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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Stark

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stark

Cassiopeia Jungle

Stark Last updated on November 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About Stârk...

I am a big experimenter when it comes to builds and champions. I like to test different builds and/or champions that are out of the box. Legit testing looking for viable builds - not a troll.

You can view my Experimenter's stream here:

My Other Guides
AP Carry Karma:

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Mastery Changes / New Jungle

I am still testing mastery changes and the new jungle that will be comming soon.

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How-To Video

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Before you start to shout "Trolololol" take some time to look at the replays I've listed. Cassiopeia jungle has a very strong early game. The ganks are so strong you can get kills even when they flash.

This is a very skilled based role to play however. If you do not pay attention you can have a ton of things go wrong. Keep this in mind if you test it out and it goes horribly wrong.

The key thing to remember is Cassiopeia has high damage output as long as you keep your target poisoned.

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Runes are pretty straight forward, AP and Movement Speed. More damage and boosting your ability to chase, especially with your boost from "Q" landing on an enemy champion.

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Standard 9/0/21. There are only three important masteries: Exp Boost, Magic Pen and Movement Speed. You could substitute anything beyond if that is your preference.

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Starting Items - Elixir of Brillience/6xHealth Potion:
The elixir gives you roughly 40 AP w/ Runes at level 1. This makes Cassiopeia have really high damage output on her Q and E right at the start.
The potions give you the sustain required until you purchase your Hextech Revolver.

First Item - Hextech Revolver:

This will give you the sustain you need while jungling, especially while taking out buff minions. I consider it the "AP Jungle Wriggle's Lantern".

Second Item - Boots of Speed:
Boots, No explanation necessary.

Third Item - Rod of Ages:
Rod of Ages is an important item on Cassiopeia no matter what role you play. She needs the tankyness and mana pool that this item gives.

Fourth Item - Boots of Swiftness:
I choose Boots of Switftness for chase and kite power. With the quints, these boots and your "Q" bonus your movement speed adds to your survival.

Remaining Items - TBD:
The next items I take are really on case per case basis. Usually I choose Rabadon's or Void Staff, depending on what the other team is making. If someone gets fed I might choose Abyssal Scepter or Zhonya's Hourglass. If I'm ahead or doing well sometimes a quick Will of the Ancients helps me stay on top and avoid dieing.

The key thing to remember is Cassiopeia has high damage output as long as you keep your target poisoned. It is not always necessary to rush High AP.

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Skill Sequence

Your Q and E are your bread and butter. Note that Cass can cast both at the same time. Always, always, always make sure your target is poisoned before going all out. Your "E" is a horrible spell at a 3+ second cooldown. Keep your target poisoned, always.

At 4 you can pick up your "W" for those "Oh **** I missed my Q" situations. You also can use this to slow/chase and check shrubs (it gives vision).

"Q" is your first spell at level one, than:
Max E, Max Q, Max Ult, Max W.

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Where to begin...

Your job as Jungle Cass has one main focus: Ganks/Lane Harass

Double Golems: You start at 2 Golems with a leash. Auto-attack the golem they tagged and make sure your "Q" hits both golems every time. Smite the Golem you are NOT auto-attacking when he is low enough. With a good leash you shouldn't even need to use a potion here. Kite as necessary, do not sit and tank them.

Level 2 Gank: This is where I impress people the most. You should kill the golems before the other team is in the lane. Hide in the outside shrub (not in the river shrub) until they show up. Wait until they are in position for you to land your Q, than charge in spamming E.

Q, E, E, E, Q usually is a kill on level 1 champions. If you can co-ordinate a stun your chances of getting First Blood are very high.

Wraiths/Mid Harras:
Depending how your first gank went you will head to Wraiths (smite is up, use it on the big wraith, 1 pot MAY be needed) or head to mid for another gank/harass. A simple Q, E can make a big enough difference to give your mid lane the edge.

Wolves or Blue Pillar:

Head to wolves for level 3 if you can, if not head back to base.

