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Warwick Build Guide by wickwar

carrywick the junglenator

By wickwar | Updated on July 6, 2011

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THIS IS SPARTA *cough cough* sorry i have no idea what that was

hello this is my first build please dont downrate cause it is my first. I use this build when i jungle ww most of the time i carry with it. i did originaly use a build here part of this build is from another but hey what do you espect from a first time build. get cloak and dagger if you die alot from stuns and if they have no good cc get bt then you can get to the baron farm
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what you need to learn about ww

when you are getting your massive penta kill face on always remember FEARS AND BLINDS WILL KILL YOU! mainly fears will but blinds hurt to. you need to remember when your setting up a gank that your allies know your about to gank. a unknowing allie can turn a kill into a death. and always know that this build will get you targeted. i mean like crazy
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Creeping / Jungling

mkay this is the most important part for me if im in a rank or even a normal i always start at there jungles blue if they dont have a jungler. you must be sure you can solo blue to do ths if you can buy 1 ward and place it in the river around your blue. after blue kill the wolfs then the reg golems after you kill them kill the reds then if you are confident you should go to the bushes next to mid lane and leach a level then proced to kill the mid person. by now your level 5 and with hopefully a kill or a assist (hopefully the first) by now you just kill blue when you need it and then red now you just gank and gank.
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by now you should have 10 kills or more if you dont then you need to gank more always find low healths or super squisys. the more you kill the betterer. now you should have your your phantom dancer and and maby a bt if you want if you dont want the bt jsut grab another phantom dont i repeat dont get a ie i know its cool
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end game

by now you shoudl be king of bds and the god of legendary penta kills if not then 3 things are happening. 1. your having a bad day. 2. your vsing a fear. 3. you need pratice if you are doing good then its time to finish if you have completed the build then you will kill all with your might if not ehh you shoudl be close now you want to kill all that means kill the squisy. well if you do this right then your gona win. good day and hope this works :D
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the promises in this guide are not true dont be mad if you dont get a penta or is getting killed alot it happens to all of us
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