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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Leblanc Pro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Leblanc Pro

Cassiopeia-Why no Love?

Leblanc Pro Last updated on August 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Cassiopeia, isn't she so cool? :) yet shes one of the least used champions in all of League of Legends :( or atleast it seems like it. Though she might not be very popular, shes still insanely fun to play in my opinion. Cassiopeia is a Caster champion that mainly uses DoT (Damage over Time) skills to kill her opponents.

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Skill Sequence

This sequence is commonly used for Cassiopeia because it helps you deal good damage early game, which can help you get enough money for items such as Void Staff. This skill sequence maxes out Twin Fang first because it is your main damage dealer. However, the first skill point goes to Noxious Blast so that you can poison your target, then use Twin Fangs to combo.

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Item Sequence

Starting off with Meki Pendant is a good idea for Cassiopeia because she focuses with spamming her skills, therefore resulting in heavy mana-burning. Meki Pendant will help regain your MP so you won't have to Recall back to base constantly and miss out on money or EXP.

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Pros / Cons

- Fun to play if you know how to use her
- Fun ultimate
- Spammable skill that scales on 90% of your Ability Power (Noxious Blast)
- Miasma can be used to kill a whole minion wave
- Though most of your skills have horrible Ability Power scalings, Cassiopeia makes up for this by having your main damage dealing skills (Noxious Blast and Twin Fang) have low cooldowns
- Can kill anyone with enough time unlike people such as Leblanc (Explained in the Gameplay - Late Game section)

- Uncommon
- Hard to master
- Hard to aim ultimate
- Must be able to predict where your enemy will go so you can hit them successfully with your Noxious Blast
- Most skills have horrible Ability Power scalings

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Important Things to Consider

- Cassiopeia is a DoT, therefore your damage won't be heavy bursts of damage like Annie or Leblanc, therefore you should stay AWAY from any champion who can burst you down faster than you can kill them, unless you have your Ultimate skill (Petrifying Gaze) ready to use.

- Cassiopeia users must spam as much as you can when facing enemy champions. But remember to poison them first, then spam Twin Fangs as much as you can to maximize your damage output.

- Cassiopeia's Ultimate skill is one of the hardest Ultimate skills to use because you MUST use it when the enemies are facing you because this maximizes the potential of the skill by stunning all the enemies who are facing you. Therefore, use Petrifying Gaze if you are being chased so you have a better chance of stunning them.

- Petrifying Gaze is an excellent skill to use to kill unexpecting face-checkers. Use this to get an easy kill.

- The skill sequence that Cassiopeia should use to kill her enemies is as follows: Petrifying Gaze -> Miasma -> Twin Fangs (Use as much as you can before the poison wears out) *If they do not die then: Noxious Blast to poison the target -> Twin Fangs x2 or x3. Then repeat*

- This build recommends Rylai's Crystal Scepter because it pairs up nicely with your miasma.
The slow from Rylai + your Miasma should slow the enemy for 70% if your Miasma is at level 5, an EXTREMELY heavy slow that will definately help you escape anyone who may be chasing you.
Also, Rylai's slow would go nicely with all of your skills too:
>Noxious Blast: With a cooldown of 2 seconds, spamming this will constantly slow the enemy and make the enemy extremely frustrated if they're running away or chasing you

>Twin Fangs: If poisoned, the cooldown would be 0.5 seconds, spamming this on an enemy will also constantly slow them while dealing a large amount of damage.

>Petrifying Gaze: If you don't stun them, the slow from this skill + your Rylai's will be
95%. Practically making them unable to move :P

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During Team Fights...

Wait for most of the opponents to group up, then when they are charging forward towards your team, go up and use your ultimate. This should stun most of them, giving your team a nice advantage to the teamfight. Also remember to constantly use Miasma and Noxious Blast in teamfights so you can take down their team's HP faster.

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At level one, try to get mid lane so you can get your ultimate faster. While in mid, don't be afraid to spam Noxious Blast for last hits or your Twin Fangs because your Meki Pendant will help you regain your Mana. Since your skills are spammable, try to zone the enemy mid-laner by using noxious blast at the feet whenever they try to get close to your minions.

Mid game is where Cassiopeia begins to become powerful as you can easily kill someone with Noxious Blast + Twin Fangs x3-5. Try to gank often if possible.

Late game depends all on your AP and Magic Penetration. Luckily, you should have plenty of AP now and have nice Magic Pen. from your Void Staff. With these items, you shouldn't have a problem killing squishies. Tanky enemies will take longer to kill obviously, but its still possible.

This is a Pro of Cassiopeia because: All you have to do is poison and spam Twin Fang. But lets compare with Leblanc. If the enemy doesn't die from Leblanc's combo, her skills will all be on cooldown and she will be useless until her skills become available again, meanwhile she can only use her Q (Sigil of Silence) which doesn't do very good damage unless its comboed up with another one of Leblanc's skills.
So in other words, you can kill anyone if given enough time. Leblanc could kill squishies faster than you, however she can't kill tanks as fast as you.

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So thats it for Cassiopeia. If you have any questions or anything please post them below.
If you do not have Cassiopeia or are debating as to buy her or not, I hope this guide encouraged you to buy her. She really is an awesome champion that's just under-estimated by people. Thanks for reading my guide, I hope it helped you :)

Byebye :)

p.s. sorry I didn't add any pictures... I dont know how :(
when I try to open wetbucket or whatever it's name was, it doesnt work :/
If anyone could help me with this problem, please do so x.x