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Wukong Build Guide by ChaosNV

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChaosNV

ChaosNV Wukong Tank/AD build

ChaosNV Last updated on February 7, 2012
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Welcome to my Wukong build!

in this build Wukong serves as a tank burst AD champ having a good amount of MR as well as armor to stop enemies from hurting. My main choice for going MR and armor instead of plain health is that health is EASILY countered and not as easy to build as just flat MR and armor for, as you can see, only getting a guardians angel with your rune build should be enough. Secondly, it helps more in team fights. ( Which you wil be doing ALOT of.) and if done correctly you should be getting triple-penta kills out the wazoo

pros for build: -Good early game harras
-Won't fall out when late game comes
-guardians angel makes it a cinch to activate team fights kill some people and make sure you get out
Con for this build:-Not as fast as other wukongs with force of nature
-CC focus=dead

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now I went the same rune build as Phreak I see that going flat armor, armor pen, and MR helps more the quints you can change because they don't help much but I personally like the little boost of health they give you (also makes for easier early game killing/harrasing.)

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again armor and MR needed for team fights.... Trust me when you start getting all these quadrakills in team fights you'll understand.

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Now the long part.... YYYYYAAAAYYYYY --_-- anyway here goes...

so the dorans blade and merc treads are self explanatory....

now I'll leave this open... Personally I like to getfirst for the added health and slow chance (but less burst killing)

others will want the burst right off the bat for more killing (but more b'ing) so they get
Get what ever suits your style first then finishtrinity force is the core item of this build as well as Guardian Angel
trinity force serves mainly as an offensive presence with the chance to slow and added AD after a use of an ability 30AD and 15% movement speed the 250 health and mana that come are just added benefits. Guardian angel will be your tank item with obvious high amount of armor and MR with rebirth helping if you die while initiating a team fight just decoy out of there.-MORE AD
-lifesteal keeps you in lane a WHOLE lot longer
-Main tank item
-will start allowing you to head into team fights and survive a lot longer for more kills and dmg
-armor pen for more killing (definitely important.)
-enh 40 AD is nice too(:

and here's were the change up is if the team against you is building health go with
And if they build armor against you*NOTE*If they don't build against you (and they should because you should end up kicking their faces in.... er... Whacking or whatever.) Go with black cleaver the added AD will help tons with your sheen burst as well as the armor reduction passive.

now one item I recommend you could substitute with any of the above would be sword of the occultthis would be because I guarantee you will be killing enemies and wukong rarely dies if you use your decoy smart and have guardian angel on thus giving you a dumpster load of AD and not loosing those stacks.

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence is the best I found for early harrasing and killing in lane. Some people may question why I don't get decoy until 5 that's because you shouldn't get in a whole lot of trouble in any of the levels before that after 5 some teams start to gank a little so that would be a good time to get decoy. I also leveled Nimbus strike before Crushing Blow because even if it costs a bit more mana if the enemy champs clump together this will do damage to both instead of just one making it easier for your laning partner to help kill as well.

His combo attack going in is pretty easy to seeto initiate then land 1 basic attack and usefor more damage (crushing blow resets attack timer.) Then if neededout most of the time I don't use decoy out because mana is scarce at first with Wukong and the enemy is often times running away at this point.

Of course when an enemy is low you want to follow up and kill them but if you are to use your ult diving for an enemy always make sure you activate it AFTER you hit with crushing blow so the repeated attacks will do more damage due to armor reduction.

Something to keep in mind about Wukong you can use your q on towers this will help you take it out quickly and get out relatively unscathed

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I'd like to thank you for looking over my build and for giving your constructive feedback.I aim to help people out that are starting off or trying a new champion become better and more effective with a champion. If you have any question's,compliments, or suggestions post in the comments please. Thanks again! :D