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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChatterHead

ChatterHead Tryndamere - By MrL0st

ChatterHead Last updated on August 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the lolchatterhead RECOMMENDED build for Tryndamere. All the builds we post are the builds we suggest to use in game, and pretty user friendly. We are sure you may have some twists, and ideas of your own to add into the builds, so please no bad rep.

If your looking to vote, and post please see the bottom of the page before doing so.


Section 1: Abilities
Section 2: Items / Reasons
Section 3: Runes / Reasons
Section 4: Start Game
Section 5: Mid to End Game




Tryndamere's critical strike chance increases as he becomes more wounded.

Skill Q:

Tryndamere thrives on the thrills of combat. Whenever Tryndamere kills a unit or critically strikes, he temporarily gains increased attack damage and critical damage.
Passive: Whenever Tryndamere kills or critically strikes a unit, he gains 3 Attack Damage and 1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4.5% Critical Damage for 15 seconds (stackable 8 times). Killing a unit or critically striking while not Bloodlusted applies 2 stacks instead of 1.

Skill W:

Tryndamere lets out an insulting cry, decreasing surrounding champions' physical damage. Enemies with their backs turned to Tryndamere also have their movement speed slowed.
Decreases surrounding champions' physical damage by 20/40/60/80/100, and enemies with their backs turned also have their movement speed slowed by 30/37.5/45/52.5/60%.
Lasts 4 seconds.

Skill E

Tryndamere slices toward a target unit, dealing damage to enemies in his path.
Tryndamere spins through his enemies, dealing 50% of his Attack Damage +40/90/140/185/240 (+1) damage to enemies in his path.

Ultimate Skill:

Tryndamere's lust for battle becomes so strong that he is unable to die, no matter how wounded he becomes.
Tryndamere becomes completely immune to death for 6 seconds, refusing to be reduced below 1 health. His abilities have no cost during this time and he gains 4/6/8 Bloodlust stacks.


Items Guide / Reasoning

We already figure you know what the items do by them self. So we will spare you the extra reading and get straight to the point of why we chose them.
Infinity Edge A.K.A IE

The IE is simple to add up. It adds massive damage to your arsenal as well as boosts your critical damage from base 200% to 250%. On top of that, your critical damage runes give a little bit extra boost.

Phantom Dancer

The Phantom Dancer. This here provide THREE things. Attack speed, movement speed, and Critical chance. Tryn is a critical hero, he does his best at high critical chance and attack speed. This helps you walk faster then your opposition and catch up for that game changing kill.

Berserker's Greaves

These are your boots, they provide 2 things that will benefit your experience as Tryn. Movement speed, that adds with your Phantom Dancer, and some more attack speed. Allowing for the last hit, and catching up speed.

Stark's Fervor

Starks, with this bad boy you do THREE things again. Steal life, attack speed, and BOOST life steal for your team during the team fights keeping them and yourself alive that much longer.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Who wouldn't like 5 extra gold! The GhostBlade helps out 3 major aspects. Armour pen, critical strike, and cool downs. Being able to use your Q spell to boost your life back up is that much easier! Not to mention, your now slicing through the armour of that pesky tank.


This item is looked over so often it sickens me! The Tiamat will help you splash the 4 guys now surrounding and focusing you trying to win that last team fight. Even if your focusing one person all of them are being dealt some massive damage.


Runes / Reasoning

As it has been commented on, "That's one strange rune book... ". Yes it is, BUT IT WORKS! The rune book is rounded out to help you get a good start early to end game. Tryndamere is absolutely a late game hero, but that doesn't mean early to mid game he cant get some kills. The rune book is set up for these things. Solo lane in 3v3(surviving with your added health. ). Start game ganks, this applies for both 5's and 3's. Adds attack speed, life, critical chance, and critical damage for those first 10 mins. These are very important to your late game success. Speed for that last hit, life to survive their attacks, damage to hit hard, and chance to hit harder!

Before you rule it out, why not give it a try...Cause it does work! Just see below.


Start Game

Okidokie! Time to get down into detail!

Starting items:

Elixir of Agility

Click: Grants 20-35% Attack Speed, based on champion level, and 15% Critical Chance for 4 minutes.

Health Potion

Heals 200 health over time.

Some people have a tendency to pop their potion right away. DON'T! Save it for when you are going to engage in a fight, or harassing the opposition. Nothing like a 150 Crit at lvl 1 to make somoone back off and let you farm / Chase for the kill.

Your first 10-15 mins will be you gold farming, harassing, and possibly getting kills. You are taking the time to build your I.E. Because as your health goes down, your critical strike goes up. So why not hit like a truck?

After you hit level 6, this is where most new Tryn player make their mistake. DO NOT USE THE ULTIMATE TO GET AWAY! Instead, stay to fight, you may be surprised as to how many kills you will get. Remember Tryn does his best DPS while low health. Not to say, you cant get away after you kill them, or in fact are out numbered, then use it to escape...Just ***es the situation and make the best choice.

After grabbing your I.E Time to get your Berserker's Greaves . Adding in attack speed, and some movement around the map to catch up, farm, and gear. Immediately start building your Phantom Dancer, grab the items to get your zeal and work from there. Building this will continue on into mid game.


Mid to End Game

After being able to finish your Phantom Dancer, the fun will really stark, oops I mean starts! Start getting into more team fights, 1v1s and moving around the map. Anything to help build your 5th item the Starks Fervor. Getting this bad boy, it will allow you to stay in the fight for even longer, plus its helping out your team. The added attack speed simply means, more bang for your buck. Assuming the game continues on, cause the other team is stubborn and feels like they can pull it off, build the Youmuu's Ghostblade. This is a no brainier, more crit chance, more damage, Armour pen, and cool down reduction.

Your very last Item, is a under used delight. The Tiamat, adds a new splash, LITERALLY! Now that your the BUFF MASTER SUPREME! Everyone will focus you in fights. When your surrounded doing a TRUCK LOAD of damage, we are going to splash it around. This means, while your simply hitting one squishy dps, your going to be hurting the others and the tanks. Allowing for those oh so nice Quadra and Penta Kills.


Something lots of players seam to do is stick strick to their builds. Well doing this can work, but order of completion will make a big difference. Remember every game is unique, and you the player must adjust. If your being over tanked, you may have to buy some Armour for early game and sell it later. Or something as simple as buying your 4th items 2nd and your 2nd item last. Just ***es, and match a choice and hope for the best out come.




If your choosing to down rate this build and guide please please please take the time to explain it. We take A-LOT of time building these for the community. It is senseless and utterly rude to spam down rate. You do not like it when people do it to you, so why would anyone who takes this much time to build a guide...FOR YOU. Thanks!

*** SOLO QUE Ranked 2v5 WIN! *** Click to view Full screen