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League of Legends Build Guide Author oOValkyrieOo

CAxAU Gaming Team Comps & Strats

oOValkyrieOo Last updated on June 11, 2013
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Info Dump

AoE (Complex) - Nocturne, Orianna, MF/Twitch, Assassin Top, Sona/Thresh

1. Orianna Command: Protect onto Nocturne.
2. Nocturne Paranoia onto enemy AD Carry.
3. Orianna Command: Shockwave with Ball still on Nocturne.
4. MF 5-Man Bullet Time.
5. Assassin Cleanup + Thresh/Sona Ult.

Note: Team must be 100% aware of scenario.

Kill Comp - Blitz, Assassin Top, Assassin Mid, Vayne/Ezreal, Udyr

1. Blitz Hook.
2. Kill. Get Resets and Kill more.
3. Udyr Protect Carry.

Note: Udyr must peel for AD Carry. Must try to fight 5v4 as often as possible.

Poke and Chase - Nidalee, Jayce Top, Amumu/Nautilus/Volibear, Caitlyn, Lulu/Alistar/Thresh

1. Poke/Wave Clear.
2. Push objectives (Turrets, Dragon, Baron, Inhibitors).
3. Use hooks to catch low champions and hard initiate 4v5.

Note: Do not get caught out.

Level 6 Mid Turret and Kill Snowball - Rengar, Quinn, Janna/Lulu, Kennen, Nasus

1. Rengar + Quinn ult mid.
2. Siege down mid tower ASAP.
3. Take Dragon.
4. Push objectives.

Note: High risk. Must actually kill mid laner. High ward coverage required. High level of communication required.

Level 6 Bot Lane Turret AD Carry Snowball - Ashe, TF, Leona/Thresh/Blitzcrank, Shen, Jungle Carry/Split Push

1. TF + Ashe ult. Kill enemy AD Carry. Must be AD Carry.
2. Tower dive. Shen ult onto support (who should be tanking tower).
3. Kill enemy support.
4. Take bot tower.
5. Give AD Carry farm and kills as often as possible and take objectives.

Note: High precision. Must protect the carry. Must communicate well.

General Notes:
-All communication must be done through voice chat.
-In-game chat function for buff spawn timers only.
-Listen to the shot caller in teamfights.
-Listen to jungler and support in lane phase.
-Ban champions in accordance with our planned team composition.
-Team comps may vary due to lane matchups.
-Paying 75 Gold for a ward far outweighs giving an enemy free Gold and Exp.
-Sort out positions ans stick to them.
-Play safe early unless told otherwise. (E.g. You may need to bully a champion, but know your limits and ward)
-Make note of (suspected) enemy ward positions. Detail ward location and expiration in chat. (E.g. Ward Dragon 2243)
-Once a call is made, with rare exceptions, follow through. Failing to do this may result in separation from the team.
-Sort out positions and stick with them.

-x+Number Buff Spawn Timer
-OB Own Blue
-EB Enemy Blue
-OR Own Red
-ER Enemy Red
-B Baron
-D Dragon


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