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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Zenkushi

Cassiopeia: Don't you find me.... Beautiful?

Cassiopeia: Don't you find me.... Beautiful?

Updated on November 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zenkushi Build Guide By Zenkushi 3,123 Views 0 Comments
3,123 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zenkushi Cassiopeia Build Guide By Zenkushi Updated on November 9, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Cleanse



Farming on cassio is very straight forward. You want to manage your mana well before you can get blue buff. Your main objective is to steal enemy blue wraith from their jungle as much as possible. Once you've gotten blue, you can constantly push your lane with 2 Nox Blasts. After you clear your lane, you have the option of farming, your wratihs, their wraiths, your wolves or roaming to get a kill. Do not roam unless you know what you're doing. Don't roam unless you're confident that you'll be able to get a kill. Once you've gotten blue, cassio gets significantly powerful. Try to always steal the enemey wraiths when it is up, however do not put yourself at risk of dying and losing blue just for 1 wraith camp. By farming your wraiths, wolves and their wraiths constantly while pushing your lane up... You'll find yourself with 50 creep kills above the opponent within a few minutes. Farming correctly is essential.
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Killing an opponent is easiest when you catch them when they're not expected. Usage of brush is very important on Cassio. If you are unsure that an opponent might be in a brush or not. ALWAYS use Miasmas to check that brush. Cassiopeia's W gives vision of the location where she casts the spell on.
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Lane Phasing

Lane Phase is where Cassio shines the most. She is simply the strongest duelist (1v1 fights) in the game for the laning phase. Cassio is all about lane dominance and winning your lane. Whether you win your lane by creep kills , or your opponent. WINNING UR LANE IS WINNING UR LANE. Before even playing an AP carry, you need to understand two things about soloing Mid; Soloing mid is about your opponent and his/her jungler versus you and your jungler. If your opponent has a weak line up like veigar and Warwick, you know for certain that they cannot possibly kill you with ganks Pre level 6. So always understand your match up. If you're playing against a WW/ Veigar, you can play very very very aggressive against that line up and overextend like crazy until the warwick has reached level 6. Once hes hit level 6, your goal is to play passive and safe after. If you're playing against a Ryze Middle and a Lee Sin Jungler, you should always take precautions and ward very early. Its also not only about their Jungle and solo, but also about your jungle and your own champion. If you also have a strong match-up that can kill them, then it really depends on how aggressive you can play. I won't go into detail though because most players wont understand this until they've reached competitive play.
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Early Game

Cassiopeia is strong throughout all the phases of a game, however she is at her strongest point compared to other champions from level 2~9 onwards. Focus on your lane and farm well. If you cannot kill your opponent, don't force it. Farm Farm Farm. Push your lane out and roam top and bottom. Farm their wraiths and your wraiths and even your wolves. Understand your lane match-up. Pushing out and ganking other lanes is a very strong strategy in this meta.
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Cassiopeia In Team Fights

In Team Fights, Kill the closest target. Be patient with your ultimate and wait till enemies rush at you. Some times it is okay to just ult one person if you can burst them down to make the fight a 4v5. Only engage fights with Cassio, if you're confident that you can land your ultimate on 4~5 people, otherwise just play it safe and kill the closest target. Kite Kite Kite, You land a Nox Blast and you have an additional 25%. There is no reason for your to die. Before a fight, always to poke with Nox Blast and Miasma. Try to lower your enemies before the engage actually starts. Don't use too much mana poking... Spam as much as you want if you have blue. Positioning is key, remember position differently each time accordingly to the champions you're playing against.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zenkushi
Zenkushi Cassiopeia Guide
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Cassiopeia: Don't you find me.... Beautiful?

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