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Twisted Fate Build Guide by s7eth

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author s7eth

Cardmaster hybrid" Royal straight flush"

s7eth Last updated on February 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Everybody thinks that tf sucks ..... well it's half true, ap tf is almost only 500-600burst dommage and a stun and ad tf doesn't use fully it's potential and is real not as good ad carry than any other.

But combining ap and ad gives the full potential of tf. It needs some skills but when you are on the 1/3 of this build you are starting to get crakin.
You can be a real game changer in teamfight and can be surprising if you're fighting a enemy who often underestimate your abilities.

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For runes i use those of a classic ap cause you use tf as ap at first. Gives a good start allowing you to get nice dommage for wild card. You can also use rune to increase dommage but i recommend a ap start cause you ll get plenty of dommage with item. You can change seal for life point also: actually every runes could be play but the one i give you is tested .

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Like i have said you can start with a 21/0/9 or a 9/0/21 since you gonna combine both ap and ad you can use both.
I would rather advise you to go 9/0/21 as your ap is not gonna get real high and it's better to get so cooldown reduction and vampyric spells

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Pros / Cons


- really squishy - Real good laning champ
- always focused - Ult real good for ganking,
- burst dommage only counter gank, finish champ
if ap,and low ad carry - 2 crowd control( slow, stun)
- Blame for losing - Not mana dependant ( blue card)

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Summoner Spells

Always take flash ABSOLUTLY necessary for escape since everybody is gonna look for you. After i like to take ignite in order to finish champ. You can choose a more defensive spell like ghost ( also good for offense to catch up an fleeding enemy and stun him) cleanse or heal.

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Ok now let's get to the main buisness! ;
First item take a doran ring or a doran blade. I prefer a doran ring since it gives you some ap which will be qite enough for a good start. Of course you go to get boots: i recommande bezerker's greaves cause more attack speed but depending on the opposite team you can get sorcerers shoes for a good magic penetration.

Then rush on sheen, it's passive will be greatly useful cause you'll be using your abilities a lot so some extra damage can be sweet.

On third go get ionics blade: get you life point necessary to survive and attack speed to be more usefull. I love this item but be careful you got to take this item ONLY when you get the first level of your STACKED DECK. Why? because stacked deck doesn't make real damage until level 4-5. BUT combine with ionic blade you can get a good burst damage, even more if you combine it with a blue or red card.

Now you are more dangerous than your enemies think, you need to go Madred razor blades: more attack speed and a passive that allow you to take down quickly Tanky champ.
This item is quite expessive but the result is really sweet, as for team fight, jungling or laning and allow you to give massive damage after you stun your enemy.
Complete you sheen into lich ban to get more combine damage with your skill.

To be honest i have rarely bought more item after that since the game is often ended. BUT if you got gold remaining there a bunch of item interesting:

- Rylai scepter : more life point, more ap = more durability more damage
- Rabadon: even more damage for a bursting WILD CARD ( 700dmg every 3-4 sec is always interesting)
- hextech gun: more ap more ad vampiryc spell this is also quite good

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Team Work

You are twisted fate the cardmaster: EVERYBODY WILL COME AFTER YOU !!!!

So don't expect to be a massive killer, you will spend much of your time running away. BUT.....
First you can lane easily so you can be solo mid or solo top but be careful cause you are too squishy to take a gank on your own, but if you play well you 1vs1 there is really little chance you'll die ( stun and slow to get away)

If your are teaming choose a rather tanky guy so you can deal damage while staying away from the fight. You can also help out a fighter who deals good damage. Your stun is your main weapon of destruction perfect to engage teamfight, but your red card is also good since it got an effect area so you don't always have to shot a champ, but rather the minion near by.

you'll act more as an offensive support engaging fight, deal damage to prepare the teamfight and disabling opponent. Also don't hesitate to flash in to fleeding enemies: a red card if a group a yellow if a solo can turn a runawy into an ace.

In case you are target by more than 1 champ, slow them, stun one and RUN LIKE HELL!! But remember that you can act as a great BAIT! Yes this is a disgrace but so much more useful than you think.