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Draven Build Guide by D2Knight

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League of Legends Build Guide Author D2Knight

Catchy skills

D2Knight Last updated on June 13, 2012
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Hi there everyone, this is a guide to Draven the Glorious executioner.
In this guide I will explain some of the thoughts behind my decisions.

In this guide you will see two builds,
the first one is a little more AD focused, the second build is more a critical strike build.
This is of course to trigger Draven's passive more often.

I hope you enjoy the guide.
And I would like to thank you for reading this in the first place.

Now lets take a deeper look into Draven, shall we?

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First the rune build of the first build of Draven.
I choose flat ad marks and quins, and the standard armor seals and magic resist per level glyphs.
Why the flat ad marks and quins? Well Draven has a very low starting AD in the game and the marks and quins give him a little bit more power to stay as long as possible in lane. It's easier to kill somebody when you have a good support then and you can farm minions very easily with you spinning axe.

The armor seals and magic resist per level glyphs are there so you won't get overrun by an ap caster or another ad carry.

For the second build I picked armor pen marks and still Flat AD quins. And of course the standard flat armor seals and magic resist per level glyphs.
The Armor pen marks get you an advantage early game. Since you can spam your spinning axe as long as you want unless you don't catch it makes it very easily to poke at the enemy with that ability triggering your passive. you can farm minions with it and still get the enemy low on hp just by throwing an axe one a while. The armor pen marks makes this even more devastating for the enemy champion you are facing.

If you like you can always change the quins into armor pen quins but you won't have many AD early in the game. But you can try ;)
This is just a guide, but you can always find another way to play him.

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The masteries are as usual, the AD in the offence tree and the health and armor in the defense tree.

I play Draven with the summoner spells heal and flash since those are both very nast spells and you can turn the game with those spells quite often.

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Skill Sequence

You have the level up your spinning axe first because it is your main damage source and you won't be able to deal any damage if you don't level it up as soon as you can.

Your second ability called bloodrush will be levelled up second. You can spam it as long as you catch a spinning axe after you used it. It is good for chasing an enemy whil dealing damage with you spinning axe and it also gives you attack and movement speed so you will be able to kill a champion faster.
If you are getting more an more used to Draven you should try to combine those two abilities together for maximum damage output.

Your e is used to knockback enemies and slow them for a couple of seconds. You can also win teamfights with it by seperating the ad carry from his team or simply by stopping ulti's like nunu's from happening. It's very fun to do.

His ulti is just to kill persons from long distance or it can pick up that kill if an enemy champion still gets away. It definitely helps winning teamfights and destroying their whole team.

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Start with boots and health pots because this gives you a long laning phase if you play good and you run faster so you can catch your axes a little bit faster.

Next I grab a phage becaus it gives you health and it can slow a champion so you can catch your axes without troubling about the enemy walking away from his death. The Vampiric scepter is there to give you some life steal of course, those two items give you a little bit more survivability. You can also grab two doran's blade as in the second build but I prefer the
phage - vampiric scepter thingy because this gives you two better items mid game and the doran's you have to sell later in the game.

Next you should by the infinity edge because this triggers your passive more and it can deal a lot of damage to an enemy champion.

Phantom Dancer is there to give you attack speed and also more critical hit chances.
The Bloodthirster is there to give you more AD and life steal

And The Guardian angel is there to give you more armor for the other ad carry in the team and magic resist for the ap champs.

You can change the bloodthirster for another phantom dancer if you like to deal more damage with your passive and spinning axe.

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I hope you enjoyed the build and that you got to know Draven's playstyle a little bit better now.

Thanks anyway

D2 out