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Cassiopeia Build Guide by TopStoner1

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TopStoner1

Cass Two Shooter

TopStoner1 Last updated on June 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Cass has recently become one of my favorite champions in LOL. She is a versatile mage that can 1v1 just about anyone in the game. I find her useful in solo situations and even more useful in team situations. This guide will cover my runes, items, masteries, and some gameply with her. I will also cover other champs to combo up with her based on the abilities and jobs.

Also, please do not forget to VOTE, but only after you have tried this build yourself.

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Runes and masteries

My runes look kinda like a mess. A few different things but they are all the basics for what cass needs. That is magic pen, cooldowns, and AP. I use straight cd's in my seals for the beginning of games. This helps so i can constantly keep enemies at bay with my Q and W spells. It will pay off early for cass to just stay alive. Obviously, one can see why in this game. I like the defensive minded masteries just because of how squishy cass is. I also make sure to boost AP in my masteries along with get the magin pen under the offensive side of the masteries.

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Summoner Spells

When I first someone with flash and ghost i didnt know what to think. But, now that i have tried it, I find this to be a perfect escape plan for cass. Diving in for a cloud and a finishing hit on a low champion for the kill, then flashing out of there backing that with ghost to make sure they cannot reach me even if they chase.

Sometimes I do use Clarity with cass, but this is just when I am a lone carry champ at the beginning of the game and i need to keep the enemy away from my teammates. Clarity will help so i can keep casting Q and W to accomplish this task.

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Item Build

I am so sorry that the build I origanly posted has been revised twice now. I have been working on cass exclusively and have found that she works with many different builds as long as you know what you are doing with her, which I will go into later.

I buy Dorans Ring to start to match for early survivability and mana regen. As i have stated many times already, cass is squishy and will need this health early on. I have also gone with just getting amplifying tones and mana pots at this point to, and have had similar results. However, i find the ring to be most helpful early game.
Just get the regular boots, then build the fiendish code. The extra ap and cooldowns help cass become OP by early game standards. After the fiedish code, buy your boots. These steps here are important to me as I want to get the fiedish code quick to hold an advantage.
Moving on I buy the rod of ages. Why not?? health, mana, and AP that just keeps building over the next twenty minutes, that sounds good to me. Everyone knows of the rod of ages, but with cass, it helps so she can unleash her ult and take on a few champs b4 flashing out of their to survive and letting her teammates clean up the mess.
Next, i go abyssal sceptar. This is half AP and half survivability with the mag resist. Also important for cass as i have found that many players LOVE to gank cass with anyhting they can.
Now i build the fiendish code into morello's evil tone for the obvious reasons; more cooldowns and more AP!!!!
Next i go deathcap. self explanitory
now last, but definately not least, is zhonya's hourglass. I do not always reach this item, but once I do Cass becomes an absolute beast. armor and mass AP along with the invulnerable state, what is not to love??

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Cass is mainly a carry mage with her poison, but then an OP mage with her fang and ult that, in my experience and opinion, that leblanc cant even touch. I also enjoy that if the fangs hit a poisoned enemy, and it doenst have to be your poison it can be singed or teemo's too, its cooldown is brought down to .5 seconds. This makes it so you can blast of fangs left and right if the enemy tries to stay still inside one of your poison clouds or onto of your Q.
Cass's ult is very useful offensively and defensviely. Defensively is obv, it stuns them and you can run away (ahem, flash/ghost). Offensively can be difficult. There is enough time in the spell vamp of her ult that many opponents see it coming and turn away. It is best to surprise everyone with your ult, like the mythological medusa, by hiding in bushes or drawing them to you, then turning and stunning them while you finish them off with your poison and fangs. Her ult will lead to double, trips, quadras, and even penta kills! my best move with it is drawing them to a turret, coming in behind them, so they will think to focus me real quick, then stunning them all in front of my turret as i pick 3 or 4 of them off and run away from the last.
In team fights, all of her abilities play a big role for your team. the poison really hurts the opponent, especially if they are squishy, and it is easy to see how hard the fangs and her ult hits when you get to use her. While there are big team fights going, i try my best to throw a cloud right in the thick of everything along with throwing down a Q spell next to any enemy. Next thing you know, I will have seven fangs flying across my screen and i will have the double kill and my team will finish the rest :D.

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farming; Jungling??????????

On farming, it is important for cass to farm with all of her spells, except her ult. This really racks the gold up quick when you get five minions in your poison cloud and you kill them all. I find it really easy to farm and keep enemies at bay at the same time. make sure to play tentively at all times with cass AND LOOK FOR THE OPPURTUNITIES TO KILL!!! This is the plan i use to stop from feeding with cass.

Now, who would think of jungling with cass or a mage for that matter? Well i did it and it is supereasy with cass. Her poison cloud on the golems and a second later they are both down with your fangs. The same thing goes for the lizard king and even the drag after lvl 11. Just make sure you are safe when jungling with cass because there is not much escaping for her if the summoner spells are on cd. But, it is possible to clear the whole jungle with cass without the other team knowing what could have happened. Poison clouds and twin fangs take down the nuetral monsters faster than noc. She is also great at counter jungling as she will either kill or drive away the opponent with her poison and a few fangs, then take the money and buff they were after.

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Best Teammates for cass

now this is something new that I myself have never even seen. But, I have noticed with cass that there are a few champs that make her beastly throughout the game, and she can do the exact same thing for them.

first, lets start with the two poison champs, tanked singed and dps teemo. With their poison and my poison, twin fang is flying across the screen the whole game.

next is any champion that has a STUN! why? when they are stunned throw a cloud or Q spell at them and see how fast the go down with you and your teammates hitting them :D.
Next is xin, ali, or any champ that will pop the enemy in the air. This helps her land her poison and get more fangs off at the same time. even set up so she can ult with them facing her for the stun.

the next is my favorite and it is because cass helps an already OP ult become a one hit to even the biggest tanks. It is a combo with nunu. The plan i do is wait for nunu to attract champs at him one way and have them all close to him when he pops off his ult; I then come in facing these champs and hit them with my stun, now they is now way they are getting out of nunu's ult and they are most likely dead. Even if you hit them with their backs turned, it will slow them even more, meaning they would need flash to escape nunu.

Malz is also another good combo where you either stun or slow them for him and your clouds or after his ult, you pop your ult and poisons to finish the kill.

And annie and cass make such a great combo of OP mage women. try it out sometime :D