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Cassiopeia Build Guide by SaxySam



Updated on September 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaxySam Build Guide By SaxySam 2,203 Views 0 Comments
2,203 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SaxySam Cassiopeia Build Guide By SaxySam Updated on September 29, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite




alright, so i've been playing Cassiopia a LOT lately, and am not entirely certain the builds here are good. sooo ill give my own insight

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alrighty, so for the runes i like to use magic pene marks, mana/lv seals and cd/lv glyphs with 2MS quints and a pene quint. i put the option of mp reg seals because theyre great for early game harass. but the mp/lv gives GREAT late game damage with Archangels Staff. the choice is completely up to you
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for masteries i go with a standard 9/0/21 but with a slight change from (what ive been told is) the default caster masteries. i max expanded mind for the extra late game mana, quickness for even more harass speed, and perseverance because of the extra mana regen. all of it helps tremendously for the harass aspect of this guide.
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so for items, i always start dorans ring because unfortunately i dont have much early game AP, but it works. trust me :D
after the dorans, you want lv1 boots and the mana regen from meki pendant. after that you can choose which comes first, but you want pene boots and the tear. after both of those, go for archangels staff, and the rest of the items are up to you

if youre doing well team wise, take your time and go for ROA. if youre in need of some more pene because theyre building magic resist, go for void staff. maybe you just need hp/extra slow because theyre getting away too fast-rylai scepter is the way to go.
no matter what you go for, i usually dont get rabadon until late game if it drags on too long. that passive just tears through them with your already maxed mana-AP.
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Skill Sequence

some speculation about my skills, i dont get fang right away, and i dont max it right away. why? because her poison is still a great aspect of her harassing, and lv 3 fang with pene is great. also, i dont get fangs at level 2 either. why? simply because you dont have enough mana regen that early for it to be successful with harassing. as you get used to her, you can do insane amounts of damage overtime with her W followed by Q. that slow will help getting the timing right on her Q.
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Summoner Spells

well, i always get exhaust with her mastery because if you end up against a trynd, a zhao, or any nuke that has hp, that little reduction of magic resist can go a long way. plus you slow them so theyre in range for spams of your fangs, and you can land your Q and E quite nicely while they do little damage back. also, ignite is great because a lot of the time people dont realize theyre DOT'd with two poisons (yes her Q and W stack on themselves) so if you add that true damage in the mix their hp gets drained fast as they run to their turret. just another way to harass both early and late game.
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so yea, mana+that archangels staff do tremendous damage late game, and the constant mana regen gives you MUCH spamming opportunities. plus, if you find yourself oom, with all this mana regen you can constant-cast your Q to harass as your teammate goes in for kills. i realy hope you enjoy this build (if anyone actually ends up reading it haha) and i cant wait to hear both the good and bad critiques of it :]

much love and happy LoLing from SaxySam <3
League of Legends Build Guide Author SaxySam
SaxySam Cassiopeia Guide
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