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Cassiopeia Build Guide by alex45696

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author alex45696

Cassiopeia, the poisonous Snake [Ranked]

alex45696 Last updated on December 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey my name is Alex and ingame I´m known as alex45696. This is my first guide. I prefer playing mid lane and my favorite champion is Cassiopeia. I play her in normal games and i also play her in ranked. The most important thing is that you have to play aggressive! In my opinion she is the most aggressive mid champ in lol. If you want to pick her in ranked the best choice is to swap with your last pick so no one counters you. You can counter champs like Ryze, Mordekaiser or even Morgana with her. She is really hard to play and you have to learn her to be good.

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Pros and Cons


+Really strong Harass
+Strong and fast damage output
+CC with ult


-Hard to play
-Needs shortcast
-You have to master the skillshots

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For runes i prefer all runes in early game ap power so you can start harass the enemy on your lane fast and have enough magic penetration early. In mid and late game you will already have some items for dealing enough dmg output. So this is the best rune build for Cassio.

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I prefer this masteries with Cassio because you can withstand enough dmg from the other mid laner. But you have to get all minions with auto-hits because of your low mana regeneration but trust me this is the best for Cassio. I tried it both ways with many regeneration and the defend build and the defend build was better at all.

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Your end items should be:

The sorcerers shoes: These boots will give you 20 increased magic penetration. The boots are important because you are already building magic penetration in your masteries and runes, and also in Void Staff so you deal enough damage to enemy´s buying some magic resistance.

Rod of Ages: It´s important that you buy this as fast as you can because of it´s passive. With this item you´re not squishy anymore and you got some ap damage included too.

Rabadon´s Deathcap: This item is for your high damage output. It gives you massive ap damage and also 30% more because of it´s unique passive.

Rylai´s Crystal Scepter: You can take this item before Rabadon´s but i prefer taking Rabadons first because of the high amount of damage output. This item is nice for Cassio because when you use any of your abilities all hit enemy´s are slowed. So if you combine it with your w it´s a very nice slow.

Void Staff: Void Staff gives you 40% magic penetration so you have now more then 60% magic penetration and also some extra ap damage included.

Zhonya´s Hourglass: With this item you got extra armor and nice ap damage too. It´s unique active helps you to stop the focus on you if you´re getting focused to hard or get rescued by your team if you got caught.

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Farming/Taking wraiths/Moving Top or Bot Lane

Try to catch every minion with your auto-hits and only use your spells for harassing the enemy champion. If you pushed your minions too hard take wraiths and if you killed your enemy champion try to gank top or bot lane. If you see your enemy moving to another lane follow him! But don´t get caught.

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With level 1 try to focus minions and only use your q sometimes for harassing your opponent. When you´re level 2 start hitting your q and 2 times your e but don´t forget to last hit minions. You need every minion! When you get level 4 you can also start engaging with your w so your opponent is slowed and it´s easier to hit him with your q. When reaching level 6 try to get a kill if you haven´t done before. If the jungler wants to gank you and your opponent is a bit too slow to react use your ultimate and finish him fast with a q and 2-3 e´s and ignite if needed. If top or bot lane is in trouble try to gank it and make sure your opponent doesn´t notice that your gone or only notices too late. One big thing is map control. If you don´t see the jungler don´t start to engage and never push your lane to hard. If you killed your opponent you can push your lane so his creeps die. If top or bot lane is in trouble try to gank it. In mid and late game try to wait for and engage by an Amumu or Galio just champions like that. If the enemy´s engage try to hit the most of them you can with your ultimate. Then burst the important target down like the carry or the mid laner. If you follow these steps and your team doesn´t feed you have a good chance to win.

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Game History

Here I´ll add some of my plays with Cassio.

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Closing Remarks

I hope you enjoyed my guide and try to play Cassiopeia like I told you here. Learn here and leave me a comment if my guide helped you. Thanks for your feedback. In the next months I´ll edit this guide to make it more helpful.

Greetings Alex/alex45696