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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xander822

Cassiopeia the poison mistress

Xander822 Last updated on December 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Cassiopeia the Poison *****!

Cassiopeia is one of the newest champions to LoL and in my opinion one of the best. Her strengths are poisoning her targets and running back. In other words she is a hit and run snake person. In this build you will learn how to play as Cassiopeia and her strengths and weaknesses.

High Damage output
DoT (damage over time)
Kick *** Ulti
Can be a OT (off tank)
Abilities have low cooldowns


uses mana very quicker early
has very low health early
Ulti only works if they are facing her

Passive: Her passive is very unique. It decreases the mana cost of spells after you cast a spell. This passive can stack up to 5 times. Each stack decreases the cost of the next spell by 10% (50% total). The problem with it is that it only lasts a very small portion of time.

Noxious Blast: This spell is the one I use most often when I play as her. The cooldown on it is very little and does high amounts of damage over 3 seconds. I spam this like crazy during every part of the game.

Miasma: This spell is very excellent for farming minions and slowing champs. It applies a slow and a poison onto the target and if they stay in it, they will receive a lot of damage.

Twin Fang: This spell is my 2nd favorite. I don't spam it like i do Noxious Blast, but when I have a poison on someone i spam it like crazy. Normally it has a 4 sec cooldown, but when you have a person poisoned and hit them with it, the spell cooldown is reduced to .5 sec. This spell does a very high amount of damage if you spam it like crazy when someone is poisoned.

Petrifying Gaze: This spell is Cassiopeia's ulti. The spell itself is awesome, because it can freeze someone and you can poison the **** out of them while they are poisoned. It also does damage on them too. The stupid thing about it though is that it only freezes they targets in front of her if they are facing her. If they are not facing her then they just get slowed and damaged. Useful if someone is running and you can K.O. them, but gay if they do a hit and run type of thing.

Play Style:
Early Game:
First off when the game starts get a Doran's Ring and a Health pot. I suggest laning with someone and not try to go mid because of you speed. You start out with a 305 movement speed. When you go either top or bottom ask your team mate if they want to do a beginning gank. If they say yes then get in the bush nearest their tower. If they say no then stick next to your tower. On the yes side wait for a champion to come towards the bush or when they start attacking minions. Don't come out if they are attacking minions until they are halfway to your tower. If they come into the bush pop your exhaust and spam your Noxious strike on them, until you kill em or you get em to start tower hugging. Do the same thing if they attack minions. Cassiopeia is a pusher type of lady and you can do just that. Keep the enemy champions tower hugging and you can get easy kills. When someone tower hugs just quickly go in when the tower is attacking the minions, pop and noxious blast, then get out for 3 sec, then repeat :D! You can accumulate many kills this way. Try to stay in your lane until you get to lvl 6 then recall back to buy some boots and other stuff. Now on to mid game.

Mid Game: Now you should have your boots and should be half way to your Rod of Ages. You should also have all your spells. When the enemy champions get greedy or pushy, just pop a Miasma behind them and spam them with Noxious Blast and Twin Fang. If they get REALLY greedy, pop em with a petrifying Gaze and poison them and fang em till they realize, "I shouldn't try to mess with a snake in the grass!" Now you should also be worrying about ganks though. You will still be very slow and can get ganked easily if not on your toes. Still push them with mostly your poisons and save your twin fang when they get out of the tower range. When you get to lvl 11 recall again to get your Rod and the Soulstealer. Then to your prime time: LATE GAME!!

Late Game: By this point you will probably have enough ability power to pack a mean punch into anyone you wish, besides tanks. Watch out for tanks they hurt A LOT!! And they mostly ignore your poisons. Squishies are your friends! You can K.O. them easily if you know their weaknesses. Try to stay with a partner and help out with team ganks. During team battle's, stay back, poison, poison, fang times infinity and use petrifying gaze when you think the time is right. Finally lead your team to victory and dance at their destroyed nexus!

Things to Note
DoTs are good and bad they can deal damage to keep the defensive guys off, but the offense guys will ignore your dots until you die
watch for people with Exhaust: they will KILL YOU!
watch for people with ghost and Flash: they will KILL YOU!
you can either have flash and exhaust or some one of those with ignite for an extra DoT
You can tower hug too, don't forget that: Cassiopeia is very good at tower hugging.
help your team mates: you are an excellent damage support and you can help them get away by slowing enemy champs

Thanks for reading my guide, please send me comments!