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Build Guide by Chaude

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaude

CC/Balanced Kayle Ver.1.01

Chaude Last updated on October 23, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build focuses more on CC (Crowd Control) with an emphasis on a balanced spec, from the masteries to runes, and BOs (Build Orders). This a work-in-progress build and is subject to some changes in the future (with the latest patch).

The reasoning for doing a CC/Balanced spec was to harass opponents in a different sense. By focusing on upping Righteous Fury early game, with enough skill and luck, the opponents are pushed back to their turrets, unable to reach you (behind your minions) while you target their turret with Righteous Fury. With flat rate mana regeneration from the Yellow Runes and Clarity, Kayle can skip items like Philosopher's Stone (yeah money generator is nice, but destroying turrets works too), the focus for the CC/Balanced BO isn't distracted from getting early-to-mid attack speed items. With enough mana for early game pressure and enhanced attack speed, for a support character, this will give better foothold against a good portion of the DPS and Tank class characters. Heal is there to keep your minions alive a bit longer to work on finishing that turret, or for emergencies. With money generated from minions killed, turrets, and a few champion kills (partnered with other characters like Sona works well), there's the chance for skipping parts of the BO and buy the whole item, such as Phantom Dancer and The Bloodthirster. By late game, Kayle can handle much on her own, after Lich Bane, if the match is tight, swap out Dorian's ring and Phantom Dancer for Archangel Staff and Nashor's Tooth, respectively, for added AP, attack speed, and cooldown.


Overview- For a more, well balanced spec, Defense is completed with a partial Utility for support. A lot of Kayle build orders go with Offense, but that leans to DPS BOs, while using Defense reduces the squishiness factor Kayle has as a support character, which some players would count on to kill her off before she can kill their turrets as a pusher. Awareness for faster grind on minions and slightly higher advantage over some of the opponents at lower levels during play, while Insight makes this Build a little more team-oriented. To make up for not using Archmage's Savvy, Ardor still gives AP, but also attack speed increase. Harden skin and Defensive Mastery help for the times when your attacking the turret and your minions are dwindling, causing the enemy minions to attack you, or chasing fleeing champions through their wave of minions (after having Phantom Dancer for movement speed).


Overview- Three areas to focus on for this CC/Balance Build. Attack speed, flat mana regen per 5 seconds, and AP. All red runes dedicated to attack speed, giving that early game pressure, as when Righteous Fury activates for its duration, you can squeeze in more hits, creating more damage in a AoE form. Flat mana regen is also used for early game purposes in keeping enough mana to keep using Righteous Fury and a few heals if needed, though Clarity and Heal can compensate when you run low on HP or Mana. And it's a no brainer for a lot of folks here that AP is the way to go with Kayle. Righteous Fury increases in damage with higher AP, and Kayle's unique passive ability, Holy Fervor, grants partial increase to magic damage when upping attack damage, and vis versa (though different percentage). Upping AP also gives a little boost to Kayle's attack damage, with or without Righteous Fury active.

Item BO:

Overview- The Item BO listed above gives you a sense for how expensive from the last purchased item to the next one, as much of the BO uses tech trees. If things goes well, this BO is set for CC early to mid game, and focuses more on DPS by late game. If things don't go as well, with a balanced build, just select which item you feel you need for the given situation. Summing up the Item BO by what you get in late game it's: Dorian's Ring, Phantom Dancer, Guinsoo's Rageblade, The Bloodthirster, Randuin's Omen, and Lich Bane. After Lich Bane, swap Dorian's Ring for Archangel's Staff. The Item BO reflects the strategy from early to mid game where you'll need some assistance from your teammates, but a good pusher (including a Sona player 8 lvls higher in one match) for having Phantom Dancer. But once getting Rageblade and Bloodthirster, getting more player kills is possible, with Omen to maintain Rageblade's stack up longer. By late game, Lich Bane and Archangel's Staff for added AP boost and mana if the fight lasts over an hour. If the match goes on beyond that, then swap Phantom Dancer with Nashor's Tooth for added attack speed, AP, and reduce cooldowns.

This build has worked for me so far, and I hope it helps you too. I'm still testing it as I came up with this recently, and some things are subject to change. If you got some ideas for this CC/Balance build, do let me and the other people here know by commenting below. I like to hear what the other strats are out there. :)

Gl and hf!