regen is a big problem for Evelynn throughout the whole game and since I don't waste any money on mana items besides Lich Bane, mana regen Seals are a good choice.

Glyphs are more flexible than other rune types because cooldown reduction is not a big priority for Evelynn but it gives the most reduction in Glyphs. Magic penetration is also a good choice. I use magic penetration Glyphs because it gives more damage.

There are two simple options here. Get flat health if you can't handle having so low health for so long or get flat ability power if you are an experienced Evelynn player. I use flat ability power and it lets me last hit minions easier with Hate Spike and it gives my Sheen extra early game damage.


Sorcerer's Shoes

I used to get Boots of Swiftness for the convenient movement speed but I told myself, "You have your ult! Seriously learn to use it wisely." The magic penetration is why I get these boots and I am almost bound to these boots because of Deathfire Grasp which they complement so well and of course I do a lot of magic damage.

Deathfire Grasp

This is a Zhonya's Ring at a third of the price. The active of this item does a ton of damage thanks to your magic penetration and it is also the best counter to the current meta game (tanky DPS). The mana regen is very good and the cooldown reduction is somewhat useful. This item is a Madred's Bloodrazor for mages but I mainly use it for bursting down squishies before any near by enemies can do anything. The more health the enemies have, the better that this item is. I don't know if it is better or worse to change for a Zhonya's ring later though.

Lich Bane

This item should be a very obvious choice for Evelynn because you will find everything that it gives useful. 80 Ability Power, 350 Mana, 30 Magic Resist, 7 Movement Speed. UNIQUE Passive: 100% chance when an ability is used that your next physical attack deals an additional 100% of your Ability Power in damage. This effect has a 3 second cooldown.
It is rare to not find the magic resist useful and the passive is why Evelynn is so good. Hate Spike which has less than a one second cooldown procs Lich Bane's passive which deals a lot of damage.

Ryali's Crystal Scepter

This build is about helping your team because that's what Evelynn lacks so here is the first helpful item. You need a lot of health if you don't want to die as soon as you participate in team fights and slowing enemies gets a lot of kills. The ability power is extra and pretty useful.

Soul Shroud

The second item that helps your team. Like I said before, you need a lot of health if you want to help your team. The cooldown reduction is okay for you but someone on your team will find it more useful than you. This item's mana regen helps you a lot and giving mana regen to your team is a bonus.

After your fifth item, your build can go a few different ways since every game is so different. The main items I usually get as my last items are Randuin's Omen, Banshee's Veil, Sunfire Cape, Zhonya's Ring and Abysall Scepter. The order of these items is in order of usefulness.

I will update this build to make it look more pretty and I will add explanations for the last items in about a day.