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Poppy Build Guide by DesposableHero

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DesposableHero

Can't Touch This(When I have my Ultimate remix)

DesposableHero Last updated on October 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Strength of Spirit
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Utility: 9

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Hello world, this is my Poppy guide. It's also my first guide, and depending on this one's outcome, potentially my last. I am a huge fan of Poppy, just the whole playstyle is amazingly fun. If you manage her shortcomings, and understand positioning, you should be successful with her. I'll try to keep this fairly short, as theres no point in discussing why Poppy shouldn't jungle, or other stupid **** like that. Happy reading!

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Because Poppy's primary damage is in her abilities, and all of them do magic damage, spell penetration marks and quints are essential to earlygame success. Poppy's main earlygame item is the philosopher's stone, and hp/mana regen seals and glyphs complement it greatly. As Poppy is usually in lane with a support, these runes, philo stone and a brain should keep you at good heath for most of the laning phase.

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I run a peculiar masteries setup, going down offense for the defense penetration, defense to beef the little smurf up, and utility to help with her horrific farming.

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Items and General Playstyle.

My item build is what gets me laughed at when I explain it. I don't like AP Poppy because it doesn't utilize full potential of her ultimate, and once the ult wears off, AP poppy is just another mediocre semi-burst champion without the bonus damage. I set up the item chart in order of purchase(add in potions where you feel nesscessary). AD Poppy suffers the other end of the spectrum: There's a chance you won't blow up the target in time, and they get away. Tank Poppy is for desperate measures, and anything else really doesn't work. So I decided on a build that makes Poppy independant of her ultimate! Being built to do all sorts of damage with enough penetration to make a porno, Poppy can ult one person, UTTERLY DESTROY them with 2-3 hits, then once ult wears off, stay in the fight, lowering the kill rate from 2-3 to about 4-5, which is respectable, and means your not a suicide bomber. Contrary to popular belief, suicide bomber Poppy isn't a good idea. "Killed your Ashe, worth it" doesn't apply anymore. As Poppy's in bottom with a support, right near the carry, once you hit 6, you MUST kill the carry. As this process continues and you continually kill their carry, they are worth less and less gold. When you Rambo in and gain 55 gold, to die and feed them 300, that actually snowballs IN THEIR FAVOUR. To the build, I built a highly mobile, highly sustained nuke champion that chunks enemie's health every 3 seconds with a bigass hammer. As Devastating Blow scales off everything, but deals magic damage, I incorporate the void staff as a last item when they realize Thornmail isn't working, to make sure itemizing against me ends up wasting their gold.

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Skill Order

As sustained/mobile Poppy, I max Q first, then proceed to W, leaving E as a one-point-wonder, as I'm not AP and the stun duration doesn't go up with rank. Basically burst earlygame, burst harder midgame, burst rapidly lategame.

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Summoner Spells

Flash because it's OP, and the only counter to enemies having flash.
Ignite because it's affected by your ultimate too, doing bonus damage and making people rage.

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Ranked Play

Poppy does not see much of this, as the carries meta ended, but at the same time, everyone likes to pick that glass cannon to carry their way mount ELO. Use their Psycology to your advantage, and make them never want to play anyone squishier than Rammus in their lives.

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Poppy is team dependant, and at the same time, independant. Late game, she can tell the world to go to hell, and starting killing things. Earlygame, however, she needs teamwork to let her reach that point. Poppy cannot solo lane. Poppy cannot jungle. Poppy belongs in a duo lane with a dedicated babysitter, to spoonfeed her CS and kills. In a premade, if Poppy is picked, a carry like Cait or Corki needs to be picked, so they can solo lane, with a beefy jungler, and AP carry. You might end up being the initiator, but who gives a ****? Your immortal for 6 seconds!

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Unique Skills

Poppy can heroic charge to enemy creeps as a blink in bad situations. Her ult can also be used defensively. As Opposed to ulting the highest damage dealer on their team and potentially getting blown up, you can ult their support, or another weak champion and focus their carry without the bonus damage.

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Poppy is a very niche champion. An anticarry who is still viable is hard to come by, but Poppy has no replacements. Her playstyle is the most fun of any champion(Lee Sin, Blitz, Mundo are exceptions), and despite being very unique, can fit a vast amount of team comps with multiple roles. My way is merely one way, and I do not recall saying once that the other builds are bad. AP Poppy is satisfying, AD Poppy is satisfying. POPPY IS SATISFYING. I'll see you on the fields of justice, and when we Poppy mirror-match, I'll pray I banned Alistar. Good luck, and have fun!