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League of Legends Build Guide Author BoulderFist

Can't Tell me Nothing[Tank/DPS]

BoulderFist Last updated on December 23, 2010
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People all ways ask me this Hei BoulderFist Why are you playing kennen as a tank?
well i should just ignore there random noob non sense and say that I'm an Elo Vet and that's why i roll as a tank.... but then i wouldn't be a good roll model for people that want to be useful for all situations with kennen.

people always mistake him for a ap/carry that his absolutely isn't,cause his damage is already high for the low cool downs that hes got and he doesn't need to be the main damage source... mainly i build him as a tank for the reason cause even tho he has a great escaping and chasing ability,he can easily be killed by just stunning/focusing/slowing him making the opponents easy to counter you if you do well at early/mid/late,making you completely useless in your team... this guide will make you as useful as possible player in the game,and no gank will be 100% success without your help...
you are now probably thinking THEN WTF DO YOU WANT ME TO DO WITH HIM????
Well... you will be the teams FIRE STARTER!!!

Huh? a fire starter wtf is there a roll like that? well its when you are the one who always starts the fights, all of your team mates are chickens and they don't want to die so someones got to start the fight,so that the gank wouldn't be just bunch of guys/girls poking each other and then going back to laining/farming...
You will be the teams Main Man no ganks will start with out you,everyone will fear you and you will be a unstoppable force that's raging like a mad man that nobody can stop you will be like a GOD Of War.... okay shut up just and continue with your guide [facepalm] okay... here it goes

Early Game:
Level 1:
for early game you MUST SOLO!! this is not an option for you try to always grab mid for extra farm/level/and that you don't have to give a **** about teammates dying around you, in early game cause your not very good at helping and killing at level 1 or 2 so what you need to be focusing on is not your minion kills but on your opponents, don't let him get even one minion kill that's your top priority, every time you see your own minion low on health that hes auto attacking always poke him away with your Thundering Shuriken or an auto attack so he wouldn't finish hes animation and won't get gold,do it as often as possible try to run away after a poke so that opposing teams minions wouldn't target you cause in early game even the mighty kennen will feel it pretty badly on hes skin
Level 2:
for level 2 grab Electrical Surge,this is your main ability this is the ability you will have to level up ASAP,this is the ability to have the highest cool down and is the most annoying one,after every 4strike you gain its passive ability that your auto attack will do the same purpose as Thundering Shuriken, only with auto attack so you wouldn't have to position your self to actually land it u just got to auto attack,keep track of it cause it will let you unleash devestating combos even at level 2,the combo is pretty simple when you have it stacked after the 4auto attacks you have to hit with it to the player, and after landing it instantly use Electrical Surge the opponent will think that he needs to run/backup from the action they will be away from the creeps so making your Thundering Shuriken hit as easy as to kill steal a half dead target with a lame ultimate,since your passive stuns after it stacks 3 times on a player you already did that so you can easily auto attack him couple of more times and then let him run,and do this combo almost every time hes in your auto attack range making You the Top Dog in mid and making him laning you almost impossible
Level 3:
level up Lightning Rush and for the record this is the skill you will probably leave till last cause it isn't a Must ability,so there's more then one use of this ability its pretty versatile for its many uses,like you can use it as a good escape ability or you can use it to chase someone down or you can use it to help set up your uber combo witch is an improved version of the previous one,in this one you charge straight to him and if u pass him thru with it it ads one stack to your passive then you should land Thundering Shuriken since your at a point blank range it wouldn't have to be a big problem even if you don't pass him thru you will be pretty close to land it and still deal damage and to finish it off with your main ability Electrical Surge, stunning your opponent rendering him completely harmless,give him some more auto attacks and let him run away no need to continue to chase him and do this combo until you get him enough low to finish him off,and by isolating your opponent it will be easier and easier to ruin his day by laining mid against you

