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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Goblinized

CHAINSAW CRAMMER! - Urgot, the Magic Mushroom

Goblinized Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 19

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The Meaning of

Urgot is actually a Magic Mushroom used in making acid. If you notice that a few of his spells deal with acid, that's why :P

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Welcome to my Guide. I'm Goblinized, Urgot Extraordinare, and I will be your host for tonight. I'm assuming that because you're here that you want to learn how to play Urgot. But before I go ahead and tell you the build order, skills, masteries, etc.. (if you haven't already skipped down to that section then good for you) you actually need to know how to play the game. Urgot is one of those characters that requires actual brainpower - not just the right click whatever and it dies characters. You need to (stay with me here) build a pyschological profile of your opponent while fighting them. Learn how they think and where they will go to attack, to escape, where they will position themselves if they're preparing for YOU to be ganked (trust me, people will have an intense hatred of you if you're Urgot). This helps land your AoE, which we'll talk about later.

Ah yes, please know how to play the game and NOT ONLY the basics, but also the advanced things.

Some more things to note, Urgot is built for an early game champion. As in he gets great stats beginning game and not so much late game. This is why you MUST get at least 3 kills before lvl 10. Actually that's really low, seeing as how the normal game lets you normally get between 5 and 8 kills before lvl 10 - but you have to be as good as a Goblin to get that :P

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Where does Urgot go?

Solo mid. NOBODY, (and I'm being honestly serious) can be better than an Urgot (that actually knows what they're doing of course) in solo mid. If they say "well I've already auto-locked and I'm going mid." what you do is 1) either quickly pick another character and pray that you have enough time to switch your masteries, 2) RAGE them and at that last 3 seconds of champion selection Leave the game (the reason you wait is to see if someone else leaves so you're not blamed for leaving), or 3) Just go mid anyway and tell them to F*** off. But nicely of couse i.e. Please get the F*** off my F***ing Lane you F***ing ****** <3 (the heart always is a winner when chatting). Hopefully they'll leave. If not, just KS them everytime possible (all while staying mid) You already lost the game, so why bother? True there's always a chance, but it's the internet, you can F*** with people all you want (with a reason of course - we're not trolls here).

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Quints of Fortitude - Hey It's HP. Who doesn't like that? IT adds some really nice survivability onto Urgot (you don't know how many times I've ended up with less than 20 hp from a gank I stupidly walked into). Although recently I've been learning how not to get ganked, so I'm investigating other options atm.

Armor Penetration Marks - Self-Explanatory. Does NOT make you hit harder, it makes them weaker in actuality. Food for thought.

Mana Regen Seals - When You're spamming like a chainsaw wielding maniac, you'll need some extra help getting back all that mana you will lose.

Cooldown Reduction Glyphs - Makes you spam faster. A MUST on Urgot. Well not really, but they do help. (one game I accidently went with tank runes - surprising little change, although I did notice I took a little less damage than usual)

All the aforementioned Runes are FLAT Runes. No level scaling here, you want to be able to own early game to get the kills to own in late-game.

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Going for the CD Masteries is the main priority here. The added armor penetration is nice, as well are the added speed and buff lengthener. oh, and MAKE SURE TO GO FOR THE MANA REGEN mastery, it helps an unbelievable amount when playing as Urgot. In fact, you could probably go on that alone and not deal with the yellow runes . . . hey that's something I ought to try.

Eh, not much else to say here.

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Why you don't need mana.

MANA ITEMS LIKE MANAMUNE ARE FOR IDIOTS WHO CAN'T AIM CAUSE THEY'RE TOO BUSY PLAYING WITH THEMSELVES TO REALIZE THAT IN ORDER TO PLAY WELL YOU HAVE TO HAVE BOTH HANDS ON SERVICE. Get a gf and trade off being under the desk, just have two hand ON THE GAME. And if you still think you need mana items I can only say this: Really? You only need mana if you grew up without a **** and didn't learn how to aim. And you also don't have a hole either cause you can't place worth Sh**. The goal here is not to use all your mana at once, it's to quickly (not suddenly) reduce your opponents life until you ARE ready craw your mushroom down their throat into their stomach and out through their belly button. YOU CRAM CHAINSAWS DOWN THEM, NOT USELESS MANA ITEMS.

200 Mana is the least amount reccomended before a barrage (what I call the AoE and missle combo).

This mainly applies to the lane phase - not the team fight phase (here you just spam like crazy trying to aim for their squishy in the mass chaos that will ensue). Late in the game if you're still having MAJOR mana problems, go ahead and pick up manamune, but SHAME ON YOU. SHAME. If in the lane phase you run out of mana - you need only to wait for a minute or two. That's it. That's what you bought the mana regen item for, so USE IT!

