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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Kami-ShiniNoYari

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kami-ShiniNoYari

Cassiopeia-The Diety of Beauty

Kami-ShiniNoYari Last updated on October 17, 2011
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First of all, I have to say that I have been playing Cassiopeia FOR A VERY LONG TIME and from the time I bought her 97% of my games for about 2 months were only with her, which means everything you see in this guide is the final version of my set and tricks to make Cassiopeia the true snake goddess.NOTE: CASSIOPEIA IS AN EXTREMELY DIFFICULT CHAMPION TO PLAY WITH, cause many people told me cass difficult?wtf I had 10/0 on my first game with her.THIS IS NUTS eve na newbie can get a high score when his team pwns and the other team sucks the thing is to MASTER CASSIOPEIA and be the best of your team even if they pwn or suck.

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Pros and Cons

-Amazing DoT skills
-Impressive in teamfights
-Her skills almost always save your allies from death and sometimes you(but that needs a long time to master)
-Low CD skills
-Great abuser of teamates with poison
-Cheap skills especially with her passive
-Extremely squishy one of the most squishy champions in the game
-Very close range to cast her skills
-Hard to master
-No burst damage

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My Runes are pretty straight forward for offensive casters that don't need CD reduction:Greater Mark of Insight, just normal Magic Penetration for your skills to be more effective and destroy that freaking magic resist.Greater Seal of Replenishment, I find these seals great on Cassiopeia since thanks to her passive you won't be needing any mana mid/late but in the early game you will find out that to ensure kills and still keep the 50% mana reduction cost these runes will come in handy especially while combined with your.For glyphs I use AP per level cause Cassiopeia doesn't need anything like CD reduction like other casters so some extra raw power always comes in handy since nothing else could be that effective here and never forget that with these Glyphs yourwill be even more effective late game.My Quints are flat AP just for some more raw power early and especially since nothing could be better IMO but you can always replace them with flat health or with magic penetration.In my opinion though your magic pen doesn't need any boost until late game but yourwill be doing the job at point and about flat health I am always able to survive while playing Cass cause I have mastered her but whenever a death is unavoidable it is when you are in a CC fight and no teamate comes to help and you are let's say low on mana or your opp will be able to get the kill if you try to escape which means that if you play like a PRO you will only die cause of that freaking CC, so I find health kinda inferior to flat AP here.

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My Masteries are a classic build 9-0-21, BUT many of you might have noticed that instead ofI have level 3, the reason for this is that I have done some calculations myself and saw some threads on LoL official site about the 2 spells and found out that it only refunds 1 mana even if you have like doran's ring other mana regen items or runes for mana regen, whilemight be helpful sometimes.

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About my items:
First of all, I always start with a, reasons are pretty obvious more health, AP and mana regen it is a MUST start item for a mage like Cassiopeia.Next I get the , which always my 2nd item to all champions that I play except Kassadin.Next, I don't like upgrading the boots instantly, so I go for, before upgrading them.Now about, I know most of you will now say OH MY GOD HE USES MEJAI'S WHAT A NOOB RELYING ON STACKS TO KEEP UP, well I think the same most of the times but not about Cass after playing tons of games with her I found out that since I need NO MANA increase at all to graband then, so I need some more AP ignoring mana which doesn't even bother me, I have also seen many guys grabingor evenand I always say OMG does he REALLY THINK that Cass is like all other caster champions?So for the above mentioned reasons I graband NEVER forget if you play like a PRO ONLY CC will make you die, so you will be able to maintain at least 10 stacks at least at mid/late which is enough to pwn all your enemies at that time, BUT if you feel thatis just too risky and you can't maintain the stacks, replace it with, even though I don't suggest it and there is another option that I have seen many times but I completely disagree which is, as I told ya before if you face a CC fight is the most common way to die , some spell vamp won't be saving the day it is just a wasted slot for Cass IMO.So, finally after explaining all my reasons thatis pure ownage if held by Cass, let's go further on.Next, I upgrade my boots tofor the movement speed icnrease and magic penetration, which will be needed at this point.Next, THE ALWAYS MUST HAVE ITEM FOR CASS which of course is,this will be the key that will help you abuse your fast spells casting them all the time and making your enemies' escape chances EXTREMELY LIMITED.Now, at this point you will be needing some more raw power and what's the best item for this?The answer is pretty obvious:.Next, we will be needing some more magic penetration to slain the guys who try to counter ya and to ensure kills to guys that have enough magic resist to counter ya and since all your skills have a close rangeisn't needed at all cause we have,which provides more than enough magic resist reduction to punish all of those guys who try to counter ya.Lat but not least, we havewhich gives you armor, some more AP and an impressive active that may lead to an heroic escpae with your teamates help.

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Skill Sequence

I get a point onearly on to increase my farming process and deal some damage to my enemy who rarely escapes a shot or 2.Next I get a point onright at level 2 and at level 3 I also get a point onand then I maxwhile I always get a point on my ultimate whenever possible,next I maxfor more damage and thenwhich helps a lot especially with your.

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Tips and Tricks

-Try to avoid all CC fights
-ONLY if you can kill someone with justuse it without poisoning them first.
-Always prefer mid, instead of other lanes
-Cast your Q even if you don't hit an enemy unit just to keep your passive active at 50% mana cost reduction.
-Learn to use your ultimateso that it always is effective cause it is great if used correctly and never forget to even use flash to ensure its use and get some kills.
-Now throughout my experience I found out that some champs are just too strong agaisnt Cass and you should always avoid laning agaisnt them early game and NEVER forget that using Cass against a tnak is not a good idea cause she is full DoT.I will tell you the champs that you should avoid laning against but I will not give you the reasons cause I have to explain those champs as well, if some of you don't know those champs and are curious why then give it a try :p.
Those champs are:NOTE:These are the guys that you recently have to face when you are IN MID while laning there are MANY guys that have an advantage against ya but if you are not mid you have support as well, so it's not that difficult.

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Thank you all for reading through my Cassiopeia Guide I hope you liked it and be inspired from this guide and always feel free to suggest more things on how to improve it and any other random stuff you like.Vote and Comment after reading the guide if you want and if you downvote please give me reasons.