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Cassiopeia Build Guide by davijones

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author davijones

Cassiopeia Middle

davijones Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Hey everyone! As everyone knows Cassiopeia is thought of as a weak and useless champion. This is only because most of the people who play Cass are careless and make her look bad. Cass is a very strong carry if you can play offensive enough to get the kills but defensive enough to stay behind your tanks and attack at the right moment.

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I chose most Ability Power and Magic Pen runes. The reason for this is because early game, with all of that enhances AP Cass can overcome almost anybody at mid. Your Q alone will deal out massive damage. I also threw in some Armor because of how squishy Cass can be early game. Against someone who can harass you, the Armor will come in handy.

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A lot of people would put most runes in the Utility instead of Offense. I feel that the extra damage along with your runes makes it easy to take out mid within seconds.

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I start off with a Dorans Ring for obvious reasons. The extra ability power, health, and mana regeneration. I like to get a Catalyst as soon as possible. The extra health and mana go a long way early game. Its unique also helps you stay in lane whenever you level up. After that I get boots. Next is a Rod of Ages. It is best to get that as soon as possible, considering its unique allows you to get extra mana, health, and AP as the game progresses. Next is Sorcerer's Boots. I choose these for the extra Magic Pen. Next is a Rylai's Crystal Sceptor. This is great because it gives you a ton of health along with a good bit of ability power. Its unique also allows you to slow down your target whenever you land a spell on them. Rabadon's Deathcap is your next item. This just gives you a Massive amount of ability power. The next two items are situational. The order in which you get them depends on what the other team mostly deals damage with. If the enemy team deals alot of physical damage, then get a Zhonya's Hourglass first. If the team is dealing out alot of ablitity power, then go with an Abyssal Sceptor first. The item you didn't chose, should be your final item.

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Skill Sequence

With Cass you should always get your Noxious Blast first (Q). It deals a ton of damage over time and gives you a speed boost if you hit an enemy champion. After that is your Twin Fang (E). Twin Fang goes good with Noxious Blast because if the enemy is poisoned and you hit it with Twin Fang, the cooldown of Twin Fang is reduced to .5 seconds. That way you can just hit them with your Noxious Blast first, and then just spam Twin Fang. I only get one point in Miasma (W) because it doesnt do very much damage compared to Noxious Blast. It is useful to clear minion waves late game though. Your Petrifying Gaze (R) is amazing. If you are facing your enemy when you hit it, they will be stunned. After that you just hit your Q on them and your W. Then just rapidly spam your E. If they are a squishy, they should be dead. If you use your ult and the enemy is looking away, but still in range of it, they will be slowed. Once that happens just Q them and E them. Landing a Q on them will give you a speed boost and help you catch up to them.

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Summoner Spells

Useful Spells (in order)

Ghost- Great for Chasing and running away.
Exhaust- Allows you to slow somebody to catch them, or get away from them. Also great in one on ones.
Flash- Good for catching someone or getting away from them.
Ignite- Goes great with your poison for damage over time.
Teleport- Helps to get around the map.
Clarity- If you have mana problems this might help.
Heal- Helps early game if you tend to be taken down in health a lot.

Not Useful Spells (in order)
Cleanse- You should be far enough away from champions to not get stunned,slowed,etc. You deal damage from a distance. Can be helpful in ganks though.
Fortify- Leave it for the tanks.
Clairvoyance- Leave it for the support.
Revive- You shouldn't plan on dyeing.
Rally- You don't do attack damage.
Smite- Your not a jungler.

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Whenever you play Cass, always try to get Middle Lane. You can easily dominate 1v1 most of the time. You want to try to stay far behind your minions and move around left and right alot. Try to last hit so you dont push your lane. Whenever the enemy champion gets to close hit them with your Q. If you get the chance, after they are poisoned try to get them with your E. Cass takes a lot of predicting where the enemy will move. It takes a second for your Q to land where you click, so try to predict the place your Enemy will be and hit there. After a few Q's there HP should be considerably low. If you have enough health and mana, go for the kill. Just hit them with your Q and E. (I suggest getting two wards whenever you have enough money and put them at the two bushes that connect the rivers to Middle Lane.) This helps prevent ganks and allows you to extend a little more at Middle.

Near Middle game you should have gotten enough money to have a few of your items. By now you will have a good bit of AP and enough health to survivability. If you are having mana issues, try to get Blue Buff whenever possible. Try not to over-extend because you can easily be killed. Try to get wards whenever you have any free money. They help you locate the enemy and prevent any ganks. Try to target the Squishys. Never target the tank as Cass. Most of the time you wont do enough damage to take them down.

Depending on how your Early and Middle game went, you should have most of your items. You should also have enough ap to take down the enemy's squishys. Take advantage when you see their squishy seperate from the group. Go up and ult them, then unleash your Q and E. in a team fight, wait until the enemy is grouped up, then go in and hit as many as possible with your ult. That gives your team a considerable amount of time to dish out a ton of damage. When you are waiting for the time to throw your R, try to stay near the back and just hit the enemy with your Q whenever you get a chance. Try to either hit the squishys with it, or just hit as many of the enemy as possible with it. That should considerably take them down in HP.

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I hope this build helps you play Cass or just makes you realize how good she can actually be. Please comment any ideas or complaints. If you liked this please thumb up! Thanks for reading! :D