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Ew, yummy stuff. (this is going to take a while)

Allright forgive me, but here I'm going to be a little bossy just because I'm tired and It's sunday with school tommorrow and exams and teachers who yell at me for falling asleep so . . .
I'll be brief:

First Things First - Meki Pendent and 2x Health Potions

Next Trip - Brutalizer (or try get the items for it if you have to go back (P.S. you only go back when the other champion is dead. No exceptions. If morde ganked you and your ghost is there, then turn around and kick his big metal, uh, breastplate and eat your dinner on it and make your silverware out of his empty hide.))

Trip 2 - Ionian Boots of Something - One of the best additions to the game items. Speed and CD reduction? It's almost too good to be true (it actually is - they took away my inneverating locket D:). These are amazing on Urgot, just buy two pairs to fit on all his 4 of his feet (jk jk - don't do that)

Trip 3 - Sheen (mana + a basic attack that deals twice as much damage? AMAZING!!!) The ability power has no use on Urgot, so go for the mana first if you have to make a decision between crystal and the book thing.


Alright, after the pretty sheen, I normally go for ZE BLACK CLEAVER!!! Great attack damage and the passive is great on it. the attack speed is nice too.

After that just sell the meki pendent and go for the trinity, Frozen Mallet, and Bloodthirster, not neccessarily in that order. You can also switch out the bloodthirster for another black cleaver if you plan on Back-Dooring (this actually works great).

I never liked the warmog + atmas combo, seemed to round-a-bout way of getting Attack Damage and not really worth the gold imo.

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Skill Sequence

Oh boy. Skills already? Wow how time has passed . . .

Your Ultimate (like most other characters) ought to be the main priority, because:

1) If people tower dive they will regret it (it's 1 of 3 suppression ultimates)

2) it allows you to solo almost anybody with it's stats raise it gives you

and the most popular 3) It puts a fleeing enemy into the middle of your team. Dead. Splat. Ploosh.

Next the other non-ultimate priority is your missle. Seriously, this is what makes Urgot. An incredible range, increbile power, and a skillshot. Skillshots are for smart people. Most people don't look above the fact that Urgot doesn't need the corrosive charge AoE thing to be able to use this amazing spell. It's still spammable, you just need to be slightly closer and have a clear shot. Trust me, the enemy won't see this coming from their past Urgot encounters.

After this it's either the AoE or the Sheild. AoE deals damage and lowers armor, Sheild is, well, a sheild and slows the person. Up to you which you want to max, although I almost always go the AoE first.

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Summoner Spells

Aight Urgot has a sort of trouble that most other champions don't have. Even though he has 4 legs, he can't escape without ideal situations (in which case he would ultimate an enemy coming from behind and GTFO of there before they stun him. So that's why:

Flash - No only do we enjoy the idea of flashing, but it's also a good spell to use in LoL. Great escapeability, and can be used offensively to land another missle hit or ulti someone. Great spell

Ghost - The only reason I pick this up is because it's another escape spell I MIGHT need. Whenever I don't have it I need it and when I do have it I usually only use it too run faster to my turret lol. But I still bring it with me for good measure.

Ignite - I don't bring it because I need to escape, but this wouldn't be too bad a choice seeing as how I constantly get people to less than a bar of HP and then they're gone. So annoying. The healing reduction is also really nice if used correctly.

Smite - Although it is possible to jungle with Urgot, don't do it (look it up on youtube :P)

Clarivoyance - This is a support spell, not a GTFO spell. Don't want it.

Revive - Are you kidding me? NO!

Rally - Never really did understand how to use this effectively :x

Exhaust - like Ignite - helps kill the person or keep them from killing you. Plausible.

Clarity + Heal - No. you arn't healing your team mates or giving them mana. If you're having that much of a problem then pick up a HP item or a mana item. You need escape measures

Cleanse - ahh here we are. While it is an AWESOME spell, don't take it. Pick up a quicksilver sash instead if you think you really need a cleanse. The item actually does more than the spell, so why not open up another spot for another spell?

Not sure if they're anymore, but I think I got the gist of them.

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Common Mid Champs You'll Face

Urgot is a chainsaw maniac. He is a powerful Attack Damager that can Beat ANYONE in a mid lane, including another Urgot if you play smartly enough.

Malzahar - LOL. Just kill these guys, but watch out for ganks, they have one of the other 2 suppression ults (the other is WW and you)
Kassadin - Kill him early. You must kill him early before he get's his ult - that's when he starts to harrass you instead of the other way around.
Kog-Maw - Dodge and shoot, then run away from his body. If he stays by his turret let him stay there and deny him exp.
Katarina - Your ult can stop her ult, remember that. Shoot her.

Pretty much every other champion, DODGE AND SHOOT. Remeber the 5 D's of Dodgeball: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge! And if you can't even do this, GTFO my build and go F*** your cat because you can't get a gf.

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Will add more if you request so:

I will add more if you request, just be specific :P