This is where you start crossing a fork in the road.

Level 3 Road: The better situation is when you are level 3 at this point. Head to Blue with Full Mana and Full Health (You will need it). Keep him poisoned spam E and queue up 2-3 health pots. Make sure to hit the two small ones with Q to kill them asap and avoid their extra damage. Once you have blue, use potions as necessary to heal up full and let blue buff get you to 50% or higher mana. Now decide where to gank.

**NOTE**: You want to buy a ward for your Blue in this situation so it does not get stolen.
Level 2 Road: Back to Jungle and a Gank. You do not want to try golem at level 2, clear golems/wraiths/wolves try one gank than B to town. You will be 3 at this point and can head to Golem.

During Blue-Buff:
Clear the jungle ASAP, than head to lanes and gank. Give red to someone if they are close otherwise take the xp and gold, time is crutial. Steal their jungle whatever, optimizing your use of Blue Buff is critically key. Get farmed, hold lanes while they shop and last hit (don't push their lane).

Post-Blue Buff:
At this point you will have your Hextech Revolver or more. You should not lose much health if any during your jungle.

Dragon Watch:
A definite con to Cassiopeia Jungle is the weak solo options for dragon. Sneaking a dragon kill can make a big difference in any game. At this point on keep dragon warded, make sure your ward also views the opening for blue, serving a double purpose.

Your best option is to co-ordinate with your team and watch when bottom returns to base or after a strong gank in bot head to Dragon. Soloing Dragon with blue and Hextech Gunblade with full hp/mana around level 7 & 8 is not that hard, but you will be vulnerable and mostly just low mana.

From here on out pay attention to these rules:

WATCH YOUR LEVEL: If you fall behind it is your fault. This is key UNTIL THE GAME ENDS.
WATCH YOUR MANA: Cassiopeia can go from full mana to zero mana in less than 10-15 seconds. While jungling make strong use of smite and Q. Try not to cast W or E unless your passive is stacked to 5.
OPTIMIZE BLUE BUFF: Time your Blue Buff, kill it as it pops. Clear your jungle constantly while it is on you. When jungle is re-spawning GANK or cover a lane. When in lane focus enemy harass and not pushing your teammates lane.
USE TOP/BOT SHRUB: Ganks from top/bottom shrub are very strong with Cass. If your team's lane is pushed sneak into the shrub and wait for the time to pounce.
COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAM: This goes for any Jungler. Don't show up to a pushed lane and expect a gank. Ask if wards have been dropped, ask to push so you can get in to top/bot brush and notify the lane to stop pushing so you can gank.
WARD DRAGON/YOUR BLUE: Not much more to say here, keep it warded and frequent bot ganks when Dragon is up so you can kill it afterwards.
TIME KEEPER: This can be hard to remember sometimes, it is still something I am working on. Every time an important buff mob or summoner spell is used, track its time. This goes for Flash, Teleport, Dragon, Blue/Red Buffs, ect. Doing this can really improve your game for you and your team.

Replay List:

Seeing is believing. If you are interested in Jungle Cassiopeia please watch the replays below. They demonstrate the Jungle routes and ganking methods. 12-6-12 (Draft) A couple allies failed this game but I feel I was on game here. 12-6-15 (Ranked) I made alot of mistakes this game but the ganks are strong. 6-1-10 Jungle (Draft) 8-0-5 9-2-15 6-1-11 7-2-16 13-1-11 (Ranked) Good Early Game

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Pros / Cons

Great Ganks
Lane Harrass
Strong AP Carry in Jungle

Mid ganks can be tough vs: LeBlanc, Morgana, Brand
Skill Dependant
Constant watch on your Blue Buff
Soloing Dragon is a large drain on HP, Mana and Time (Normally have to blue pillar afterwards).

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Ranked Play

I generally only play Jungle Cass in ranked when they let me, otherwise the team has a fit and gives up before the game starts.