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Tryndamere Build Guide by Skittz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skittz

cGs Gaming - Tryndamere

Skittz Last updated on May 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my guide, I'll be making one on each character when I have the time, so if you find this one to be sucessful then by all means check out the others!

This Tryndamere build works for both laning (top lane is best for tryndamere) and for jungling, simply change the 'Ignite' spell to 'Smite' if you plan to jungle.

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Words of Wisdom

- With any character, half of it is about getting an edge over your opponent - which means gold - which means farm. With Tryndamere in particular, the quicker you can get your build together, the quicker you'll be able to carry the game. With his damage early game, its very easy to farm minions so you can also focus on attacking your enemy champion.

- You can use your E ability to spin through walls, a great escape method to consider if you're being chased.

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Item Variations

Every build has its pro's and cons. This build is considered to be pretty simplistic.

If your enemy is stacking a lot of armor(but not necessarily health), then you might want to change over 1 Bloodthirster for a Last Whisper(Attack Damage and Armor Penetration).

Or if the tank/s on the enemy team is stacking a lot of health (e.g. Warmogs), then you may want to consider switching over a Bloodthirster for Madreds BloodRazor(Attack Damage, Speed, Armor, and the passive deals 4% of the enemies max health in Magic Damage).

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Mark/Quintessence - The Items i've pretty much consists of Attack Damage and Attack Speed. With that build you'll run all over any squishy character, yet the tankier champions may pose a problem, so with these Armor Penetration Runes, you'll be able to achieve more of your true damage when you hit them.

Seal/Glyph - While you have your Q ability to heal, and plenty of lifesteal to keep your health up, if you ever get in the situation where you are stunned, taunted, slowed or snared, you dont want to take too much damage before you can start swinging again, so these runes will help take some of the heat off you and give you a better chance of surviving.

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Because the items/runes i've chosen for Tryndamere are purely to dominate the field, I've chosen pretty much all I could in the Offence section of the Mastery Tree, from which I gain Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Armor Pen, some Life Steal, and some critical strike damage/chance.

All those choices in the Mastery Tree pile up on Tryndameres' items and runes which make him even more deadly to his purpose.

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Boots - Unlike some champions, Tryndamere's first item isnt too important, so theres no reason why you cant get boots for - will help you outrun your enemy if needed.

Health Potions - Until you build up your Q, and get your Vampiric Sceptre, you will need some health potions so you can stay in the lane/jungle and farm freely.

Brawlers Gloves - Since you have very low attack speed to begin with, it takes a while to build up your passive (increases critical strike chance), so this cheap item will go towards a phantom dancer, and in the meantime makes you more deadly by having a higher base chance of hitting double.

Beserkers Greaves - Its pretty cheap to finish off your boots, and ontop of the 2x Phantom Dancers you'll build, this is a nifty boost in Attack speed.

Zeal - Now that you have some lifesteal, and have built up your Q, its probably a good idea for you to get a little bit of attack(and as a bonus, movement) speed. Just so you can farm a bit quicker, get your health back a bit quicker, and be faster than your opponent if he tries to attack you.

Infinity Edge - By this stage you'll be faster than your opponent, you'll do double damage more often than not, Infinity Edge will give you a great boost in Attack Damage, gives you a lot of Critical Strike chance, and you will now do 2.5x damage as opposed to 2.0x every time you critically hit.

2x Phantom Dancers - Ontop of your Passive, after building these 2 items, you'll pretty much do 2.5x critical damage EVERY hit, and if that wasnt enough to scare your opponent, with the added Attack Speed and Movement Speed, he wont be able to get away from you.

2x Blood Thirsters - You have the Speed, the Critical Strike chance is at 85% minimum, now lets make this Tryndamere stupidly deadly by adding on another 200 Attack Damage. If you've gotten this far in your build/game, then chances are the enemy tanks will have thornmail to combat you.

For those of you that dont know, Thornmails' passive, deals 30% of the basic attack damage you do to them - back at you.

Getting the extra 30% Lifesteal from the Bloodthirsters will combat that and you wont have any trouble :)

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Skill Sequence

Bloodlust (q) - Maxing out your Q (Bloodlust) is the most important part of your game. Tryndamere thrives on his basic attacks, so his spin is mainly useful as a getaway tactic, or to chase down an enemy thats getting away.

Mocking Shout (w) - With Tryndamere's items, runes and masteries, your game will be pretty agressive, its good to have this ability at least at level 1, as it can take off the enemies' attack damage, or slow them down for you if they're running away - but dont consider maxing it out before you do your Q ^

Spinning Slash (e) - While it does do a nice amount of damage, unless you're over halfway through building Tryndamere, dont use it too early in 1v1's/teamfights.
- Judge the situation in each fight, if it looks like you're going to lose the fight, use it to run away, spin in the opposite direction of the enemy.
- If it looks like you're going to win the fight just by your basic attacks, dont use it, chances are your enemy will try to run, when they do, you can use this ability to spin after them and get another couple of hits in which will kill them.

Undying Rage (r - Ultimate) - So many people i've seen, use this ability WAYY too early. Watch how much damage the enemy does to you, so therefore you can judge how long it will take for them to kill you. Use this ability at the last second.
It will keep you alive for 5 seconds, if you cant kill the enemy after 3 seconds of activating this ult, I suggest you use your E to spin away then use your Q to gain back some health.

Maxing out this ability isnt important as you just need the invincibility for 5 seconds. It fills up your passive halfway, which gives critical strike chance - but since your items give you a lot of that already, you wont need the boost that much.

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Summoner Spells

Smite - Quite simply, use smite if you plan to jungle.

Ignite/Exhaust - If you're taking a lane, you have lifesteal and your Q to heal you, so pick an agressive spell like Ignite for extra damage, or to reduce the enemies' damage and ability to run away by picking Exhaust, either one is very useful.

Teleport - Tryndamere is a great champion to 'backdoor' turrets with. He's dam fast, and does a LOT of damage.
For example, if you're in a teamfight in the bottom lane, or watching it from your spawn, 3v3,4v5, whatever - and you notice your minions have pushed the top lane to the enemy turret, you can then teleport quickly to your minions and destroy the turret.

Depending how built you are, you could keep pushing and get another turret.

While you may have just ditched your teammates ^ destroying 2 turrets is very valuable, and is considered an acceptable trade, if your team were able to hold off the enemy, or only 1 of you died.