These where the basics you needed to know, you should definitely level Electrical Surge as soon as possible, fallowing up by Thundering Shuriken and leaving for last Lightning Rush
i will skip some levels because its pretty the same
Level 6:
THIS IS MADNESS this your ability that can make even the most bad *** chasers turn around and run for there life's, even tanks don't like this ability or squishy targets, it leaves almost every class/style/roll/doesn't matter if its a player he will reconsider to chase you or even try to attack you,so don't be wasting it on solos try to save it as a last resort for single target killing,when you hit level 6 you should go and gank someone doesn't matter who as long as if you see someone pushing don't try to take down tower hugers just yet,wait for some while to to do that cause at late game situation you will be doing it 24/8 but for now stick to not so tough hardcore survival hero's go for more like *******s like twitch anivia miss fortune cause with your team you will never have doubts about letting someone escape and when you come everyone will raise there own morale by 115% making them confident of an victory

Gank/Tips/and stuff you should know:
Since your a tank and a fire starter you will be the one who goes in,since you have warmogs armor and force of nature you will have no trouble tanking the damage, so there's 2 ways to start a gank fights example for mid: you hide in the upper brush while there's 5 opponents on mid and 4 visible your team mates the enemy cannot see you making you the underdog thinking they can win this gank since its 4on5,a smart opponent would check the brush first until starting a gank fight this is good for you in anyway,none can check or they can check it dosen't matter because its good for you in both ways,if they do check you just lightning rush right thru him before he can enter brush to check he will not time to react when your already ulting straight in hes face,and he has no where to go making you starting the fight,your team will jump on them right after it but because of your passive you still stun them and your ultimate is an aoe that means that they will flee since your summoner ability's are ghost and flash you can also jump right in the mid of a battle,or chase them down with ghost+lightning rush will do the same roll some delusional enemy's will try to kill you,like thinking "who the **** thinking you are to just attack me from brush 1on5" and starts to attack you but since your a tank he woun't do you any harm, it will be like CANT TOUCH THIS little crazy chipmunk,and try to position your self so that as many opponents as possible would get hit by your ultimate, while your ult is still up it doesn't matter that you just have to stand there doing nothing but you should also try to hit them with your Electrical Surge stunning them and still leaving them with 1 stack of your passive, so that when Electrical Surge cool down is resetted,you would still do the damage for the fleer and feel free to tank the tower while your teams chasing cause your a tank and because of warmog your health wouldn't be a problem
always help your team mates escape,your like a nanny hero if you stay behind them you can use lightning rush to escape and you can take the damage if the guy your trying to help has stacks and you and your compadre is getting chased by 5people,then feel free to use your ultimate to scare them away but don't be suicidal and try to fight them just put pressure on them so they would turn back
another good Tip:
If your ultimate is on cool down don't let the opponent know that its not ready yet,act like your tough and still keep it cool,try to die as least as possible don't make silly mistakes by acting to over confident your goal is to kill as many as you can assist as many as you can and not get any deaths while playing making you the teams MVP

Why Ghost=ghost is an versatile ability it can not only help you chase but can help you escape
Why Flash= Again versatile because it can help you escape or set up your ultimate or chase down half dead pray
Why Tank? cause you will take advantage not only your basic ability's, but also your ultimate and you will be harder to stop then death itself,and you would be freakin annoying
WHY Force Of Nature=because even if there's only one ap hero it still gives you a huge hp per 5 helping you heal over time much faster if you get poked
Why Kennen=Why not?cause mordekaiser cant chase,cause mundo is relaying on a skill shot that you can miss, but with kennen you not slow players with help of some items,but you also stun them making your team also easier to catch up,to all of the Tank dps have some minor flaws,but Kennen is a damage turned in to a tank making him the real deal

Runes:i couldn't add energy regen per 5 so for seals use 9 energy regen per 5 and you MUST have regen per 5 because you will often whine up in to situations that your out of energy and you won't be able to escape,also it will help you offensively

also I hope you enjoyed not only that i helped you understand how can you take full use of all his ability's but to also keep your interested while reading it its been fun see you in game your friendly Neighbourhood Giant <c> BoulderFist