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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Knifeparty

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Knifeparty

Cassiopeia, Snakes have a nasty bite!

Knifeparty Last updated on September 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Whats this guide about!

This is my guide to playing Cassiopeia to her maximum damage output! Now this isn't really a guide that is super serious or anything, its simply just how I play Cassiopeia. Now a lot of the things in this guide are just things I do when I play her! I just want this guide to be a help for people who want to shine when playing Cass. She's a fantastic champion, even though she's underplayed I'm almost certain she is one of the best and definitely a top favorite of mine. I'm making this guide to show people that Cassiopeia is a good champion, and is very very fun. I actually haven't owned her for long, maybe 20 games or so I've played at her. I've tried a few different builds out, one starting out with Tear and then going for Archangels after Rylai's but I didn't really like being so squishy at the start of the match. She shines with a bit of HP and can end up being really good with a bit of hp. With health items she also has great diving capabilities, with Poisons and Twin Fang spam you can take pretty much anyone out early game. With the build I have chosen to show in this guide I got a Quadra kill in my 2nd game of using it while diving a tower. Was so close to the penta!

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Why these runes?

I chose these runes because in all honesty these are just the ones I seem to use on any mage/ability power character I play. I like having raw magic pen for extra damage on my reds and yellows are HP per level purely because I hate dying and like to be a tad beefier when playing mages. AP per levels are just a good option because every time you level you get extra AP! Who doesn't want that! Also I chose pure AP quints because of the AP bonus, you could probably go for magic pen quints if you really want but I prefer hard out AP damage, it seems to work for me.

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Why these masteries?

I think these masteries are probably the best purely because you get so much versatility from the 9/0/21 set. You get all the magic pen you need and a little AP boost from the Offense tree and then you get all the mana and bonus exp from utility. Additionally the points in extended buff duration are a must have because a Cass with blue is just.. Oh wow. The cd reduction and mana regeneration just makes Cassiopeia amazingly good in the lane and even in mid! Obviously the final points in utility give CD reduction, which is amazing for Cass, so why not take it! 3 points in Quickness is a must, Cassiopeia can get caught in a bad situation pretty easily without team mates and her only real escape is Miasma on the floor and run like a mother. So having some bonus movement speed can help quite a lot.

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Why this skill order?

Well to be honest, you can't really go any other way with Cassiopeia. Twin Fang is her bread and butter. You NEED this spell maxed out to the freaking max as soon as possible to get your burst on. Cassiopeia shines when this spell is maxed out and you have got your poisons on a target. Just keep on spamming until you see that last tick of Miasma or Noxious blast go off. Then poison them again, and Twin Fang them in the *** until they are dead. Twin Fang is how Cassiopeia actually dishes her damage, her Dots are purely there for self buffs and to get your Fangs out like a machine gun.

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Okay well. Items. Yes. I start with Doran's Ring every time. You don't really need health pots or any of that ****. Your all about burst and dishing it out hard and fast (ha ha). I generally don't get boots of speed straight out after the ring but wait in the lane till I have enough cash to buy Sorcerer's Shoes straight out of the shop. After that I like to get Catalyst for a bit of hp/mana and the healing when I level (Note: Watching Catalyst or your level ups can score you easy kills). Giant's Belt for some more HP, so you don't die. Cassiopeia is very very squishy, so I think getting these two items increases her survivability at the start of the match hugely. After those tanky items I tend to just buy two blasting wands for a little bit of AP. After you've got those two wands you can just go run around killing people or farm/whatnot. You've now got enough dosh (money) to go back to base and buy out either your RoA or Rylais. Doesn't really matter. I prefer Rylai's first because of the slow but RoA means you get more hp/mana once again. But in all seriousness just buy both as soon as you can! After that void staff for magic pen and more AP (this item makes you rape *** with your E in this stage of the game). Then I just go kill people and buy myself a Rabadons as soon as possible. After that a little bit of a team boost and something that makes your ulti do a little more damage, I like to get Abyssal Scepter as the last and final item for my inventory. Yeah thats it for items.

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Why Ingite and Flash?

Ignite and Flash. Ignite goes well with Dots, and if your stuck in mid against a fiddle he's pretty screwed in a 1v1 situation. Flash is your escape and can be used as a pretty godly way of getting on the other side of escaping champs to pull out the ulti in their face.

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Summarising CassiOPeia!

Cass is a great champion, she has a huge amount of damage output all throughout the game and is fantastic to play. I've had a huge amount of fun playing her and thought I'd just share how I play Cass, with all of you!